西方旅行社(Travel West)


西方旅行社(Travel West)是一間專業並持有牌照的旅行社。 負責人 Graham 與 Deb 自豪地推出各種規劃良好的套裝行程,供客戶選擇,專門提供大自然體驗、充滿澳洲歷史與內陸特色的行程。 他們多年來經營小型個人化巴士之旅,前往伯茲維爾(Birdsville)、因納明卡(Innamincka)及可納鄉(Corner Country)等觀光地點,現在並針對這些地點提供四輪傳動汽車旅館跟團之旅。

西方旅行社(Travel West)目前也提供特殊的觀光體驗,可以從空中俯瞰中澳(Central Australia)與金伯利(Kimberley)、艾爾湖(Lake Eyre)與著名的伯茲維爾賽馬節(Birdsville Races)。 另外並提供可容納兩人的個人化四驅車之旅,行程包括穿越辛普森沙漠(Simpson Desert)與達令河越野賽(Darling River Run)。

Graham 有零事故駕駛紀錄,已駕駛過公路列車穿越澳洲境內許多地區,在澳洲及歐洲也有駕駛觀光巴士的資歷。 他對流入艾爾湖(Lake Eyre)的西岸河川系統充滿熱情,旅途中可提供豐富及有趣的解說。

Deb 在國內旅遊業已有多年工作經驗,她對行程的規劃相當細心。

Graham 與 Deb 加起來有超過 25 年的各種觀光產業經驗。


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Central Australia and the Kimberley Air Safari

Professionally guided by Graham and Deb from Travel West, your 11 day/10 night journey begins in Brisbane and will visit Longreach, Birdsville, fly low over Lake Eyre to Coober Pedy, Alice Springs, two nights Kununurra, two nights Broome and two nights Ayers Rock Resort.

Graham will provide commentary and entertain you all the way with history, geography and stories about driving road trains and carting cattle in the Kimberley and the Territory. Learn about the rivers, deserts, corners and much more. Highlights include flying low over the Carnarvon Gorge range, the Stockman's Hall of Fame, Qantas Founders Museum, the iconic Birdsville Pub, "Sounds of Silence" dinner in the desert at Uluru, flight seeing over Lake Eyre, the Bungle Bungles, Horizontal Falls and the Buccaneer Archipelago down the magnificent coastline into Broome, where you'll spend two nights at Cable Beach Club Resort. See magnificent displays of Opals, Diamonds and Pearls. Cruising on the Ord River with Triple J Tours is another favourite day.

Travel West caters for non-smokers only and this trip is limited to 16 passengers, each with a window seat for entire trip

Join them on this once in a lifetime experience around Outback Australia.

Indicative rates

$13487.00 $14100.00
Four Wheel Drive Motel Accommodated Tag Along to Birdsville, Innamincka and Corner Country Tour

Have you ever wanted to drive to the top of Big Red sandhill? Test your driving skills in the Simpson Desert, learn about the history of the region, the river systems and relax as Graham and Deb take care of everything you will need on your fully motel accommodated four wheel drive self drive around the outback, taking in south-west Queensland, the Cooper Basin, South Australia and Sturts National Park, New South Wales.

Spend a night in Windorah, two nights in Birdsville, two nights at Innamincka and two nights at Tibooburra visiting Cameron Corner and the famous Burke and Wills Dig Tree along the way. You will be required to bring your own well maintained four wheel drive with reasonable ground clearance and a high/low transfer case. Extras to include are a second spare, a UHF radio and tyre gauge. Their escort vehicle is fitted with a first-aid kit, satellite phone and extra recovery gear. Pets not allowed and unsuitable for children.

Tour finishes in Tibooburra and from here you can travel south through Broken Hill, east to Bourke or north to Thargomindah, Eulo and Cunnamulla.

This tour caters for non-smokers only.

Indicative rates

$2470 $2470
Four Wheel Drive Birdsville and Simpson Desert

Fly with Rex Airlines from Brisbane to Charleville where your great Outback Experience begins! Upon arrival you will be met by Graham and Deb for a look around town before heading to Charleville Bush Cottage with a leisurely afternoon and evening around the campfire or the option to see stars like never before at the Cosmos Centre.

Visit Quilpie and see why it's known for the best boulder opals in the world, see Cooper Creek at Windorah, horizons that expand forever, two nights at the iconic Birdsville Hotel including a glass of bubbly on the verandah watching the sunset over the desert, a morning venturing into the Simpson Desert with time to be inspired and mesmerised on top of Big Red (the tallest sand dune in the Simpson Desert).

This memorable experience is subject to availability commencing on a Monday and finishing on a Friday.

Travel West proudly caters for non-smokers only.

Indicative rates

$4500 $4500
Four Wheel Drive Simpson Desert and Tracks Tour

Your special adventure begins after you fly with Rex Airlines from Brisbane to Birdsville. Upon arrival you will be met by Graham and Deb who will show you some wonderful parts of the outback. Your first night is staying in the iconic Birdsville Pub. The real adventure begins leaving Birdsville behind and traversing the sand dunes of the Simpson Desert. Experience the magic of sleeping in the Simpson Desert for two nights and then travelling the Oodnadatta Track to Coober Pedy and experience sleeping underground. Travel via William Creek to Maree and then up the Birdsville Track for the night on Clayton Station, owned by the Oldfield family. Travel via Mungarannie back to Birdsville for the night and then return to Brisbane with Rex Airlines.

Travel West caters for non-smokers only.

Indicative rates

$10500 $10500
Check Out Charleville Town Tour

A Town Tour in any town is a Must Do, so when you come to Charleville join the "Check Out Charleville" Town Tour departing 9am Daily (mid April to mid October). Hear about the Heritage buildings, the fires and the floods that are a great part of their history and hear about flood mitigation work that has now been completed to prevent the town from flooding in the future. Book with Cheryl and Jeff at Charleville Bush Caravan Park. Great value at AUD10 per person.

Once you've heard all about town, you will need to stay longer and hear the full story about historic Hotel Corones and also learn why the Americans were in Charleville during WWII.

Indicative rates

$10 $10
Lake Eyre in a Day from Brisbane

Fully inclusive day trip from Brisbane including in-flight breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch, light dinner, commentary by Graham Reid who has extensive knowledge of south west Queensland having spent many years operating small group tours to Birdsville, Innamincka and around the Corner Country. One of his great passions is the western river systems. Visit the iconic Birdsville Hotel. This trip is so much more than just about seeing amazing Lake Eyre – it’s the journey and hearing how the water reaches the lake.

Travel in window seat of a Fairchild Metro 23 with a maximum 17 passengers, departing from the General Aviation Terminal, Brisbane Airport (via Dryandra Road).

Indicative rates

$2250.00 $2260.00
Birdsville Race Weekend from Brisbane

This fantastic unbeatable package begins with your charter flight from Brisbane Airport to Birdsville. Enjoy three nights in "tent city" and the Corporate Marquee (includes food and drinks in trackside pavilion) on Birdsville Cup Day! Another bonus is sunset drinks and nibbles on top of Big Red, the tallest sand dune in the Simpson Desert! This is a great Outback Queensland Event that should be on everyone's bucket list and this package is the way to do it in style!

Indicative rates

$2017.00 $2439.00
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班達伯格港(Port Bundaberg)

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
柏耐特河(Burnett River)在柏耐特角(Burnett Heads)流入大海,稍微上游處就是班達伯格(Bundaberg)港,這裡有許多碼頭以及重糖稅的海港。 班達伯格航海俱樂部(Bundaberg Sailing Club)位於柏耐特(Burnett)遼闊的下游,這裡的河口設有許多船坡道以及汽車與拖車停車場。 國家信託將這裡視為澳洲(Australia)重要海洋歷史的一部份,老舊的柏耐

班達伯格地區(Bundaberg Region)

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
各式各樣的體驗盡在班達伯格珊瑚海岸及鄉村地區(Bundaberg Coral Coast and Country Region),是您最完美的假期勝地。 此區各地充滿了帶點荒野歷險的歷史氛圍,給您不一樣的田園體驗、感染溫暖親切的好客熱情。 不僅如此,還有更多正等著您前來大開眼界。 這裡素有南大堡礁(Southern Great Barrier Reef)度假基地之名,一日遊、度假村住宿、荒野露


Bundaberg West, Bundaberg Area
班達伯格(Bundaberg)是建築在伯內特河(Burnett River)上的一座進步城市,周圍環繞著錯落有致的甘蔗田。 班達伯格(Bundaberg)是一個理想的度假中心,有絕佳度假名勝和娛樂。 海岸度假屋提供了絕佳的海邊假期。 班達伯格(Bundaberg)被稱為大堡礁通道(Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef),因為珊瑚礁南端始於伊麗特女士島(Lady El

埃里奧特角(Elliott Heads)

Elliott Heads, Bundaberg Area
埃里奧特角(Elliott Heads)位於埃里奧特河(Elliot River)河口,可以進行滑浪與游泳。 這裡也是風帆滑浪以及水上摩托艇的熱門地點,也可以在岸邊或是附近的珊瑚礁上釣魚。 砂岩斷崖形成有趣的岬角,岩灘也是探訪的好去處。 陰涼的景觀旅行車營地就位在沙灘旁,附近還有許多不錯的野餐景點,設有烤肉與廁所設施。 夏季時,滑浪救生員會在指定的游泳地區進行巡邏。 這裡是超棒的家庭度假勝地。

印納斯公園(Innes Park)

Innes Park, Bundaberg Area
印納斯公園(Innes Park)距離班達伯格(Bundaberg)市區約 15 公里,位在珊瑚海岸(Coral Coast)旁,巴加拉(Bargara)鎮南邊。 印納斯公園(Innes Park)內有一座高爾夫球場,岩岸水域是岸潛的絕佳勝地並擁有許多珊瑚結構。 潛水地點包含巴洛林岩石區(Barolin Rocks)與布確斯岩石區(Butchers Rocks),當地浮潛公司都利用這些地區指導他們


Calavos, Bundaberg Area
漢墨克(Hummock)位於前往柏納拉比(Bargara)的路上,是一個低窪的火山遺址,儘管高度只有海拔 96 公尺,但還是可以提供遊客俯瞰整個地區的絕佳視野。 往東可以看到整片海洋,往西可以看到市區外圍的甘蔗田以及遠處班達伯格釀酒廠與磨坊(Bundaberg Distillery and Mill)的煙囪。

蒙·利普斯(Mon Repos)

Mon Repos, Bundaberg Area
蒙·利普斯(Mon Repos)位於巴加拉(Bargara)北邊數公里處,以澳洲(Australia)本島最大且最容易前往的龜群棲息地聞名。 白天時,蒙·利普斯(Mon Repos)是熱門的游泳與航海景點;但是必須小心烏龜的巢穴。 海灘上不能帶狗進入,且高水位線地區也不可使用海灘雨傘。 位於海灘南端的寇曲豪斯溪(Coachhouse Creek)河口是潮汐紅樹林群落溪水流入大海的地方。 這個地區

柏奈特角(Burnett Heads)

Burnett Heads, Bundaberg Area
柏奈特角(Burnett Heads)位在蒙•利普斯保育公園(Mon Repos Conservation Park)與橡樹滑浪沙灘(Oaks surf beach)附近,距離班達伯格(Bundaberg)市中心僅 17 公里。 如果您有興趣,在這兩個地方中間有一座靜僻的海灣,那裡有一處非官方的上空沙灘。 低潮時,附近的公爵夫人岩石區(Duchess Rocks)會露出柔軟的珊瑚,這裡還可以欣賞


Bargara, Bundaberg Area
從班達伯格(Bundaberg)出發,經過一大片的甘蔗田,13 公里之外就是巴戈拉(Bargara)。 這裡是相當受歡迎的海濱地區,本社區寧和悠閒,是家庭出遊的理想地點,遠離城市的喧囂繁忙。 巴戈拉(Bargara)共有兩處開放滑浪海灘,還有兩處風���浪靜的海水浴場。 巴戈拉街景計畫(Bargara Streetscape)讓海岸線的景色更加豐富,有引人入勝的徒步路徑、露台、野餐區和遊樂場。 咖啡廳和餐館也增添了更多露天用餐的氣氛。 熱愛釣魚的遊客來巴戈拉(Bargara)一定不會失望,有人工礁石可以使用,保證全年都是釣魚的好季節。 溫加拉海洋公園(Woongarra Marine Park)良好地保護了海岸線的景觀,提供岸邊釣魚和浮潛的機會。 海灘另一邊還有頂級高爾夫球場及保齡球場,提供老少咸宜的室外娛樂好去處。 也鄰近蒙•利普斯海龜棲息地(Mon Repos Turtle Rookery),讓您有機會觀察頻臨絕種的海龜生態,產卵和孵化季節為十一月至三月。 巴戈拉(Bargara)的海龜大多產卵於凱利(Kelly'
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