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Aussie Biker are a touring and adventure motorcycle hire company hiring motorcycles for short and long term hire. They have dirt and adventure motorcycles as well as large cruisers. Hire a dirt bike and ride the beach from the lovely north shore to Fraser Island. Grab some friends and make a weekend of it!

Another great idea - hire a cruiser and head up to the hinterland for wonderful views and restaurants! They can even organize a picnic hamper for you to take along. Or, take the bikes on a multi-day adventure to see the beautiful south east Queensland, ride to northern Queensland or down to Melbourne or even across to Perth! Whatever your motorcycling adventure Aussie Biker will have the Bike for you. Let them design your dream tour of Australia!

They offer airport transfer specials as well as motorcycle drop off and pick up specials.

Visit their store for accessories and services for all your touring needs. You can find them at beautiful Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast.


Season DateDayOpening Hours
All yearMonday8:30am - 5pm
Tuesday8:30am - 5pm
Wednesday8:30am - 5pm
Thursday8:30am - 5pm
Friday8:30am - 5pm
Saturday8:30am - 12pm
Venture Drive
Noosaville, Noosa Area

Our hire

2015 model Triumph Thunderbird LT

This 2015 model Triumph Thunderbird LT embodies exceptional touring comfort with modern world performance delivered in a smooth manner yet retaining plenty of character. The bike is equipped with large panniers and rear luggage rack to stow your gear, crash bars with highway pegs to allow you to stretch out on longer rides and windscreen lowers to keep you free from bugs and highway debris.

Part of the Dyna family of Harleys, this latest release 2012 model is equipped with the new 103 cubic inch (1690cc) motor and six speed gearbox for effortless highway cruising. To aid comfort on the long haul this motorcycle can be supplied at no extra cost with the touring seat plus passenger backrest plus quickly detachable hard panniers and windscreen. If you are wanting the bike for just a day rent, these touring items can easily be removed for that paired down look ideal for town riding.
Hard panniers, luggage rack and windscreen available for touring.

Harley-Davidson FXD Custom

Part of the Dyna family of Harley's, this FXD model is equipped with the new 1584cc motor and six speed gearbox for effortless highway cruising. To aid comfort on the long haul this motorcycle can be fitted with with the touring windscreen and comfort seat for all day riding enjoyment. The passenger backrest and luggage rack is complimented by the quickly detachable panniers also being available for your next road trip.

KTM's new 1190 Adventure bike carries on the tradition of the 950 LC8 Adventure from 2003, exactly 10 years ago! In this time electronics (traction control and ABS) have become commonplace to control suspension and power. KTM has further refined it's adventure models with greater comfort for long distance touring while still possessing sports bike like performance.


This latest version of the long running BMW GS series has proved to be a major hit with the motorcycle press the world over with most magazines voting the new BMW as "Bike of the Year". One ride and you will understand why. It is powerful yet very smooth and the refined BMW suspension is still the most comfortable there is... especially for your passenger! Tres importante, non?

Triumph Tiger 800

The new Triumph Tiger 800 sets a new standard among middle-weight dual sport bikes with its silky smooth vibration-free motor enabling long distances to be covered in great comfort for both rider and passenger. An excellent long distance motorcycle that will take easy dirt roads in its stride, this is another milestone bike from the English manufacturer with a hallowed history. Panniers and rear bag are available for touring use.
The Tiger can be fitted with panniers and topcase providing approximately 130 litres of luggage capacity (with optional tank bag).

Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom

This new 2014 model Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom is fitted with the comfort seat making an all day ride a pleasure not a pain! The bike also comes fitted with 3 stage adjustable traction control and ABS. The GIVI panniers can be complimented with the optional GIVI top case for extra luggage capacity.
With over 100HP on tap, the big V-Strom is more than capable of long distance travel with a passenger while not carrying the outright weight of the larger 1200cc class motorcycles.

The latest model Suzuki V-Strom 650 from 2012 on wards has received excellent press reviews as a very capable long distance all-roads tourer with comfortable pillion accommodations.

If your holiday budget doesn't stretch as far as a KTM or BMW, this bike will take you and your partner around Australia in just as much comfort and reliability ...but at Australia's lowest rental rates! Full luggage systems are available so you can carry just as much as the larger bikes.

Suzuki DR650

The Suzuki DR650 is a well respected middle weight single cylinder adventure bike with its ultra reliable motor enabling long distances to be covered in comfort and with great economy. An excellent long distance motorcycle that will take more challenging dirt roads in its stride,

Suzuki DRZ400

The venerable Suzuki DR400E has been around for years now, unaltered by the factory since its introduction around 10 years ago ...because the factory got it right to begin with!

While not the fastest mid-sized trail bike in the woods, the Suzuki has gained a solid reputation for reliability and longevity in a class where some hot-shots are breathing their last gasp at 5000 kilometres so it is no coincidence that the DRZ has become the favorite of lots of bike rental companies the world over.

With a more comfortable seat than normal for this class of bike plus a torquey motor, the Suzuki is the ideal bike for the beach ride to the town of Rainbow Beach heading north from Noosa Heads. Although they allow their trail bikes to be ridden on Fraser Island, please note that there are special conditions attached to the use of their bikes on the Island.

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森林山(Forest Hill)

Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley Area
迷你但有趣的森林山(Forest Hill)鎮就位在瓦瑞哥高速公路(Warrego Highway)南邊五公里處,距離依普斯瓦奇(Ipswich)約 40 分鐘車程。 這裡是一座成功保留往日風貌的小鎮,有兩間被列入文化遺產的美麗酒吧、一間手工藝品店、古董店與收藏品中心,還有兩間咖啡廳等多種設施。 這座小鎮絕對值得您到此一遊。 除此之外,它也位在卡柏(Cobb and Co)觀光路徑上,因此絕


Pittsworth, Toowoomba Area
披茲威士(Pittsworth)位在高爾公路(Gore Highway)旁,距離圖沃柏(Toowoomba)西南方 40 公里,本鎮擁有達令道(Darling Downs)唯一經過澳洲開放式花園計畫(Australian Open Garden Scheme)認證的花園。 本鎮親切友善、美麗宜人,為世界首屈一指的農業產區。 披茲威士(Pittsworth)擁有澳洲最肥沃的農地。 十月至十一月間是路

圖沃柏二百週年水鳥生態園區(Toowoomba Bicentennial Waterbird Habitat)

Toowoomba, Toowoomba Area
Free Entry
圖沃柏二百週年水鳥生態園區(Toowoomba Bicentennial Waterbird Habitat)是個可放鬆身心、擁抱大自然的僻靜之地。 您可在此一邊野餐、一邊欣賞湖畔景色。 沿著妥善鋪設的步道散步。 生態園區佔地 7.6 公頃(19 英畝),以此地多樣的濕地生態而言屬於小型規模。 一個生態園區若要吸引多種水鳥,其環境多樣性就極為重要。 這裡有深水與淺水湖、蘆葦區、泥河岸、小島和草


Nobby, Toowoomba Area
諾比(Nobby)位於東南昆士蘭(Queensland)是一個具歷史意義的小村落。 這裡的名人例如 Steele Rudd 與肯尼護士(Sister Kenny)讓拜訪諾比(Nobby)好像走入澳洲歷史的史冊中。 Steele Rudd (真名為:Hoey Davis)是澳洲影集 Dad and Dave 的作者,當地老人以及那些可能還記得當年廣播黃金歲月的人都記得這號人物,Rudd 的故事在


Cambooya, Toowoomba Area
坎布亞(Cambooya)位於斯蒂爾拉德鄉村(Steele Rudd Country)的中心地帶。 您將在這個靜謐的金黃穀鄉中體驗到鄉村式待客之道以及老派魅力。 斯蒂爾拉德(Steele Rudd)在這裡度過他童年的大半時光,他家的小街區就在東格林芒(East Greenmount)附近的鴯鹋溪(Emu Creek)。 今天,他們簡陋木板屋的複製品就矗立在那裡,見證他「在我們的選地上(On Our Selection)」一書中所描繪勉強維持餬口的農夫的生活方式。 另一個值得注意的本地建築是位於格林芒(Greenmount)的戰士紀念廳(Soldiers'


Goombungee, Toowoomba Area
咕姆幫集(Goombungee)充滿令人驚嘆的歷史建築,包括羅莎麗郡歷史社會博物館(Rosalie Shire Historical Society's Museum),這裡有優良的歷史照片、當地家族歷史和紀念品收藏。 順道造訪先鋒者兵器旅館(Pioneer Arms Hotel)。 這座旅館是一間非常棒的歷史鄉村酒吧,可追溯到1897 年。 這座城鎮以鐵人鄉村的名號聞名,因為澳洲國慶日

野餐點觀景點與公園(Picnic Point Lookout And Parkland)

Toowoomba, Toowoomba Area
Free Entry
野餐點(Picnic Point)是圖沃柏(Toowoomba)的象徵,是有著遊戲場地、燒烤和野餐設備以及俯瞰本城和洛克耶爾谷(Lockyear Valley)絕佳觀景點的一處美麗造景公園。 野餐點(Picnic Point)是圖沃柏(Toowoomba)的必遊之地。 這裡是欣賞位於大分嶺(Great Dividing Range)頂端的圖沃柏(Toowoomba)高地風景的最佳地點。 充足的

莫菲斯溪(Murphys Creek)

Murphys Creek, Lockyer Valley Area
到這個具歷史意義的莫菲斯溪(Murphys Creek)小鎮參觀。 可以走新英格蘭高速公路(New England Highway)經圖沃柏(Toowoomba)或走瓦瑞哥高速公路(Warrego Highway)到這裡。 莫菲斯溪(Murphys Creek)現在有一間小型雜貨店、咖啡店還有一間叫做傑佛瑞小木屋(Jeffery's Cottage)的歷史小屋 小木屋旁設有野餐桌,讓您可以


Preston, Toowoomba Area
普列斯頓(Preston)位於大分嶺(Great Dividing Range)高處且可俯瞰洛克耶爾谷(Lockyer Valley),無論駕駛汽車、山地單車或是徒步穿越叢林,您都能盡情探索。 普列斯頓山頂酒莊(Preston Peak Wines)非常適合放鬆喝杯紅酒,並沉浸在壯觀的景緻裡。 一整年都能享受美酒與美食,夏天能坐在微風徐徐的露臺上,寒冷的冬天則可以在火爐邊取暖。 也可以到經


Meringandan, Toowoomba Area
梅林剛登(Meringandan)坐落於新英格蘭公路(New England Highway)旁的山谷中,在圖沃柏(Toowoomba)和鴉巢(Crows Nest)之間、前往庫比水壩(Cooby Dam)的通道上。 梅林剛登(Meringandan)和其鄰近的社區梅林剛登西部(Meringandan West)是避開繁忙公路的安靜繞道。 社區居民於梅林剛登新聞中心與雜貨店(Meringanda
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