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Golden Beach, Sunshine Coast Area

Experientia, Sunshine Coast offers six unique adventure experiences which integrate all of Mother Earth’s pristine qualities including the breath-taking Glass House Mountains, majestic hinterland with secluded waterfalls balanced by her unspoilt waterways, hidden creeks, magical tidal lakes and the white sands of unrivalled deserted island beaches. All of which are accessible within moments of each other by either kayak, four wheel drive or foot.

Escape to the Sunshine Coast all year round with their Summer sun kissed setting throughout majority of the year and their warm breathless Winter days combining optimal temperatures to bask in the experience of immaculate sky’s, glassed off waters and sunsets built by the imagination, Experientia Style.

Each experience offers a distinctive flavour of the Sunny Coast, (as the locals call it) guaranteeing postcard quality scenery and sense of adventure whichever you choose. All fitness levels are welcome as Experientia caters from beginner to intermediate with all their trusted Venturers combining local knowledge with traditional culture and training involving an immense love of nature.

Come adventure in their backyard Experientia Style.


  • Birdwatching
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Off Road Driving
  • Surfing
  • Swimming

Our tours

Glass House Mountains Discovery Adventure : Kayak –Deserted Island-  Mountain Climb - Hike - Stretch

Starts with a gentle Kayak reliving the first settler Matthew Flinders’ voyage. A Scenic drive follows Flinders’ journey arriving at the Glass House Mountains Visitors Information Centre, delving into history of the first settlers and the Sunshine Coast whilst enjoying a paleo morning tea.

Short drive entails with spectacular views of the hinterland to base of Mount Ngungun. Beginner’s fitness level as the man-made path winds through unrivalled floral like no other on the Sunny Coast. Completion of on the summit sets the perfect surround for stories as we share in the 360 degree panoramic views of the glass house mountains and Sunshine Coast’s hinterland. Great star jump photo opportunity. Paleo snacks enjoyed at the base before climb and at summit before decent.

A tourist drive to Mount Tibrogargan they approach the last leg of Matthew Flinders’ discovery of the Glass House Mountains. A gradual walk around the base of the second highest mountain in the region, encapsulates all stories, setting a perfect backdrop finishing with stretches and paleo lunch at “Tibro’s feet”.

Indicative rates

$279 $279
Six Mountains in One Day Adventure : Mountain Climb - Hike, Full Day (10 Hours) approximately

This adventure is not for the faint hearted, as its name suggests they climb six mountains in one day, rewarding within beyond recognition. Adventurers fitness level to reach each summit they recommend intermediate though Experientia believes it’s not always about the destination rather the journey so their Ventures will allow adequate time for decent to incorporate all six mountains. Whatever fitness level Experientia guarantees at the very least three summits that capture the glorious scenery of the prestigious Glass House mountains and Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Indicative rates

$299 $299
H30 - Three  Waterfalls in One Day: Hike - Swimming – Waterfalls Full Day (Seven Hour)

This adventure starts in a hidden oasis at the base of Buderim forests. A short stroll along the boardwalk opens to the enchanting waterfall/swimming hole which adventurers are able to walk behind as if in a fairy-tale.

A 40-minute drive winding through the Sunshine Coast’s “country side” into the hinterland. Arriving at Gheerulla Falls they trek down to visualise this natural cascading beauty. When the falls flow is subtle enjoy the natural shaped upright bath whilst refuelling with paleo morning tea before the hike back up the ridge.

A short 20-minute drive extends this experience to the Sunshine Coast’s glorious hinterland, arriving at the uppermost section of Kondalilla National Park. The majestic rock pool is the foreground for Sunny Coast’s most famous waterfall which is accessible here for a refreshing swim whilst embarking on the 2.4 kilometre round circuit trail illustrating the rainforest hinterlands flora and fauna like no other. Paleo lunch draws the waterfalls scenery to a picturesque closing.

As they embark on the scenic journey home, only moments’ drive away from Kondalilla, adventurers will have a chance to immerse themselves with local arts and crafts stores that overlook the entire Sunshine Coast.

Indicative rates

$279 $279
Historic Bunkers Adventure: Kayak – Deserted Island/Hike/SUP/Mountain Climb - Full Day (Eight Hours)

This adventure starts with a 45-minute kayak across the Pumicestone Passage to the deserted northern tip of Bribie Island. Vehicles cannot access this stretch of the island as they adventure along the remote white sandy beach’s shoreline via foot to explore the historic bunkers that were built in 1939 part of the South-East Queensland’s military force, which also provided a base for artillery training for the Australian soldiers during the war.

After Kayaking to the mainland and a short drive, arrive at Lake Currimundi, a natural tidal lake situated only metres from the Pacific Ocean adventurers will understand why this section of the coast was also gazetted for training the Australian military for live firing of mortars, tanks and artillery.

Traverse along the calmness of the lake on stand up paddleboards as sand dunes, beachfront and coastal bushland composes a surreal back drop. A perfect setting for their Paleo lunch and enjoy a local grown coffee from Mike and his staff.

A 20-minute drive to Wild horse mountain, the smallest of the Glass House family this short 123 metre high (700 metre) walk showcases all of the Sunshine Coast’s array of hinterland, summits and beaches with its 360 degree views.

Indicative rates

$299 $299
Cruisey Kay Adventure: Kayak/Stretches/Mediation/Deserted Island Half Day (Four Hours)

Laidback Sunny Coast vibe of this adventure combining a cruisey Kayak and b. lasey session. Kayak across the Pumicestone Passage to the deserted northern tip of Bribie Island. Experience tranquillity of this secluded hidden treasure as they stroll along the gorgeous open white sandy beach shore line, residing near a lone Pandanus tree or base of a dune or next to the outgoing tide.

Here they allow themselves to b.lasey with Venturer Blase Grinner and gift themselves permission to expand their awareness in this 45-minute session integrating the three dynamic energies inside the circle of life: thought/speech/action. This method is fully guided as you transform your focus inwards combing
• stretches incorporating tension release and understanding thought patterns
• gratitude Kata engaging the heart centre of your being to all aspects of life with your voice
• meditation utilising the breath as you action your intention... to just b.

All levels of fitness, age, flexibility, mobility welcome - as no prior experience is required. b.lasey session is attuned for beginners to advanced meditators in evolving each aspect within.

Adventures enjoy a Paleo morning-tea and swim on this secluded beach before embarking on the cruisey kayak back to the mainland.

Indicative rates

$159 $159
Taste of Oz: Mountain climb/Four Wheel Drive/Hike/Surf/Swim - Deserted island Full Day

Experientia Sunshine Coast! This adventure embodies all aspects of their wondrous backyard, commencing with a sunrise (depending on tide times) or sunset climb - stunning Mt Ngungun 253 metres high absorbing the first Eastern light as adventurers have panoramic views of the pristine Sunshine Coast.

Upon descent, adventures have the opportunity to grab a local grown coffee as they venture south to Bribie Island. They drop the tyre pressure and experience this magical getaway travelling one hour by four-wheel-drive on the white sandy beach to the Historic World War II Bunkers.

Here adventurers can explore the bunkers and history with the vast Pacific Ocean and her beauty as a backdrop. At certain times of the year it’s possible to see the migrating blue whales and famous “Migaloo” the white whale, though Experientia can’t guarantee sightings at the time of booking.

Depending on tides, set up for a couple of hours and enjoy a Paleo barbecue lunch and free time to swim, surf or explore the Sunshine Coast’s east coast. This is postcard quality with clear water and breathtaking surrounds. Smiling adventurers soak up the Sunshine Coast's vibe before the conquest of rising tide, then you will return home.

Indicative rates

$299 $299

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黃金沙灘(Golden Beach)

Golden Beach, Sunshine Coast Area
黃金沙灘(Golden Beach)曾經贏得陽光海岸淨灘挑戰賽(Sunshine Coast Clean Beach Challenge)和 2008 年的正義之舉(Do The Right Thing)淨灘獎,由此可見,本社區極為重視環境的寧靜及清潔保護。 黃金沙灘(Golden Beach)環抱著浮石通道(Pumicestone Passage)海岸,其風平浪靜的海域是划船、釣魚和游泳的理想勝地


Caloundra, Sunshine Coast Area
一生難忘的度假回憶就在卡隆德拉(Caloundra)─陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)的起點。 體驗沒有擁擠人潮的海灘,這裡並有被列為文化遺產的玻璃屋山(Glass House Mountains)美景、浮石通道(Pumicestone Passage)的波光粼粼、以及美得令人屏息並擁有有趣小灣和沙灘的海岸岬角。 卡隆德拉(Caloundra)包含了數個海灘,每個都有自己獨特的個性和忠實擁

西比唐斯(Sippy Downs)

Sippy Downs, Sunshine Coast Area
位在陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)的西比唐斯(Sippy Downs)東接美麗的莫羅拉河國家公園(Mooloolah River National Park),西連瑪盧奇叢林植物園(Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens),以當地風景如畫的眾多湖系聞名。 您可以從各個濱海公園和野餐區行經眾多的步道和單車道前往這些美麗、謐靜的湖泊。 西比唐斯(Sippy


Palmview, Sunshine Coast Area
棕櫚景(Palmview)位在布魯斯公路(Bruce Highway)上,地處陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)中心點,從莫羅拉巴(Mooloolaba)美麗的金色海灘開車前往僅需 10 分鐘。 繼續往前開 15 分鐘即可抵達陽光海岸腹地(Sunshine Coast Hinterland)欣賞令人讚嘆的景緻,而原始純淨的莫羅拉巴國家公園(Mooloolah National Park)就在一

卡羅旺德拉航遊(Caloundra Cruise)

Pelican Waters, Sunshine Coast Area
From AU$22 - 55
卡羅旺德拉航遊(Caloundra Cruise)為最受歡迎的水上活動與名勝之一,適合所有年齡層。 造訪潔淨的沙洲,觀察豐富的鳥類生態,探究卡羅旺德拉(Caloundra)精彩的航海歷史。 最熱門的航遊行程每週六及週二至週五出航,您將乘坐特別訂做的遊河船,尋訪壯麗的自然之美、歷史、野生世界,並欣賞卡羅旺德拉陸岬(Caloundra Heads)、莫爾頓島(Moreton Island)、博來比島國家


Mooloolah, Sunshine Coast Area
莫羅拉(Mooloolah)位於史蒂夫歐文大道(Steve Irwin Way)(原名為玻璃屋山觀光道路(Glass House Mountains Tourist Drive))旁邊,經由莫羅拉聯絡道路(Mooloolah Connection Road),鄰近社區為 M1 附近的格蘭維景(Glenview)和棕櫚景(Palmview)。 莫羅拉(Mooloolah)為原住民語言,意為「黑蛇」。


Beerburrum, Sunshine Coast Area
到陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)旅遊,別忘了繞道一小段路,開上布魯斯公路(Bruce Highway),拜訪比爾包恩(Beerburrum)。 多虧了世界一次大戰的解說牌,本鎮 80 多年的歷史讓遊客流連忘返。 解說牌上的照片印證了一次大戰戰士(Diggers)軍官在比爾包恩(Beerburrum)定居的歷史。 約有 500 公頃的土地分配給軍官,有 437 位選擇定居此地,進而推動了本鎮

玻璃屋山國家公園(Glass House Mountains National Park)

Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast Area
Free Entry
玻璃屋山國家公園(Glass House Mountains National Park)是由庫克船長(Captain Cook)在 1770 年繪製昆士蘭(Queensland)地圖時命名。 「玻璃屋(Glass Houses)」是獨特的火山岩頸,陡峭矗立在一片農田與森林之中。 玻璃屋山(Glass House Mountains)對當地原住民具有重要的精神意義。 公園由多個區域組成,其中包括大部


Currimundi, Sunshine Coast Area
庫里蒙迪(Currimundi)位於陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast),坐落於卡隆德拉(Caloundra)地區的北方邊界處。 本地名稱為 Leslie Wilson 爵士所取,源自於當地的原住民語 Garrimundi 或 Girrimundi,意為「果蝠之地」。 庫里蒙迪(Currimundi)曾獲得 2004 年「昆士蘭最乾淨海灘獎(Cleanest Beach)」,為陽光海岸(Sun


Beerwah, Sunshine Coast Area
畢爾瓦(Beerwah)是一座充滿活力的小鎮,澳洲動物園(Australia Zoo)就位於此。 從布里斯本(Brisbane)往北方一小時車程處就是本鎮,不遠處就是陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast),畢爾瓦(Beerwah)是探索陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)腹地的最佳地點。 只需數分鐘就可到玻璃屋山(Glass House Mountains),欣賞在平原上突兀矗立的 16
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