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Archerfield, Brisbane Area

Flying to some of the most beautiful places in Australia, Sky Dance creates unique experiences taking pride in excellence and quality. Sky Dance takes you to explore real Australian communities and immerses each and every guest in an adventure to remember. Take flight on their Outback Air Safaris, Scenic Flight Experiences, and Weekend Getaways. Discover Australia and leave with something more than you came with…the Sky Dance Experience!


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Qantas Avenue
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Archerfield, Brisbane Area

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Glass House Mountains Scenic Flight and Picnic Getaway

The Sky Dance Glass House Mountains Scenic Flight begins at the Archerfield Jet Base with a presentation on the spiritual and geological history of the area. Enjoy fresh espresso, chocolates, and refreshments, before boarding their VIP turbo-charged aircraft.

Flying with the Glass House Mountains just off the wingtip, you can view the rich colours of the igneous rock layers towering into the sky! Seeing these mountains from the air gives a unique perspective on their geological beginnings and the true scale of their grandeur! These mountains are ancient volcanic rock structures and are considered sacred spiritual icons dating back to the Dreamtime by Australia’s Aboriginal / First Nation People. They are also National Heritage Listed and are an international icon of the area.

They then land in one of their carefully selected airfields - a luxury picnic and local snacks compliment the thrill of the experience! This is the perfect way to reconnect with friends and family or take that special someone on a date they will remember for the rest of their life.

To hike and climb in the mountains is to see them from yet a new perspective – Ask about their Hike Climb Fly adventure as well.

Indicative rates

$230 $330
Scenic Flights - Brisbane | Glasshouse Mountains | Bay Islands | Border Ranges and Mt Warning

A Sky Dance scenic flight is an introduction to the wonder of flight and is the best way to get to know Brisbane and it's surrounding wonders. These are absolutely stunning flights and a must do for anyone living here or travelling through.

Brisbane: Seeing the Brisbane City area from the sky is amazing. Look the tourist in the eye as you fly by Mt Coot-Tha.

Glasshouse Mountains: These ancient volcanic rock structures are National Heritage listed and are absolutely spectacular to view from the sky – watch their video and see for yourself! Just off the wingtip, view the volcanic rock structures towering up into the sky.

Bay Islands: Explore the archipelago of inhabited and uninhabited islands that make up Moreton Bay!

Border Ranges Mt Warning: by far the most spectacular of any Scenic Flight in this part of Australia. Fly into a lost world with unmatched perspective on the geological beginnings of theses incredible mountain ranges.

Indicative rates

$230 $430
Weekend Adventures - Mountain Winery Experience | Stanthorpe Winery Experience

Discover the vineyards and national parks of the beautiful Granite Belt on the Sky Dance Stanthorpe Winery Experience or Mountain Winery Experience. These tours will give you the chance to taste local wines and food produced specially for you. See beautiful scenery on the way there, immerse your senses and tastebuds with an all inclusive tour and relax on the trip home. This is the true Sky Dance Experience.

Indicative rates

$699 $1200
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蒙·利普斯(Mon Repos)

Mon Repos, Bundaberg Area
蒙·利普斯(Mon Repos)位於巴加拉(Bargara)北邊數公里處,以澳洲(Australia)本島最大且最容易前往的龜群棲息地聞名。 白天時,蒙·利普斯(Mon Repos)是熱門的游泳與航海景點;但是必須小心烏龜的巢穴。 海灘上不能帶狗進入,且高水位線地區也不可使用海灘雨傘。 位於海灘南端的寇曲豪斯溪(Coachhouse Creek)河口是潮汐紅樹林群落溪水流入大海的地方。 這個地區

瑪斯庫萊布夫人島(Lady Musgrave Island)

Lady Musgrave Island, Gladstone Area
瑪斯庫萊布夫人島(Lady Musgrave Island)是大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)唯一有可航行潟湖的珊瑚島。 這周長超過八公里的獨特岩礁真的什麼都有——珊瑚礁、島、色澤美麗的珊瑚、海洋生物、植物群、動物群,當然還有烏龜。 只可由一七七零(Seventeen Seventy)搭船過來的瑪斯庫萊布夫人(Lady Musgrave)為遊客提供一系列體驗。 玩水肺潛水可能會看

柏奈特角(Burnett Heads)

Burnett Heads, Bundaberg Area
柏奈特角(Burnett Heads)位在蒙•利普斯保育公園(Mon Repos Conservation Park)與橡樹滑浪沙灘(Oaks surf beach)附近,距離班達伯格(Bundaberg)市中心僅 17 公里。 如果您有興趣,在這兩個地方中間有一座靜僻的海灣,那裡有一處非官方的上空沙灘。 低潮時,附近的公爵夫人岩石區(Duchess Rocks)會露出柔軟的珊瑚,這裡還可以欣賞

魔羯珊瑚礁國家公園(Capricornia Cays National Park)

Capricorn Coast, Livingstone Area
Free Entry
魔羯珊瑚礁國家公園(Capricornia Cays National Park)保護八座僅露出高潮線數公尺的珊瑚礁岩,分別是 Lady Musgrave、North West、Masthead、Wilson、Heron、艾斯金(Erskine)、Tryon 等島嶼以及 Broomfield 珊瑚礁。 這裡受到保護的生物多樣性、特殊的美景及瀕臨危機的植物與動物使其具有國際的重要性。 這些珊瑚礁為南太

摩爾公園(Moore Park)

Moore Park Beach, Bundaberg Area
摩爾公園(Moore Park)是氣氛悠閒的海濱社區,位於班達伯格(Bundaberg)北方 21 公里處。 又長又直的公路一路穿越甘蔗田和大澳洲堅果園,直到綿延 20 公里的金色沙灘,沙灘畫出曲線柔和的海灘,背景則是木麻黃、露兜樹與茶樹。 摩爾公園(Moore Park)可進行多種悠閒低調的活動,例如游泳、釣魚、海灘散步、賞鳥 - 注意此區原生特有的卡克森無花果鸚鵡的蹤跡。 如果您充滿幹勁,

瑪斯庫萊布夫人島潛水點(Lady Musgrave Island Dive Sites)

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
Free Entry
瑪斯庫萊布夫人島(Lady Musgrave Island)位於大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef),從班達伯格(Bundaberg)或 1770 鎮(Town of 1770)前往,交通均十分便捷。 這座佔地 44 英畝的珊瑚礁在面積約 3000 英畝的潟湖中,附近有 14 處世界級的潛水點:鬼蝠魟(Manta Ray);入口礁石(Entrance Bombies)、拿破崙之牆(Napoleon'

班達伯格港(Port Bundaberg)

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
柏耐特河(Burnett River)在柏耐特角(Burnett Heads)流入大海,稍微上游處就是班達伯格(Bundaberg)港,這裡有許多碼頭以及重糖稅的海港。 班達伯格航海俱樂部(Bundaberg Sailing Club)位於柏耐特(Burnett)遼闊的下游,這裡的河口設有許多船坡道以及汽車與拖車停車場。 國家信託將這裡視為澳洲(Australia)重要海洋歷史的一部份,老舊的柏耐

伊利特女士島(Lady Elliot Island)

Lady Elliot Island, Bundaberg Area
伊利特女士島(Lady Elliot Island)是大堡礁海洋公園(Great Barrier Reef Marine Park)中最南的島。 它位於班達伯格(Bundaberg)東北方 85 公里處,是實際上為珊瑚礁一部份的珊瑚岩礁。 它在 3000 多年間形成,您可參加珊瑚礁徒步導覽之旅,或在珊瑚礁教育中心瀏覽資訊展示,全盤了解伊利特女士島(Lady Elliot Island)這海洋樂
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