Dominate the Delta - The Rockhampton Delta Fishing Trail


The Fitzroy River delta offers a variety of fish species and great scenery of the Capricorn coastline. All year, the delta makes a great fishing hotspot; in winter you’ll find blue salmon and grunter, whereas in the warmer months you’re most likely to catch barramundi, fingermark and king threadfin. Deep sea fishing off the coast offers opportunities to chase trevally, mangrove jack and cod.

The river is known for mud crabs and the longer you leave your pots in, the more likely you are to catch some juicy crabs. The delta is perfect for casting or bait fishing, however it is governed by tidal changes. Strong currents occur during high tide so the best time to fish the delta is on half or outgoing tide, in good weather conditions.

The Net Free Fishing Zone in Rockhampton has opened the doors to recreational fishermen. However, please note that barramundi season closes from midday November 1 to midday February 1. And the Fitzroy River is a natural habitat where seasons play a key role in your fishing success rate. You're not guaranteed to catch a fish following this trail alone. Great fishermen know that you should also do your own research beforehand.

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Full itinerary

Rockhampton to Port Alma Boat Ramp

Drive south of Rockhampton with your boat in tow across coastal rural land along the Bruce Highway. Once you reach the Port Alma Road turn off, follow this road along and salt flats until you reach the boat ramp. All up this is a 62 kilometre trip that will get you closer to the Fitzroy River Delta where the fishing action starts.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel 4x4, Car, Four Wheel Drive
Distance 62 kms
Route Type One Way
Port Alma Boat Ramp to Thompson Point

Launch your boat at the Port Alma boat ramp and enter a diverse fish habitat at the Fitzroy River delta. This is a multi-lane ramp without designated parking spaces.

There’s a little wharf near the ramp with a waiting pontoon. Once you conduct the necessary safety and equipment checks, start your boat up and make your way along the coast and up into the delta until you reach Thompson Point.

You can release crab pots at this spot, or travel further up river for other crab spots. On your way, cast a lure along the river’s edge and you may find yourself hooked up with a nice barra or king threadfin.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Boat
Route Type One Way

Once you’ve dropped your crab pots up river, turn around and head back out to the Delta to get into some hard core anchored fishing. The bottom varies from rocks to sand and mud bars so be sure to carry the right anchor. Fishing in this spot is best with fresh bait; prawns and squid could attract grunter and fingermark. As with most finish destinations, it is best to fish this spot on half tide as strong currents flow in this area at high tide. If you prefer some deep sea fishing, head further out of the delta and fish for trevally, cod and mangrove jack. Explore the area to find your best fishing spot on the day.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Boat

As you head back up river to collect your crab pots, cast along the river’s edge for barramundi, king threadfin and salmon. If you like, anchor at various locations along the river to try bait fishing. The delta is a prime fishing location with a diverse range of fish species.

Route Details
Mode of Travel Boat

Enjoy the trip back to the Alma Port boat ramp with your catch of the day. On your final leg of the Rockhampton Fishing Trail, you will catch a glimpse of the Fitzroy River wildlife including; heron, eagles and other birdlife as well as resting crocodiles on the mud banks.

Route Details
Mode of Travel 4x4, Boat, Four Wheel Drive
Route Type One Way
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Hamilton, Brisbane Area
盛開的鳳凰木並列在亞斯格(Ascot)及漢密爾頓(Hamilton)街道的兩旁,在紅色樹冠的襯托下,是高雅的老房舍,以及寬敞的陽台和白色的圍籬。 賽馬場路(Racecourse Road)是本區的中心道路,無論是美食餐廳、時尚咖啡館或精品店都在這條路上,在賽馬日,這裡充滿了精心打扮的時尚愛好者及傳統的觀賽民眾,漫步前往老鷹農場賽馬場(Eagle Farm Racecourse)。 朝著河的方向走去


Toowong, Brisbane Area
圖旺(Toowong)是布里斯本(Brisbane)相當著名、受歡迎的郊區,距布里斯本(Brisbane)市中心西方約五分鐘車程。 此郊區位在壯觀的庫莎山(Mount Coot-tha)及蜿蜒的布里斯本河(Brisbane River)北岸之間。 您可在河畔欣賞城市天際線的美麗景色。 圖旺(Toowong)這個城市雖然也有國際化及多元文化的一面,但仍舊保留了昆士蘭(Queensland)有名的友

海口(The Gap)

The Gap, Brisbane Area
隱藏在布里斯本偏遠郊區的邊緣,這座僻靜的社區被稱為海口(The Gap)。 週圍有茂密的灌木林,距布里斯本(Brisbane)市中心僅 15 分鐘車程,海口(The Gap)的居民都非常享受這兩種不同的世界感。 來到海口(The Gap)的遊客,皆受自然美景以及寧靜的大瑰樂國家公園(D'Aguilar National Park)深深吸引 - 超過 28,500 公頃,未受人為破壞的林地,讓您能享受叢林漫步、登山自行車、騎馬、賞鳥、野餐,或是在山上遙遠的站點處露營。 公園中豐富的鳥類、動物,以及植物生態令人讚嘆不已,體驗完任何一條風景如畫的步道後,就可輕易了解本地人為何要保護此布里斯本獨特的自然環境。 在喬利觀景點(Jolly'

斯普林高地(Spring Hill)

Spring Hill, Brisbane Area
坐落在布里斯本市中心的邊緣,斯普林高地(Spring Hill)是布里斯本最受歡迎的郊區之一,步行即可抵達布里斯本擁有的絕佳享樂之處。 向西為美麗的羅馬街公園地(Roma Street Parklands),在此您可餵食野鴨,漫步在森林層冠上方的步道上。 向南為繁華熱鬧的市區心臟地帶,向東為時髦的佛特谷(Fortitude Valley),此地擁有多姿多彩的現場音樂表演、夜店、時髦的咖啡館、藝廊,


Woolloongabba, Brisbane Area
伍倫加巴(Woolloongabba)文藝復興特區(Renaissance Precinct) 據說伍倫加巴(Woolloongabba)在當地原住民語言中意為「會面之地」,對「加巴(The Gabba)」(當地人暱稱)和東布里斯本(East Brisbane)來說,這名稱名副其實。 在比賽當日,從中央商業區延伸至宏偉的加巴板球場(The Gabba Cricket Ground)的行人步道上,將

塔比爾班達根紅樹林木棧道(Tabbil-ban Dhagun Mangrove Boardwalk)(鹽水地(Place of Salt Water))

Nudgee Beach, Brisbane Area
Free Entry
布恩達爾溼地(Boondall Wetlands)位於莫爾頓灣(Moreton Bay)邊緣,納吉海灘(Nudgee Beach)、布恩達爾(Boondall)與尚恩克里夫(Shorncliffe)等地之間。 溼地區涵蓋超過 1000 公頃的潮間帶、紅樹林、鹽沼、白千層、草原、森林和林地。 這條路徑穿過莫爾頓灣(Moreton Bay)海岸上與耐吉溪(Nudgee Creek)河畔的紅樹林。

布里斯本區(Brisbane Region)

Brisbane, Brisbane Area
布里斯本(Brisbane)是活躍的首都暨休閒勝地,擁有豐富的度假名勝、盛事與文化活動、綠地和天然奇景、世界級的展覽,以及現場音樂演奏場地。 美景邊緣(Scenic Rim) 沿著多變的景致往西遊覽,即可抵達布里斯本名列世界文化遺產的美景邊緣(Scenic Rim),此處擁有蒼翠雨林、狀觀山脈與古老的地形。 無論是美食與美酒、浪漫之旅、露營、叢林漫步、鄉村酒吧、藝術、歷史與冒險之旅,這裡應有盡


Samford, Moreton Bay Area
山姆佛得(Samford)位在美麗的山姆佛得溪(Samford Creek)轉角處,這座村中有著美麗的田園風景以及輕鬆悠閒的鄉村生活。 山姆佛得(Samford)坐落在尼波山(Mount Nebo)山腳下可愛的山姆佛得峽谷(Samford Valley)中,距繁華的布里斯本(Brisbane)約 45 分鐘車程。 沿著風景如畫的車道前往山姆佛得(Samford),會帶您穿過森林、農田,以及峽谷,兩旁被遠方大瑰樂山脈(D'

老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)

Eagle Farm, Brisbane Area
老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)是布里斯本的郊區,因鄰近的老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)和敦班(Doomben)賽道而成為賽馬的代名詞。 在冬日賽季中,老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)因穿著色彩繽紛的觀賽者、騎師、活蹦亂跳的賽馬,以及緊張的訓練師們而變得生氣勃勃。 布里斯本皇家高爾夫球場(Royal Brisbane Golf Course)位在布里斯本河畔,就在老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)


Lytton, Brisbane Area
萊頓(Lytton)鄰近布里斯本河(Brisbane River)河口以及布里斯本港(Port of Brisbane),是布里斯本歷史最悠久的著名地區之一。 郊區為萊頓堡(Fort Lytton)所在地,於 1880 至 1881 年間做為海防第一線。 在一次世界大戰爆發前,建造了長達 30 年之久,萊頓堡(Fort Lytton)的角色為保護城市,以及防止海軍入侵。 萊頓堡(Fort Lytt
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