Billy Tea 旅行隊(Billy Tea Safaris)


加入 Billy Tea 旅行隊(Billy Tea Safaris),在多種個人化行程中擇一參加,遊覽名列世界遺產的黛恩樹(Daintree)或苦難角(Cape Tribulation),還有奇拉哥洞穴(Chillagoe Caves)與內陸(Outback)等地。 您將追隨早年澳洲探險家的腳步,將繽紛美景盡收眼底,前進古老雨林、蔥郁草原、壯觀的白蟻丘、純淨的海灘與珊瑚礁,或是濕地,欣賞沙袋鼠、鴯鶓和其他野生動物。 濕地是眾多鳥類棲息的天堂。

Billy Tea 旅行隊(Billy Tea Safaris)以其知性之旅為傲,並且鼓勵遊客盡情發問,您也可照相,若有何問題也會得到解答。

Billy Tea 旅行隊(Billy Tea Safaris)榮獲高級生態環保認證(Advanced Eco Accredited),也是綠色旅遊領導品牌(Green Travel Leader)。


  • 野營
  • 游泳
  • 越野駕駛
  • 觀鳥







Daintree/Cape Tribulation/Four Wheel Drive Bloomfield Track

Daintree/Cape Tribulation/Four Wheel Drive Bloomfield Track

One day tour through World Heritage listed Rainforest of the Daintree/Cape Tribulation and Bloomfield Track area. Available all year round. Catering for small personalised groups. No set timetables to tour and has a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy guided Rainforest Boardwalks, seeing spectacular wildlife. Enjoy a traditional Australian barbecue (catering for vegetarians) at Lync Haven Animal reserve, where you have the opportunity to hand feed kangaroos and wallabies. Afternoon tea at spectacular Emmagen Creek, billy tea and damper, local exotic fruits. Enjoy a cool swim.

Indicative rates

$230 $240

Chillagoe Caves and Outback

Chillagoe Caves and Outback

Early Morning pickup from 6.50am from your accommodation where you will be met by your friendly guide, and after introductions you will then make your way heading west over the McAlister Range and your first stop are the Mareeba Wetlands for morning tea and a 20-minute cruise on an environmentally quite electric boat to view bird life and a spectacular back drop of the Hodgekinson Gold fields.

Travel the back blocks of this wetland area viewing wallabies, emus and other wildlife. Travel through historical towns to the limestone karsts around Chillagoe. You visit the remains of the once mighty copper smelters to ponder what it was like working there. Now it's time for a wonderful pub lunch before their National Parks cave tour.

The fossilised remains of the ancient coral reefs with hidden limestone labyrinths give a portal to a lost World just like their own Great Barrier Reef. Heading back towards the east coast, stopping for a comfort stop before returning to Cairns.

Indicative rates

$240 $240