Northern Getaway Tours

Clifton Beach, Cairns Area

Northern Getaway Tours is a family owned company. They want to show you the hidden treasures of Far North Queensland. Their tours give a relaxed experience with a maximum group of 10 per tour in late model spacious buses.

Explore the rainforest along the coastal fringe with an abundance of waterfalls, gorges and rivers. Wildlife can be a part of the adventure or seen while on the move. Cassowaries, birds, crocodiles and snakes are plentiful in this area and may be seen from the comfort of the bus. Coconut palms dot the coastal roads which lead to out of the way places where they enjoy meals made from local produce.

They have set tours or they can cater for individuals or groups that want to see a particular location or region.

With every adult ticket purchased through Northern Getaway Tours website, a AUD25 dollar donation will be made in your name to Rainforest Rescue. An organisation that rehabilitates cleared land back to Rainforest. Your tour will help save the Cassowary.

Entry fees, light refreshments and lunch are included in all tours so once paid there is no further need to put your hand in your wallet.

Our tours

Southern Explorer

This full day tour travels through the high country south of Cairns where the sun will crest the mountains as we stop for a short break. They continue the journey and the vegetation turns to rainforest and open farm land on the way to an ancient volcano lake with crystal clear water. It's there you'll enjoy a Devonshire morning tea. They visit three waterfalls on the way to Paronella Park. There you will have around two hours to amble through this magnificent estate from days gone by, followed by a trip down to the coast for lunch at Etty Bay, where cassowaries have been known to wander. After lunch you'll head back towards Cairns with a stop off at Babinda Boulders to take in the fantastic World Heritage area at the foot of Mt Bellenden ker ,whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of local wine with cheese and crackers.

Indicative rates

$210 $210
Western Explorer

This Tour is all about wildlife and culture. They travel west from Cairns through the rainforest of the Macalister Range with the first stop at Barron Falls, then head to open savannah country with a stop at Emerald Creek Falls, where you'll enjoy a Devonshire morning tea. You'll then travel further west to Granite Gorge Nature park where you can wander along marked tracks amongst giant boulders and feed the Mareeba rock wallabies, while lunch is being prepared for you. After lunch you'll head to Rainforestation where you can experience local Aboriginal dancing and story telling, try your hand at throwing a boomerang and jump on an army duck for a trip through the rainforest on both land and water. Stop of at a lookout for some final photos on your way back to Cairns.

Indicative rates

$220 $220
Northern Explorer

The Northern Explorer first heads to Crystal Cascades, a wonderful secret of Cairns. You'll then travel north along the picturesque coastal road, stopping for some photo opportunities at Rex lookout and a Devonshire morning tea at a secluded beach. On to the Daintree River to view wildlife in comfort aboard Bruce Belchers Daintree River Cruise, followed by lunch at beautiful Newell Beach. On the way back to Cairns you'll take in a little excitement at a crocodile attack show at Hartleys Crocodile Adventures. Take the boat ride in a lagoon filled with crocodiles or follow the staff as they feed an abundance of native animals.

Indicative rates

$225 $225
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黛恩樹探索中心(Daintree Discovery Centre)

Cow Bay, Douglas Area
From AU$32 - 35
曾經多次獲獎的探索中心(Discovery Centre)坐落在黛恩樹河(Daintree River)北方 10 公里處的雨林中心。 這座中心是造訪此地區的旅客絕對不能錯過的景點,您可以在這裏體驗雨林各個高度的面貌─從雨林底層到最高的樹冠層。 您可以在 23 公尺高的樹冠塔(Canopy Tower)頂端欣賞秀麗的蘭花,如果運氣不錯,還可能有機會一瞥巨蟒纏繞在巨大硬葉槲蕨上。 令人讚嘆的空中

空中雨林纜車(Skyrail Rainforest Cableway)

Smithfield, Cairns Area
From AU$51 - 210
搭乘空中雨林纜車(Skyrail Rainforest Cableway)是相當獨特的雨林體驗:它將引領您尋訪列於澳洲世界遺產的熱帶雨林,展開難忘的旅程。 空中雨林纜車(Skyrail Rainforest Cableway)位於巴倫峽谷國家公園(Barron Gorge National Park),全線搭建於樹冠上方幾公尺處,滑行距離綿延 7.5 公里,並有舒適的六人座車廂,能夠欣賞到各種壯

摩羯洞(Capricorn Caves)

The Caves, Livingstone Area
From AU$32 - 90
摩羯洞遊覽(Capricorn Cave Tour)是中央昆士蘭(Central Queensland)的頂級自然景觀名勝。 在這裡,您可以探索石灰岩層的壯觀洞穴,在特定季節還可以發現小型食蟲蝙蝠。 這些壯觀的洞穴位在羅克漢普頓(Rockhampton)北邊,曾贏得許多重要觀光及環保獎,並有環保觀光業認證。 大教堂洞窟遊覽(Cathedral Cave Tour)是最人氣的行程,提供輪椅坡道,讓訪

芬奇·哈頓峽谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)

Finch Hatton, Mackay Area
Free Entry
芬奇哈頓峽谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)位於伊加拉國家公園(Eungella National Park),擁有一片壯闊的熱帶雨林,純淨的岩石水池和瀑布錯落其中。 這個峽谷是這個區域最受當地人和遊客喜愛的淡水游泳水潭之一。 想像一下在清澈的岩石水池中游泳,水流從高大的巨石傾瀉而下,雨林巨木就聳立在上方。 芬奇哈頓峽谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)也是一些極為罕見且獨特的動植物棲息生長之處,像是相當少見的胃孵蛙和橙尾石龍子。 野餐區有兩條主要的叢林路徑可通往這些純淨的岩石水池和瀑布。 第一條路徑有 1.

路易斯山國家公園(Mount Lewis National Park)

Julatten, Mareeba Area
Free Entry
濕熱帶世界遺產區(Wet Tropics World Heritage Area)許多海拔最高且遍佈雨林的山區,在大多數的情況下是無法進入的。 28 公里的路易斯山(Mount Lewis)車道是著名的例外。 這條車道蜿蜒於雨林山脊及陡坡上,爬升 1200 公尺之後,接上形成莫斯曼河(Mossman River)與米切爾河(Mitchell River)的集水區的山峰鏈輪廓繼續前進。 路易斯山(Mo

棉花樹(Cotton Tree)

Cotton Tree, Sunshine Coast Area
旁邊就是時尚又熱鬧的陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)瑪盧奇多(Maroochydore),棉花樹(Cotton Tree)北方前緣是瑪盧奇河(Maroochy River)河岸沙灘,西方則是太平洋蔚藍海洋和矽沙海灘。 周邊盡是純淨水域,棉花樹(Cotton Tree)的自然環境是各種水上運動的絕佳勝地。 租一艘船遊河,前往河口的針墊島(Pincushion Island)。 此島為一座突出

巴尼山(Mount Barney)

Mount Barney, Scenic Rim Area
蒼鬱的雨林、古樹、雄偉壯觀的景緻、綿延不絕的步道、超凡的生態重要性與天然美景,都使得這座名列世界遺產的公園成為不容錯過的景點。 巴尼山(Mount Barney)是昆士蘭(Queensland)最高也最為人所知的主峰之一,同時也是美景邊緣(Scenic Rim)和巴尼山國家公園(Mount Barney National Park)的一部分。 園區涵蓋東南昆士蘭(South East Queensl


Gatton, Lockyer Valley Area
昆士蘭東南部(South East Queensland)肥沃的洛克雅谷(Lockyer Valley)是嘉頓郡(Gatton Shire)物產豐饒的農耕之鄉,距離布里斯本(Brisbane)僅 60 分鐘車程。 以壯麗非凡的陡峭山丘及大分嶺(The Great Dividing Range)山脈景觀著稱,嘉頓(Gatton)是一個維持了大自然美景與魅力的快速成長地區。 2009 年 11

海德威灣海灘(Hydeaway Bay Beach)

Free Entry
聖靈群島(Whitsundays)沿岸的海德威灣海灘(Hydeaway Bay Beach)距離南方的觀光小鎮艾爾利海灘(Airlie Beach)僅有 45 分鐘車程。 海德威灣(Hydeaway Bay)的海灘是長達 1.5 公里的美麗沙灘。 在海濱區主要幹道的海德威灣大道(Hydeaway Bay Drive)一旁,濱海的住家充分享受著靠近海灘的地利之便,隔海相望的格洛斯特島(Gloucest


Cambooya, Toowoomba Area
坎布亞(Cambooya)位於斯蒂爾拉德鄉村(Steele Rudd Country)的中心地帶。 您將在這個靜謐的金黃穀鄉中體驗到鄉村式待客之道以及老派魅力。 斯蒂爾拉德(Steele Rudd)在這裡度過他童年的大半時光,他家的小街區就在東格林芒(East Greenmount)附近的鴯鹋溪(Emu Creek)。 今天,他們簡陋木板屋的複製品就矗立在那裡,見證他「在我們的選地上(On Our Selection)」一書中所描繪勉強維持餬口的農夫的生活方式。 另一個值得注意的本地建築是位於格林芒(Greenmount)的戰士紀念廳(Soldiers'
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