Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat


The place to go for a Horse Experience. Ideal for individuals, groups or families wanting an introduction to horses or those wanting to develop their confidence! In a safe controlled environment. It's even a great half or full day out with lunch included.

Don't just be a dummy on a horse on a trail ride, playing follow the leader.....come and have an interactive horse experience with Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat! Personalised, professional and great value.

Horse whispering, confidence, fun, day spa package, options galore!

Well established for over 10 years in the beautiful scenic Gold Coast Hinterland. With exceptional well cared for horses in this boutique location. Only 30 minutes from the heart of the GoldCoast

Treat yourself to a fun, stress free, sense of freedom activity.

Introduction to horses through a Giddy Up Kids class or be adventurous with an experience to connect with horses, for your group or family in your own private session to establish confidence, control and balanced riding skills.

Family owned, welcomed with a friendly smile and feeling of relaxation, with some fun and learning new things.

Children from three years and adults learning for the first time or just 'getting back in the saddle'.


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  • Horseriding



適合家庭入住 – 請前往官方網站查看更多服務及設施信息。

Our tours

Group Horse Day Out

Ride and relax with your group. A unique horse experience, to have you confidently handling your own horse, preparing to ride, developing riding skills and trotting away with confidence!
Don't just be a dummy on a horse trail ride playing follow the leader, not knowing what to do to handle your horse safely and stay in control...learn all the basics you need to have fun with horses...have a horse experience!

Do you want unique and amazing? To totally unplug and unwind? Or do you just love horses and want to have a fantastic time?

Engage in this specially designed program that was developed by Debbie Burgermeister, Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony rider and all round horsewoman. With over 35 years of horse experience and numerous coaching qualifications, Debbie will pass on her knowledge and have you horse whispering in no time.

Indicative rates

$125 $250
Horse Connection - Fun for the Whole Family

Ideal for groups or families wanting a horse experience or those wanting to develop their confidence with horses! In a safe controlled environment.

An amazing 1 hour natural horsemanship experience to connect with your horse safely, confidently and energetically.

This session focuses on ground body language work for building excellent communication skills with your horse plus bareback balanced horseriding to master the ground work into a true bonding and working relationship. You will walk away with a feeling of control and confidence.

Morning or afternoon tea can be organised at the local cafe for an extra AUD5 per person.

It's fun and healthy in a safe environment where you'll forget about the stresses and strains of you daily grind and connect with these beautiful beasts and your comrades too!

Engage in this specially designed program that was developed by Debbie Burgermeister, Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening Ceremony rider and all round horsewoman. With over 30 years of horse experience under her belt and numerous coaching qualifications.

And there's a lot more to horse riding than you might think. Mastering the program can truly develop your skills in coordination, concentration, improve your general wellbeing and provide an exhilarating feeling of freedom!

Indicative rates

$180 $180
Giddy Up Kids - Horse Intro Fun 4 kids

A non riding class with a great introductory way to start your horse experience around the stables with the basics in horse safety, care and handling, horse related games and the understanding of horse riding balance

Children are introduced to the fundamentals of grooming, handling, saddle and bridle and a touch of the very basics in riding balance through sitting on a horse. A fantastic low cost, slow paced start to your horse experience. This is not a riding class

Set the grounding for an active lifestyle with physical and mental health, voice and body language development, confidence and learning with success. Coordination, muscle development and balance.

Indicative rates

$25 $25
Horse Riding Lesson

A great option to start with horses on the ground or on horse back. Make the lesson as fun or as serious as you want. Learn the basics or
challenge your riding with developing new skills.
Personalised lesson with up to 2 people or 3-4 sharing 2 horses
Enjoy top quality learning with a private lesson with a great instructor & the best horses you can find.

Indicative rates

$110 $110
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摩羯洞(Capricorn Caves)

The Caves, Livingstone Area
From AU$32 - 90
摩羯洞遊覽(Capricorn Cave Tour)是中央昆士蘭(Central Queensland)的頂級自然景觀名勝。 在這裡,您可以探索石灰岩層的壯觀洞穴,在特定季節還可以發現小型食蟲蝙蝠。 這些壯觀的洞穴位在羅克漢普頓(Rockhampton)北邊,曾贏得許多重要觀光及環保獎,並有環保觀光業認證。 大教堂洞窟遊覽(Cathedral Cave Tour)是最人氣的行程,提供輪椅坡道,讓訪

芬奇·哈頓峽谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)

Finch Hatton, Mackay Area
Free Entry
芬奇哈頓峽谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)位於伊加拉國家公園(Eungella National Park),擁有一片壯闊的熱帶雨林,純淨的岩石水池和瀑布錯落其中。 這個峽谷是這個區域最受當地人和遊客喜愛的淡水游泳水潭之一。 想像一下在清澈的岩石水池中游泳,水流從高大的巨石傾瀉而下,雨林巨木就聳立在上方。 芬奇哈頓峽谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)也是一些極為罕見且獨特的動植物棲息生長之處,像是相當少見的胃孵蛙和橙尾石龍子。 野餐區有兩條主要的叢林路徑可通往這些純淨的岩石水池和瀑布。 第一條路徑有 1.


Proserpine, Whitsunday Area
普羅斯培林(Proserpine)聖靈群島(Whitsundays)地區的行政及服務中心。 普羅斯培林(Proserpine)名稱為探險家 George Dalrymple 所取,來自於希臘代表生產力的珀耳塞福涅女神(Persephone),意旨本地擁有的肥沃土壤。 自從 1800 年代晚期以來,牧牛和甘蔗種植成為本地主要的經濟產業。 從六月底開始,晚間時刻就可以見到火燒甘蔗田這種詭譎又神秘的場景


Wallumbilla, Maranoa Area
瓦倫筆拉(Wallumbilla)距離布里斯本(Brisbane)五個小時車程,位於羅馬(Roma)東邊,居住人口約 320 人。 瓦倫筆拉(Wallumbilla)的卡里科小屋(Calico Cottage)是城鎮的遊客資訊中心,一周七天皆開放。 此外,卡里科小屋(Calico Cottage)販售當地藝術與手工藝品以及點心。 傳統上,瓦倫筆拉(Wallumbilla)主要的產業曾經是酪農業和


Tambo, Blackall-Tambo Area
這裡有探險家 Thomas Mitchell 少校曾經跨越的大分嶺(Great Dividing Range)崎嶇峭壁,以及令他眼睛為之一亮的廣闊草原鄉間地區,難怪愈來愈多旅客前往坦博(Tambo)進行探索之旅。 坦博(Tambo)是一座活生生的文化歷史博物館,同時也是旅客深入了解澳洲先民生活方式和文化遺產的理想去處。 這裡有早期歐洲移民拓居地遺址,這些拓居地於 1860 年代吸引了大量牧場

坦博荒野之路(Tambos Wilderness Way)

Tambo, Blackall-Tambo Area
Free Entry
坦博荒野之路(Tambo's Wilderness Way)是一趟自駕之旅,途中會穿越擁有粗獷之美的地區,此區以「昆士蘭的屋頂(Roof of Queensland)」著稱。 旅程將行經深淵峽谷與廣大懸崖邊緣。 享受錯綜複雜的山脈景觀,風雨在這裡造就了大範圍的砂岩構造,與灰綠色的灌木叢形成強烈對比。 此區提供一些獨特植物群生長的環境。 在薩爾瓦多羅莎國家公園(Salvator Rosa National Park)露營或來趟叢林漫步 坦博荒野之路(Tambo'

雪松溪瀑布群(Cedar Creek Falls)

Proserpine, Whitsunday Area
Free Entry
風景如畫的雪松溪瀑布群(Cedar Creek Falls),距離普羅斯培林(Proserpine)與鹹水溪(Saltwater Creek Road)大約 20 公里,位在康偉海灘路(Conway Beach Road)旁。 這些瀑布在濕季時非常壯觀,瀑布的下方還有全年無休的天然游泳池。 他們位於自然形成的岩石環形山谷中。 這裡的植物群和動物群將會令您感到驚奇,特別是絞殺榕、紅色與白色的杉樹及野生

邦度拉水壩(Bundoora Dam)

Middlemount, Isaac Area
Free Entry
美麗的邦度拉水壩(Bundoora Dam)位於米德蒙(Middlemount)西南邊約 28 公里處,就在連接到哥納遜路(Connection Road)的米德蒙路(Middlemount Road)上。 這是當年為了採礦而在日耳曼溪(German Creek)上建造的壯觀人造建築。 水壩約可蓄滿 100 億公升的水量,最適合滑水和游泳。 這個水壩也適合釣魚愛好者,內有豐富水產,包括薩拉托加魚、金


Seaforth, Mackay Area
至西弗斯(Seaforth)一遊,能讓您體驗充滿山脈美景的鄉村風情。 西弗斯(Seaforth)本身是一座古雅的濱海城鎮,亦為 麥基(Mackay)區最熱門的釣魚娛樂景點,維克多溪(Victor Creek)養護良好的放船坡道格外受到歡迎。 如今製糖業與觀光業是讓西弗斯(Seaforth)蓬勃發展的產業。 此城鎮提供許多重要服務,包括販售燃油、魚餌、外帶食物、紀念品與日常用品的複合式商店。


Jundah, Barcoo Area
江達(Jundah)是巴庫郡(Barcoo Shire)的行政中心。 本鎮人口約 100 人,是郡內最大城鎮。 本地區最初是由 Durack 和 Costello 等拓荒家族於 1880 年所創建。 在世紀之交前後大約 20 年間,這裡是極為繁榮的澳寶礦區,但因缺乏水源而迫使採礦作業中止。 在引進重機械之後,這座澳寶礦再度成為目光焦點。 綿羊和牛群是江達(Jundah)和附近地區最主要的經濟支柱。 江達(Jundah)位於朗里奇(Longreach)西南方兩個半小時車程處,瑰派(Quilpie)西北方三個半小時車程處,巴庫河(Barcoo)和湯姆森河(Thomson River)匯流處上行 30 公里與庫柏溪(Cooper Creek)的交會處。 位於鎮外一公里處的湯姆森河(Thomson River)提供景色宜人的釣魚和休閒環境,並且可以駕車沿河欣賞廣闊全景。 河裡聚集了各種魚類,包括黃腹魚、鯰魚和鯛魚等。 在當地河岸水潭捉到的淡水龍蝦可做為晚餐前菜或簡單的點心。 江達歷史博物館(Jundah'
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