Space Junk: Cleaning up After Ourselves | World Science Festival Brisbane

South Brisbane, Brisbane Area

價格區間 * AU$10 to AU$30

Follow international initiatives to spring clean space.

Where humans have gone, rubbish has followed. Now we are leaving our unwanted footprints behind as we venture beyond Earth. ‘Space junk’, ranging from variously sized metal fragments and disused machinery to large ghost satellites past their use-by dates, is creating a growing environmental and safety problem.

One of Australia’s and the ABC’s National Living Treasures Robyn Williams and our panel of space experts will examine the current state of this extraterrestrial ‘tip’ and explore future strategies for both reducing existing levels of space junk and limiting its ecological impact into the future.

For school years 9 to 12.

Event Dates

This event occurs annually:
22 March 2018


門票類型 價格(澳元) 有效自 包含
Adult $30 - $30
Concession $25 - $25
Student $10 - $10

Event Venues

State Library of Queensland
Stanley Place
South Brisbane
Queensland, Australia 4101


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  • Car park




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