Yindilli Camp Ground and Tours

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Buru (Chinacamp) has been inhabited by Kuku Yalanji for thousands of years. In Yalanji language Buru means ‘bowl’ because the country is shaped like a bowl with the mountains surrounding like a rim and the creeks flowing through the middle.

Buru is owned under Native Title and covers a vast area of rainforest and open woodlands with crystal clear, freshwater streams and creeks, including the popular Roaring Meg Falls. Buru is abundant in primitive plant species such as the zamia palm, grass tree and rose silky oak to name a few, and the wildlife includes the rare and endangered tree kangaroo, southern cassowary and the northern quoll.

All guided walks are accompanied by CJ Fischer, a Kuku Yalanji Elder and Buru Traditional Owner.



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Our tours

Rainforest Walk

Rainforest Walk is approximately a one hour walk through rainforest and includes a ’welcome’ smoke ceremony, stories and identification of bush tucker, damper and tea.

Cultural Sites Walk

The Cultural Sites Walk is a full day experience. Approximately one hour walk to a site of cultural and spiritual significance to the Kuku Yalanji people. Includes a ‘welcome’ smoke ceremony, stories, face and body painting with traditional clays, bush tucker demonstrations and bathing in the healing waters of the pristine Meg River. Also included is a picnic lunch and refreshments.

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