亞羅卡利亞生態旅遊(Araucaria Ecotours)


澳洲(Australia)孕育了許多令人驚豔又獨一無二的野生動植物,而牠們居住的森林、沙漠、海岸則是旅行團經動物學家設計的行程重點。 旅行團從布里斯本(Brisbane)出發,提供小型團體賞鳥行程,適合新手或經驗老道的賞鳥人士參加,帶您尋找野生袋鼠、鴨嘴獸及其他生物,除此之外,還會帶您以輕裝徒步的方式穿越雨林、典型澳洲叢林、溼地與安靜的海灘。

一日遊行程包括賞鳥,還有拜訪其他野生動植物、森林、瀑布、螢火蟲,以及一座風景迷人的小島。 一日以上的行程包括野生動植物導覽三日遊(很有可能是全澳洲(Australia)最全面的野生動植物旅遊),帶您到各種不同的棲息地尋找動物,並帶您參觀一座專門用來從事動保育繁殖的公園,同時您可以了解到澳洲(Australia)的生態體系及其獨特之處。 真正的內陸探索之旅,為期六天或更長時間,一年中舉辦兩次,行程將帶您拜訪紅色沙灘、赤大袋鼠、鴯鶓...。或者您也可以參加過夜之旅,您將在群山中的巨大廣葉南洋杉樹下渡過��晚,此樹種對原住民而言意義重大

大部分的行程適合所有年齡層及體能的遊客參加。 客製化旅遊行程也可另行安排。 提供多種住宿選擇,從簡單的露營環境到高品質住宿應有盡有。

自行開車的遊客也可以參加(需事先預約)野生動植物生態中心(Wildlife Ecology Centre)以及自然步道之旅(離布里斯本(Brisbane)或黃金海岸(Gold Coast)約 90 分鐘的路程),或者安排自然教育露營(提供多種主題,適合所有年齡層),或學校/團體短途旅行。


  • 允許寵物,但需預訂
  • 停車場


  • 野營
  • 游泳
  • 觀鳥





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3 Day Wildlife Tour

Enjoy a zoologist-designed introduction to Australia's major wildlife groups, their ecology and behaviour, find why Australia is so different, and visit wonderfully scenic wild places. View wildlife in rainforests, eucalypt forests, wetlands and other native habitats, plus a wildlife park devoted to conservation breeding of rare species. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Choose between camping and a beautiful bed-and-breakfast by the forest.

See kangaroos, koalas, platypus and other icons as well as lesser known creatures. Watch the flight of thousands of large and noisy fruit bats. Receive a custom-written book on Australia's wildlife detailing the major groups, some of the plant groups important to them and an overview of the evolutionary/ geological history of our country. Advanced eco-accreditation.

Indicative rates

$462 $735

6 Day Outback Tour

Travel way out west through brigalow, mulga and other semi-arid habitats to Currawinya National Park in the true outback Red sand, red kangaroos, emus, Major Mitchell cockatoos, mulga parrots, other colourful outback parrots, wood swallows, brolgas and other birds in arid shrub lands, waterholes, creek beds, freshwater and saltwater lakes. Be prepared for a long drive on the first and last day. Accommodation a combination camping, small outback hotels and a former cattle station in a birding hotspot. Advanced eco-accreditation. Option of mud bath at Eulo. Spend one night camping and one or more at Bowra Station (birding hotspot).

With advance notice, may be extended to eight or 10 days. Their most active times are early morning and late afternoon (wildlife activity times).

Indicative rates

$1485 $1485

Bushwalking In Brisbane

Enjoy an easy to moderate bushwalk (you choose the pace) in a variety of forests within Greater Brisbane with interpretation of flora and fauna. You will usually see a variety of birds, butterflies and wildflowers, often wallabies and sometimes koalas. There is a picnic lunch and refreshments provided. Advanced eco-accreditation.

Indicative rates

$99 $99

Coochiemudlo Island

Enjoy a day of gentle walking on scenic sandy beaches, rocky shores, mangroves with flora and fauna interpretation, close to Brisbane but away from the crowds. Have a swim on a quiet beach if weather conditions permit. Fauna on the island usually include raptors (especially whistling kite, brahminy kite, osprey), bush stone-curlews and other birds, butterflies, crabs (sometimes hundreds of blue soldier crabs marching across the beach), molluscs and other shore life. Explore mainland forest with a reasonable chance of koalas on the way back to the city. Advanced eco-accreditation.

Indicative rates

$132 $132

Bird-Watching Day Tour

Bird-Watching Day Tour

For absolute beginners through to professional birders, visiting eucalypt forest, rainforests, coastal habitats and/or wetlands (and sometimes heathlands). Travel with a research ornithologist.Not all venues will be visited on a particular day. Our usual route includes Eagleby Wetlands and Lamington National Park. For extended birding, consider our three-day wildlife overview tour, outback tours or a custom tour.
Our main focus is on seeing (and often photographing) birds in their natural habitat and discussing the behaviour and ecology of those we see or hear, the differences of Australia's birdlife compared to other world regions, and conservation issues.
Tours involve gentle, short walks (unless you advise beforehand that you want extended walks, or have mobility problems: you can still see a lot even from a wheelchair). Let us know at time of booking if your interests are mainly seeing as many species as possible, seeing particular species, learning about local birds, or just experiencing the rainforests and others habitats with birds as a bonus, etc.
The first guest to book for a particular day gets to choose the starting time (usually between 6.00am and 8.00am, but can be earlier or later).
The tour has advanced eco-certification.

Indicative rates

$198 $248

Wildlife Day Tour (Greater Brisbane)

See some of the wildlife around Greater Brisbane's outer suburbs - look for wild koalas, wallabies, fruitbats, birds, lizards etc. For additional cost and advance planning, they can go further afield to seek wild kangaroos or visit a wildlife park. There are no guarantees, but you will visit places they are very likely to see wildlife and they've never yet failed to at least see wallabies, fruitbats and a variety of birds. Although they don't always find wild koalas (they are now declining in Brisbane) they do see a couple of captive ones in a large walk-through enclosure owned by National Parks. At dusk they watch thousands of fruitbats flying, then experience the Australian bush at night, listening for owls, sometimes seeing possums, gliders, owls, frogs or frogmouths.

Indicative rates

$99 $99

Rainforests, Glow-worms and Wine

Experience a very well-designed artificial limestone cave housing many happily breeding glow-worms that take the pressure off the colonies in the National Parks. There is nothing artificial about the insects themselves, and in fact this is now the largest glow worm colony in the world. Taste a few local wines (or sip a fruit juice) and enjoy a sumptuous meal while viewing the lake, birds and landscaped gardens. Walk through eucalypt forest and lush rainforests to giant trees, cycads and waterfalls. Enjoy a boardwalk into the rainforest canopy.

For a group wanting a simplified tour just to the glow worms and forest, without the canopy walk or the restaurant, they can do this at reduced cost. Advanced eco-accreditation.

Indicative rates

$165 $165