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Tully, Cassowary Coast Area

Acclaimed Indigenous tour operator Ingan Tours is 100 per cent owned and operated based in Tully, Queensland.

The three directors of Ingan Tours: Dr Ernie Grant, Sonya Jeffrey and Caroline Grant actively believe in and promote preserving the environment, recapturing and preserving their peoples traditions and knowledge in living with the land, and living off the land and teaching and sharing their knowledge with others.


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Tully Gorge National Park
Tully, Cassowary Coast Area

Our tours

Tully Kayak Tour

Tully Kayak Tour

Kayak down the Bulgan Creek and learn firsthand what their Ancestors knew intimately about the natural creeks and rivers. Join your Aboriginal guide today by kayaking down beautifully created creek tunnels.

Duration: approximately five hours.

Spirit of the Rainforest Tour

Spirit of the Rainforest Tour

Spirit of the Rainforest Tour takes you into spectacular mountainous region of the Tully Valley to the beautiful Echo Creek Falls. Aboriginal guides interpret the rainforest as you view the environment through their eyes.

Duration: approximately six hours.

Indigenous Experience with Ingan Tours

Indigenous Experience with Ingan Tours

Private tour for Via Travel customers who want to experience real Australia. Ingan Tours is happy to be offering an insight into the Rainforest Aboriginal land, language and culture.

Duration: approximately four hours.

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