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Live It Tours is the only tour company that takes you behind the scenes like never before to uncover the Sunshine Coast’s unique lifestyle, culture and fresh seasonal procuce. Enjoy hands-on experiences with local experts and discover the Sunshine Coast's best kept local secrets. Taste wild food and freshly picked produce. Visit local producers behind the scenes, experience native Australian bush tucker and discover the beach and surf lifesaving culture.

Live It Tours works closely with you to design and facilitate innovative Sunshine Coast experiences and programs that specifically reflect the ideas and philosophies of your group. Their expertise in tour design, coordination and delivery of tours ensures their clients’ “behind the scenes” experiences are exceptional and raved about.

Their aim is for their guests to "Live It. Love It. Do It." while enjoying unique Sunshine Coast experiences you cannot find anywhere else!

Perfect for conferences, incentives and events, team experience days with tailored outcomes, private functions for any celebration – parties, fundraisers, staff functions and community groups.



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Our tours

Bush Tucker Secrets

Unearth the intriguing secrets of local native Australian bush foods and discover their importance to Australian indigenous culture.
On arrival you are met and greeted by their informative Live It Tours guide. Discover the stories of times past in the historic township of Eumundi, the meaning of its indigenous name and how Eumundi markets have evolved into Australia’s premier market with local artisans, chefs and producers selling their locally made handcrafted wares. After a very short stroll you arrive ready for Bush Tucker Secrets and introduced to their local bush food expert. Discover the surprising tastes and bursting flavours of native Australian bush foods and learn how they are possibly the oldest unchanged foods in the world. Followed by a sumptuous morning tea of freshly baked scones topped with a selection of bush food condiments jams and lemon myrtle tea, you are taken on a brief tour of historic Eumundi Imperial hotel. Stay on at your leisure for a delicious pub meal or venture back out to explore the vibrant Eumundi market place at your leisure.

Indicative rates

$85 $85
Private Gourmet Food and Wine Tour

Spoil yourself on this private Sunshine Coast Gourmet Food and Wine experience. Showcasing the very best of the stunning Sunshine Coast hinterland this is a distinctly unique gourmet food and wine experience. As Sunshine Coast locals they love to make each trip an adventure, sharing their favourite places and stories while catering to your passion for food and wine. Their first stop on the tour is Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, boasting subtropical rainforest and overlooking the stunning Glass House Mountains. Here they take a private guided walk with an informative local expert through the tranquil reserve, a living museum of diverse plant and animal life unique to the Sunshine Coast. Next they visit a famous Montville Vineyard and restaurant for a private wine tasting where you are introduced to a selection of 100 per cent estate-grown wines complimented by a selection of local epicure cheeses. You then sit down to the ultimate paddock-to-platter experience sharing a delicious charcuterie platter of seasonal farm cured meats and game, Berkshire ham off the bone, terrine, pate, marinated and pickled vegetables, house-made relish and a selection of locally made Artisan breads complimented with a bottle of estate wine.

Indicative rates

$260 $360
Camel Cuddles

Join them on an exclusive behind the scenes farm gate experience to a local Sunshine Coast camel dairy and cuddle up close with these gentle and intelligent creatures.

On arrival you are met and welcomed at the QCamel farm gate. The spectacular backdrop of the stunning Glasshouse Mountains with glimpses of a rhythmic saunter of camels rambling in is sure to take your breath away. At the camel dairy you learn all about the fascinating journey setting up the camel dairy and everything that’s involved in running the farm. Discover the innovative and ethical processes involved, from milking and caring for the camels and how the fresh quality pasteurised camel milk is produced, right here on the doorstep of the Sunshine Coast.

It’s then time to get up close and personal with Maxi, Gracey and all the other camels as you wander over to the camel enclosure. Enjoy their endearing camel cuddles and awaken your taste buds as you savour the unique flavour of the freshly produced, pasteurised camel milk. All of this and with a variety of chef prepared camel milk muffins and light refreshments throughout, makes this a truly unforgettable camel farm experience.

Indicative rates

$55 $55

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埃里奧特角度假營地(Elliot Heads Holiday Park)

Elliott Heads, Bundaberg Area
From AU$27 - 145
住在埃里奧特角度假營地(Elliot Heads Holiday Park),享受海灘與河口的獨特假期體驗 - 適合各年齡層游泳的安全環境、絕佳的浮潛、釣魚、風帆滑浪和放鬆,讓湛藍海水與白色沙灘環繞著您。 在這個安靜的海濱村落中,公園般的四周環境有供電和無供電的營地,給您一個愉快的假期。 住在現代化的小屋,可在您的陽台上眺望海洋,走出門外就是臨水公園。 還有遊樂場、滑浪俱樂部、近在咫尺的小亭,埃

曼塔巴戈拉度假村(Manta Bargara Resort)

Bargara, Bundaberg Area
From AU$210 - 400
歡迎蒞臨位於昆士蘭(Queensland)的曼塔巴戈拉度假村(Manta Bargara Resort),這棟豪華海濱公寓位在巴戈拉海灘(Bargara Beach),充滿田園風的海邊地帶,位置理想,就在大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)的南端,數分鐘之外就是班達伯格(Bundaberg)市。 建築從左到右皆是曼塔精巧雅致的公寓,能讓海風徐徐吹進。 絕美海景在精心設計的室內陪襯下

凱利海灘度假村(Kellys Beach Resort)

Bargara, Bundaberg Area
From AU$104 - 192
凱利海灘度假村(Kellys Beach Resort)坐落於佔地五點五英畝的花園,設有全套獨立廚具浴室別墅和獨立別墅,不僅曾經獲獎,而且享有環保盛名,距離海灘只有一個街區,是最理想的住宿地點! 這裡的溪流和天然森林形成自然的屏障,讓整個度假村和您遠離塵囂,在這裡享受一段寧靜輕鬆的時光。 這裡有林蔭步道和大片草地,老人小孩都會愛上度假村的遼闊與隱密感。 雙房空調度假村最多可供五人入住,而且提供各種現

藍色巴戈拉度假村(Bargara Blue Resort)

Bargara, Bundaberg Area
From AU$125 - 370
藍色巴戈拉(Bargara Blue)是巴戈拉(Bargara)最受歡迎的度假村之一,提供活力能量與生活品味,並有家具齊全、含全套獨立廚具浴室的大型家庭住房單位,最多可容納 7 人。 離布里斯本(Brisbane)只要幾小時的車程,藍色巴戈拉度假村(Bargara Blue)提供賓客一個舒展、放鬆與享受的理想環境。 踏出前門,您與美麗的凱利海灘(Kelly's Beach)只有 30 秒的距離,也可散步到巴戈拉錦標賽(Bargara'

巴戈拉庭園汽車旅館與度假別墅(Bargara Gardens Motel and Holiday Villas)

Bargara, Bundaberg Area
From AU$99 - 140
巴戈拉庭園汽車旅館與度假別墅(Bargara Gardens Motel and Holiday Villas)有隱密的單房和雙房別墅,風格獨特,而且附設全套獨立廚具和浴室,別墅坐落在美麗熱帶庭園中,走路兩分鐘就能到商店、餐廳和海灘。 這棟建物的後方則是高爾夫球場。 巴戈拉(Bargara)位處亞熱帶氣候的北昆士蘭(Northern Queensland),平均溫度攝氏 27 度。 如果需要

海洋天堂度假小屋(Ocean Paradise Holiday House)

Elliott Heads, Bundaberg Area
From AU$395 - 695
海洋天堂(Ocean Paradise)有撼人心弦的海景,設有可欣賞海景的溫水游泳池和水療設施。 到海濱散步一小段距離,即可抵達滑浪海灘、可安全游泳的河口,以及附近的涼亭。 您可以欣賞海豚和海龜,或是放鬆欣賞海景。 既然您要造訪埃裡奧特角(Elliot Heads)和班達伯格(Bundaberg)地區,何不選擇奢華住宿? 空間寬敞,可容納兩個以上的家庭住宿,您可以與其他家庭分攤費用,盡情享受。

瑪蒂爾達汽車旅館(Matilda Motel)

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
From AU$90 - 140
瑪蒂爾達汽車旅館(Matilda Motel)就位於市內中心地,距離郵局僅一條街,走路即可找到中央商業區的許多商店與咖啡廳。 到窄軌擺式列車車站只要 100 公尺,或是步行一小段路到各個酒店和俱樂部,像是退伍軍人服務處(Returned Services League)。 從瑪蒂爾達汽車旅館(Matilda Motel)只要走路五分鐘就可以到蒙克里夫劇院(Moncrieff Theatre)、市民中心(Civic Centre)以及美術中心(Art Centre)。 這間汽車旅館還設有漂亮的游泳池,讓您放鬆身心享受班達伯格(Bundaberg)溫暖的陽光。 在長途旅行後浸入泡沫水療池,放鬆心情,然後享受舒適的空調房間與免費 Austar。 在班達伯格(Bundaberg)有許多樂趣,例如參觀有名的班達伯格蘭姆酒廠(Bundaberg Rum Distillery)、許麥德木桶暨工藝中心(Schmeider'

班達伯格東邊小屋及旅遊營地(Bundaberg East Cabin and Tourist Park)

Bundaberg East, Bundaberg Area
From AU$25 - 130
班達伯格東邊小屋及旅遊營地(Bundaberg East Cabin and Tourist Park)坐擁五英畝大的幽靜庭院,位置絕佳,適合探索附近景點,包含班達伯格(Bundaberg)市、珊瑚海岸與鄉村(Coral Coast and Country);大約 366 公里之外即為布里斯本(Brisbane)北部(五小時又 35 分鐘路程),從布里斯本(Brisbane)搭飛機前往班達伯格機場(

巴戈拉酷拉海灘公寓(Koola Beach Apartments Bargara)

Bargara, Bundaberg Area
From AU$120 - 260
酷拉海灘公寓(Koola Beach Apartment)位於巴戈拉海灘(Bargara Beach),以合理價格提供奢華住宿。 共有 18 間現代、藝術裝潢、有全套獨立廚具浴室的空調公寓,提供單房或兩房住宿,每間可容納一至四人。 也有三間巴戈拉夢幻(Bargara Dream)房/兩房旅館,至多可容納六人,有設備齊全的廚房和外部陽台,可以感受沁涼的海風。 至周圍公園地步行 400 公尺,可到達有巡邏人員的尼爾森公園(Neilson'

巴戈拉海灘點度假村(The Point Resort, Bargara)

Bargara, Bundaberg Area
From AU$165 - 175
巴戈拉海灘點度假村(Point Resort Bargara Beach)坐落於海岸邊,提供豪華的單房、雙房及三房公寓任君選擇,所有公寓建築的設計皆以昆士蘭氣候為考量,同時能夠營造最完美的海濱住宿品質。 這裡的當代公寓全數附有全套獨立廚具浴室,還能觀賞珊瑚海(Coral Sea)晶瑩潔白的美麗海景、壯觀的腹地落日,或者可以使用客房附設的私人露台。 度假村坐落於造景優美的熱帶花園之中,附設度假
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