White Lace Motor Inn

Mackay, Mackay Area

價格區間 * AU$110 to AU$219

Welcome to the iconic White Lace Motor Inn. Surf the web to your heart's content with very fast and free wifi (1gb daily). Dine at the On The Greens Bistro right next door, just stroll on over for great food at Club prices or have breakfast in bed. Enjoy a cold beer or wine in the garden, swim in the crystal clear pool, barbecue on the terrace. View Foxtel with the latest free movies and all the sports channels. Get your washing done in their guest laundry.

Your warm Mackay welcome includes spacious comfortable rooms with professionally laundered linens, 10 different room types suitable for singles to families, including spa and self contained rooms, ample undercover parking close to your room, off street parking for larger vehicles.

Great position - they're just 5-10 minutes drive from the airport, train, hospitals and central business district.


  • Free Wifi


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Child Pool
  • Kiosk
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Office Services/Business Services
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor
  • Tour Desk



73 Nebo Road
Mackay, Mackay Area

Our Rooms

Standard Queen Room

Experience the character of these spacious well-appointed air conditioned rooms.  Outfitted with comfort in mind, each have a queen bed, dining setting, lounge sofa and ensuite.

Garden Courtyard Room

Featuring your own private covered courtyard to dine in and relax, these well-appointed and comfortable air conditioned rooms have a large sliding glass door leading outdoors that gives a real sense of space. All rooms in this wing have a queen bed, indoor and outdoor dining settings and lounge chair, microwave and toaster.  Some have a shower over a spa bath, and some have a shower only. Quietness is enhanced as they are located at the back of the property on the ground floor, so you can park right outside your door.

Superior Bath Room

Offering comfort, space and a full bath to relax in at the end of your day, these cosy air conditioned rooms are located towards the back of the property.    Each room is fronted with a verandah and contains a queen bed, a dining setting and lounge chairs, and the bathroom features a shower over the bath.  A microwave and toaster is provided in each room.

Superior Spa Room

There's lots of comfort and lots of space in these large rooms, as well as a two person spa bath to sink into at the end of your day.  Their air conditioned maxi rooms are our most popular, each outfitted with a queen and king single bed, dining setting and lounge chairs, with a shower over the huge step up spa bath.  They are located towards the back of the property to enhance a quiet stay, each fronted with a verandah.  A microwave and toaster is provided in each room.

2 Bedroom Family Room

These air conditioned two bedroom units are on the second level overlooking the pool and opening onto the wide verandah.  They are ideal for families, with a queen bed in the main room and a queen and a single bed in a second bedroom, each with their own flat-screen television.  Included are a dining setting and lounge chair, and microwave and toaster.  The bathroom is shared off the main room.  Rate includes up to 5 people.


This spacious fully air conditioned apartment is situated on the second floor, with the verandah overlooking the pool and is perfect for families. It features a fully equipped kitchen and dining, large lounge room with comfy sofas, and a separate bedroom with lounge chair and its own television. This apartment sleeps up to 4 people in a queen bed (in separate bedroom) and 1 single bed and 1 divan bed (in the lounge), and is very suited to a longer stay. The kitchen includes oven and cooktop, microwave, toaster, full sized fridge and four piece dining setting

Family Room With Kitchen

Situated at the back of the property on the second floor, this quiet and comfortable air conditioned suite features a queen bed and 2 king single beds, with a privacy half wall between.  There is a fully equipped separate kitchen and dining area, heaps of cupboard space for the longer stay, sofa in the bedroom area, and access to a balcony.  The kitchen includes an oven, cooktop, microwave, toaster, full size fridge and dishwasher.   The bathroom features double shower heads.  Rate includes up to 4 people.

Maxi Family Room

Space is the defining word to describe this massive fully air conditioned room.  Designed as open plan for sharing a fun filled family evening, it includes a lounge area, dining setting, kitchenette with microwave and toaster, and large bar.  There are two balconies, each with table and chairs to sit and relax.  The room has one queen and four single beds to accommodate up to six people.  The large shower has double heads and there is a separate toilet.  We doubt you will find a bigger room anywhere else in Mackay!   Sleeps 6 people.  Rate includes up to 5 people.

Standard Queen Single Room

Each cosy air conditioned twin room has a queen and single bed, dining setting, lounge chair and ensuite.

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Thargomindah, Bulloo Area
若您想走訪卡默倫角(Cameron Corner)(澳洲三州交會處)、庫柏溪(Cooper Creek)地標 Burke 和 Wills「挖掘」樹(‘Dig’ Tree),以及諾坎德拉(Noccundra)和亨格福德(Hungerford)歷史悠久的飯店,撒格敏達(Thargomindah)是絕佳的出發點。 免費參觀澳洲第一座由天然湧泉壓力所驅動的水力發電系統,或是到獨特的賓迪戈利湖(Lake Bindegolly)和克拉溫雅國家公園(Currawinya National Parks)欣賞豐富的鳥類生態及體驗自然活動。 駕著您的車(或旅行車)、摩托車或四驅車前往撒格敏達(Thargomindah)。 歷險之路(Adventure Way)是一條從布里斯本(Brisbane)通往撒格敏達(Thargomindah)的柏油路,再繼續前行不到 100 公里處即是歷史悠久的 Burke 和 Wills「挖掘」樹(‘Dig’ Tree)。 這條路是經由著名的斯澤勒基路徑(Strzelecki Track)和費蓮達山脈(Flinders Ranges)來往南澳(South Australia)旅遊的絕佳路線。 成為一個探險家! 循著卡柏公司(Cobb and Co.


Morven, Murweh Area
1859 年,在由布里斯本(Brisbane)通往查爾維爾(Charleville)的郵件運送路線上,維多利亞當思(Victoria Downs)的土地被劃出一小塊區域供一般大眾使用,並標示在地圖上,命名為「維多利亞當思保留區(Victoria Downs Reserve」。 這裡又暱稱為「薩德利爾水潭(Sadlier's Waterhole)」,因為 TJ Sadlier 船長及其夫人曾在這片土地上紮營。 本鎮於 1880 年正式進行探勘,並命名為莫文(Morven)。 本鎮最初是深入內陸(Outback)的旅人的理想紮營地點,後來逐漸形成一個拓居地。 直至今日,擁有庭園花圃和野餐桌的莫文(Morven)仍是行車途中小歇片刻的絕佳地點。 莫文博物館(Morven Museum)收藏了許多值得一看的手工藝品、採用樹皮完美複製的迷你建築,以及內陸(Outback)拓荒早期的木板小屋生活景象,此外還有一棟原始煤錫小屋。 特雷果爾國家公園(Tregole National Park)就位於莫文(Morven)南方 10 公里處。 參觀稀有的烏來樹(Ooline Tree),此為內陸(Outback)僅存的雨林遺跡。 休息片刻,俯瞰薩德利爾水潭(Sadlier'


Mungallala, Maranoa Area
孟卡拉拉(Mungallala)據說是「食物和飲水」之意,這裡是一個柏松樹鋸木廠遺址所在地,位置大約在米切爾(Mitchell)到莫文(Morven)的中途,沃瑞格公路(Warrego Highway)跨越孟卡拉拉溪(Mungallala Creek)處。 孟卡拉拉(Mungallala)最初因鐵路經過而形成城鎮,現在則是旅行中途用餐,以及體驗內陸城鎮運作的理想地點。 本地區耐人尋味的自然特色之一就是擁有一片烏來樹林。 從米切爾(Mitchell)前往孟卡拉拉(Mungallala)途中,沃瑞格公路(Warrego Highway)所翻越的山丘上生長了一種通稱烏來樹(學名為 Cadelia Pentastylis)的稀有樹木。 據稱這是前一紀殘存的雨林遺跡。 本鎮西側有休息區可供裝備齊全的旅客使用。 1885 年鐵路開通之前,這裡曾是卡柏(Cobb and Co.


Thallon, Balonne Area
薩隆(Thallon)是著名的休息景點,且曾是卡柏驛馬車(Cobb & Co coaches)前往聖喬治(St George)的路線上位於芒金帝(Mungindi)的停靠站。 這個大型的小麥產區有六個大型的混凝土筒倉,可參加旅行團前往參觀。 這裡的農業結構還包含一個火車站,負責運送穀類、棉花以及貨物至附近城鎮。 火車站每個禮拜一及禮拜四開放遊客參觀。 薩隆學校(Thallon School)有兩面由當地藝術家繪製的有趣壁畫。 帶著您的帳棚到穆尼河(Moonie River)的邦尼斯海灘(Barneys Beach)進行叢林露營。 這裡的河岸擁有未受到人為破壞的環境,是釣魚的絕佳地點。 1911 年時,聖喬治發展協會(St George Progress Association)要求土地部長開放「布拉蒙(Bullamon)」讓他們可以有近一點的定居地,因此政府將 780 英畝的地規劃為法定城鎮保留地。 這裡持續發展,不但開了商店還蓋了酒店,容納來自陶塢(Talwood)的鐵路員工。 小鎮得名自當時的鐵路局長 J.


Eulo, Paroo Area
天然湧泉開創了內陸(Outback)的歷史,而小鎮尤洛(Eulo)(人口 48 人)由於位於帕魯河(Paroo River)最佳水潭之一的岸邊,在牲畜道路上具有獨特地理優勢,因此有人在此定居。 在河裡游泳、釣魚、捉淡水龍蝦、在星空下露營,將會讓您留下難忘的美好回憶。 廁所位於主街道上的大會堂後方。 如果您對全然與世隔絕的露營活動沒有興趣,可以渡河西行 900 公尺後左轉。 這條設有路標的路徑可通往


Yowah, Paroo Area
猶瓦(Yowah)是一個「友善的澳寶礦區」,位於庫納馬拉(Cunnamulla)西方 165 公里處。 這裡是猶瓦澳寶堅果(Yowah Opal Nut)和鐵礦脈澳寶(Ironstone Matrix Opal)的產地,鐵礦脈澳寶(Ironstone Matrix Opal)僅存在於昆士蘭(Queensland)的這個地區。 19 世紀末,澳寶在這裡首次被人發現,至今產量依然不減。 今天可能是


Yaraka, Longreach Area
雅拉卡(Yaraka)小鎮距離依希司福特(Isisford)約 100 公里,背靠蓋瑞山脈(Grey Range)且面臨米歇爾草原平原(Mitchell grass plains),一直以來都被視為澳洲(Australia)最棒的放牧鄉村。 雅拉卡(Yaraka)是一個迷你但充滿吸引力的小鎮,鎮上提供遊客所需的大部分服務。 帶著您的相機到這裡捕捉黃昏時繽紛的色彩、當地野生動物,或者如果您運氣夠好


Cunnamulla, Paroo Area
庫納馬拉-一個握手更熱情、微笑更持久的地方! 沿著瑪蒂爾達公路(Matilda Highway)或歷險之路(Adventure Way)直達庫納馬拉的核心,在這有豐富多彩的玫瑰、矮牽牛、綠草如茵的公園歡迎您的到來。 庫納馬拉讓您在每日忙碌的腳步中稍作歇息。 在您漫長的旅行後,花些時間享受內陸緩慢的生活步調。 庫納馬拉是個家喻戶曉的名字,能喚起令人懷念的印象,如牧場工人、剪羊毛,還有那些每個人悠閒


Cooladdi, Murweh Area
庫拉迪(Cooladdi)位於通往澳寶礦區的瑰派路(Quilpie Road)上,這裡曾經是鐵路沿線的繁華城鎮,但是在火車停駛後,居民也逐漸散去。 如今只剩下為數不多的居民維繫著這個內陸(Outback)城鎮的生機,不過到了九月學校假期期間,會有數以百計的遊客湧入鎮內參加一年一度的金卡納(Gymkhana)賽事。 拿一份遺產路線指南(Heritage Trail Guidebook),前往探索


Charleville, Murweh Area
查爾維爾(Charleville)位於昆士蘭(Queensland)「相思樹村(mulga country)」的心臟地帶。 這裡是內陸(Outback)區域西南部最大城鎮,於 1868 年刊登於公報上,隨後由當時的政府測量人員 WA Tully 依照他在愛爾蘭居住過的小鎮加以命名。 1888 年三月,鐵路運輸系統普及到查爾維爾(Charleville)境內。 這條鐵路為查爾維爾(Charle
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