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價格區間 * AU$125.14 to AU$289.42

EagleRider Cairns Motorcycle Hire and Tours offer chauffeured Harley Rides, Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield, SWM, Triumph and Suzuki Adventure Bikes available for daily and weekly hire. Included are unlimited kilometres, 24 hour rental period, saddlebags, backrest and windshield if required. Helmets for driver and passenger. Optional insurance and damage reduction - AUD24 reduces bond from AUD3000 to AUD1000.

Rental Requirements are minimum age 21 years, valid motorcycle licence, valid credit card.

Chauffeured Harley Rides with one two and three hour options available.


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Season DateDayOpening Hours
All yearDaily8:30am - 5pm


EagleRider Cairns
21 Sheridan Street
Queensland, Australia 4870

Our hire

Electra Glide Ultra

The ultimate in touring comfort. Suitable for short or long trips. Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra FLHTCU is Ultra comfortable - with wide seats, an upright riding position, controls at your fingertips, a windscreen and footboards for rider and passenger.


This custom cruiser is inspired by the classic drag bikes of the 50s and 60s. Big wheels, big paint, big chrome, all wrapped in a refined style with a low-profile. The Breakout® always makes a big, bold statement.

Street Glide

The Street Glide is a stripped down Tourer but doesn't compromise on comfort or looks. It has a low profile wind deflector on a fairing that houses an advanced sound system. The wide handlebars, footboards and seating position make it comfortable to ride. Lockable saddlebags with ample storage space are great for travelling.

Road King

Harley-Davidson Road King Custom is the perfect balance of timeless cruiser styling and maximum comfort the Road King is great for long distance travel. It has a very comfortable seat, detachable windshield and footboards for rider and passenger.

Heritage Softail

The Heritage Softail has modern technologies, a balanced Twin Cam engine and fuel injection cleverly disguised with classic looks. Wide cushioned seats, a pillion backrest and detachable windscreen provide comfort for a long day on the road. The studded leather saddlebags allow for ample storage and easy access with quick release buckles.

Dyna Switchback

The Dyna Switchback is a very versatile motorcycle converting from a light touring bike to a cruiser in minutes. Built on the Dyna chassis is low and light. It handles smoothly with cartridge-style front forks and adjustable rear shocks. The saddlebags are lockable and removable as is the windshield. The Switchback adapts to your needs and is comfortable for a passenger.

Dyna Wide Glide

The Dyna Wide Glide® is characterised by a factory ape hanger handlebar and forward-mounted controls. The Dyna Wide Glide features a sculptured bobtail rear fender, a one-piece Fat Bob fuel tank, a wide front fork, and a chrome headlight. The Dyna Wide Glide is light, nimble and a joy to ride.

Triumph 660 Street Triple LAMS

This motorcycle truly epitomises the spirit of Triumph. Agile, fun, punchy, brimming with character, up for anything and great to look at. Its 660cc three-cylinder engine bubbles, growls and wails as you wind it up through the gears and, thanks to an all-new chassis, the handling is now even sharper and more intuitive than it's ever been. And that’s saying something.

Sportster Forty-Eight

The street is the home turf of the Sportster motorcycle, and a narrow, agile frame wrapped around a strong V-Twin engine has always been its calling card. Sink into the seat of the Sportster Forty-Eight and you discover a premium ride hidden under all the lean and mean styling.

SWM Gran Milano

A stunning road machine, styled in SWM's Milan studio. A machine with superb balance and poise. The Gran Milano is a great performer with high levels of torque available from its fuel injected SOHC motor. The five speed transmission completes the package, giving well-spaced gearing for effortless road use. Beautifully built in Italy using the highest quality components and Italian styling that sets you apart from the crowd.

SWM Gran Turismo

A classic retro scrambler design that pays tribute to SWM's heritage. Fitted with a high torque SWM SOHC, fuel injected motor linked to a six speed transmission and sleek under-swung stainless steel exhaust system completes the retro look and makes for a great performer. Beautifully built in Italy using the highest quality components and Italian styling that sets you apart from the crowd.

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托雷斯海峽群島(Torres Strait Islands)

Torres Area
托雷斯海峽(Torres Strait)的 274 個群島位於約克角(Cape York)的尖端,南太平洋(South Pacific Ocean)和亞拉弗拉海(Arafura Sea)的海流在這裡交匯,這些群島包括星期四島(Thursday Island)和霍恩島(Horn Island)。 這個獨特的熱帶區,是托雷斯海峽群島(Torres Strait Islands)原住民的家,他們擁有豐富的

星期四島(Thursday Island)

Thursday Island, Torres Area
陶瑞斯海峽(Torres Strait)的 18 座島嶼是澳洲(Australia)最北邊的領土,約位在澳洲(Australia)本島北邊 39 公里處。 陶瑞斯海峽(Torres Strait)島嶼的行政與商業核心為星期四(威本(Waiben))島(Thursday Island)。 到星期四島(Thursday Island)參觀的遊客可以體驗澳洲(Australia)的原住民文化之一、當地

霍恩島(Horn Island)

Horn Island, Torres Area
霍恩島(Horn Island)屬托勒斯海峽群島(Torres Strait Islands)之一,位於澳洲北端約克半島(York Peninsula)邊緣。 霍恩島(Horn Island)距離昆士蘭(Queensland)海岸約 150 公里,位於新幾內亞(Papua New Guinea)正南方,是您體驗小島風情的最佳選擇。 霍恩島(Horn Island)於二次世界大戰期間聞名於世,當時

約克角(Cape York)

Cape York, Torres Area
擁有豐富的原住民文化以及澳洲拓荒歷史,約克角(Cape York)是野性十足的荒野地區,等待您前往發掘。 經由約克角半島(Cape York Peninsula)前往澳洲之巔的行程,是一趟史詩般的冒險之旅,沿途有令人難忘的酒吧、古老的岩石藝術,以及壯觀的自然景色。 沿著內陸的紅土地駕車前行,探索濕地內豐富的鳥類及魚類生態、尋找淘金城鎮的遺跡,在人煙絕跡的釣魚點試試自己的手氣,讓僻靜的瀑布清涼您


Seisia, Northern Peninsula Area
賽西亞(Seisia)是澳洲最北邊的聚落。 這裡也是進行多種海上活動的出發地點 - 由釣魚嚮導帶團的一日遊、探訪托雷斯海峽群島(Torres Strait Islands)的旅行團,或是散步至碼頭盡頭的聚落社交中心。 您也可以自行出航 - 這裡有卸船坡道可供小型船隻下水,附近的新碼普(New Mapoon)則提供小艇出租。 這裡有一個熱門的濱海露營區,裡面有平價的小屋與附全套獨立廚具衛浴的
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