Takarakka Bush Resort Carnarvon Gorge

Carnarvon Gorge, Central Highlands Area

價格區間 * AU$215 to AU$238

Escape to Takarakka Bush Resort Carnarvon Gorge. Open all year round and fabulous in every season. Immerse yourself among ancient rain forest and prehistoric scenery.

Choose from a range of accommodation options to suit your taste and budget, from spacious caravan and camping sites to en-suited cabins, safari Taka tents, or luxury studios.

Discover Queensland's premier National Park and top tourist attraction with loads of things to see and do. A haven for both guests and wildlife nestled in a natural wonderland.

Explore the depths of the Carnarvon Gorge Queensland, with its ancient sandstone cliffs and rich indigenous history and rock art. Walk the well kept tracks to discover abundant plant and wildlife, and the songs of colourful birds a plenty.

Cook up a heart warming meal in the camp kitchens and relax and enjoy the camp fires or book in for a delicious two course roast dinner as a treat after a big day out. There's plenty of things to do while exploring the Carnarvon Gorge. Take a guided walk, scenic flight, sunset and astronomy tour to unlock the secrets of this special place.

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  • Paid Wifi
  • Free Wifi


  • Automatic Teller Machine
  • Bar
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Car park
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Communal Shower
  • Games/Recreation Room
  • Gas
  • Kiosk
  • Laundry
  • Open fireplace
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Public Telephone
  • Tour Desk


  • Birdwatching
  • Camping
  • Cycling
  • Hiking/Trekking





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O'Briens Rd Carnarvon Gorge
Carnarvon Gorge, Central Highlands Area

Our Rooms

Powered and Unpowered Camp Sites

Spacious powered and unpowered caravan and tent campsites suitable for all shapes and sizes in a peaceful easily accessible bush setting.

Modern scrupulously clean amenities and camp kitchens available. Carnarvon Gorge is on every Grey Nomad's and nature loving family's bucket list for good reason. There's lots to do and see, so relax and plan to spend a while. The average stay is four to six days to truly experience Carnarvon Gorge and all that Takarakka Bush Resort has to offer. Book ahead to avoid disappointment. Open all year round.

Experience the best in Carnarvon Gorge accommodation. Imagine yourself immersed in nature with the comforts of your newly established studio.

Wake to the sounds of the creek as you enjoy a relaxing morning coffee on your private veranda.
Enjoy creating a meal in the fully equipped alfresco kitchen and dining area or book into the bistro for a sumptuous meal after a long walk.( Bistro open Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday only)

Plan to stay a while and truly relax and rejuvenate. They recommend a four to six day stay. Advance Bookings Highly Recommended. Open all year round.

New Ensuited Taka Safari Tents

Even Mum's a happy camper now. No need to set up camp, or rough it in swags and sleeping bags on this Carnarvon Gorge holiday. Just jump in the car and arrive to your own private ensuited safari tent. Imagine taking your daily walks and returning to your private shower, putting your feet up with a wine on the deck, then having a rejuvenating sleep in a comfy bed before exploring again the next day. Now that's camping in style.
Choose from 3 to 5 berth tents all with pedestal fan and bar fridge and the use of the camp kitchen. Linen available for hire or bring your own sheets and towels. Kitchen box also available for hire at $10 per person.

Self Contained Cottage

Self Contained Cottage. Best suited for two or three people. Open plan layout. One double bed and large sofa bed. Ensuite bathroom, fully self contained kitchen with gas stove including oven, microwave, saucepans, crockery and cutlery. Air conditioned. Linen provided.

Cosy Basic Cabin. Best suited for two people. Open plan layout with one double bed and small sofa bed. Air conditioned with fridge, kettle and toaster, plates cups and cutlery provided. Linen provided.

Enjoy a Carnarvon Gorge camping holiday without the hassle of setting up camp. Your safari tent is close by to the modern amenities and camp kitchen. Just bring linen and cooking gear or ask about hiring to save the space in your car.

Sleeps two to five people. Double bed, bunk beds and single beds. Great family accommodation. Light doona and pillows provided. Small fridge and pedestal fan provided. Linen hire available at AUD20 per bed or bring your own sheets and towels. For even more comfort try their newly ensuited Taka Safari Tents.

They recommend a four to six day stay.

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賓迪戈利湖國家公園(Lake Bindegolly National Park)位於昆士蘭(Queensland)康奈爾(channel country)的邊緣,位置雖然偏遠,但並非遙不可及。 這個公園是賞鳥愛好者和日落觀賞者的天堂,園內有獨特的沙漠景觀、一系列的鹹水湖和淡水湖、上千隻水鳥,以及稀有樹種。 湖泊東岸的沙丘旁有沙茅草屬刺槐(Acacia ammophila),此樹類似大型的相思樹,有金黃色的花球。 您也可以在公園外的保護區露營。 從公園入口走四公里半即可到達湖邊的賞鳥地點。 您將看到天鵝、鵜鶘,幸運的話還可看到稀有的澳洲斑鴨。 您可繼續沿著湖岸 9.
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特雷果爾國家公園(Tregole National Park)位於半乾旱的西南昆士蘭(Queensland),橫跨相思樹帶和金合歡屬灌木叢林區這兩個昆士蘭(Queensland)州自然區域的邊界。 公園有一小片幾乎只種植烏來卡德利亞樹種(ooline Cadellia pentastylis)的林地,此樹種在冰河時期就已經存在,是一種迷人的乾雨林樹。 烏來樹(ooline)幾乎已經絕跡,現在相當少
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在威爾福德國家公園(Welford National Park)中,風成沙丘與白樹皮雪花桉、黃綠色三齒稃以及嬌嫩的野花形成強烈對比。 擁有廣闊永久性水潭的巴庫河(Barcoo River)流經米切爾草原(Mitchell)和乾燥的相思樹林之間。 包括水井和石陣在內的原住民文化遺產與遺跡,遍佈在公園四處。 以搗實黏土(夯土)建成的稀有農莊,於 1882 年建於這塊舊時的放牧農場上,現在則作為員工
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在戈文山脈(Gowan Range)高地的峽谷和岩石地形間,艾達利亞國家公園(Idalia National Park)保護著廣闊的相思樹林、布魯河(Bulloo River)的源頭,以及瀕危野生物種。 包括黃足岩石沙袋鼠(yellow-footed rock-wallabies)和瀕危斑紋距尾沙袋鼠(bridled nailtail wallabies)在內的七種巨足科動物皆居住於此。 15 種本
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克拉溫雅國家公園(Currawinya National Park)吸引了上千隻水鳥和鷸鴴科候鳥來到散佈於其間的世界性重要濕地,濕地之外全是乾燥且塵土飛揚的西南昆士蘭(Queensland)相思樹林。 公園裡有超過 200 種以上的鳥類、大型袋鼠種類和爬行動物,在此觀賞野生動物將是悸動人心的體驗。 此公園也是大型兔耳袋狸的聚居地,牠們居住在由防止掠食者入侵的柵欄圍成的棲地,面積為 25 平方公里。

泥泉(Mud Springs)

Eulo, Paroo Area
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泥泉(Mud Springs)位於歐洛(Eulo)西方九公里處。 來自大自流井盆地(Great Artesian Basin)的地下壓力將泥土從地面裂縫中推擠出來,因而形成泥泉。 這些泥泉已有數百年歷史。 自從鑿井工程後,壓力減少,許多泥泉也不再活動。 這些土堆的頂端相當硬,但如果在上面彈跳,就會聽見地面下的回聲。
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亞倫唐諾克堰(Allan Tannock Weir)位於沃瑞格河(Warrego River)上,庫納馬拉(Cunnamulla)南方五公里處。 當地有一個野餐區與柴燒烤肉區,堰堤牆(Weir Wall)外 100 公尺可以游泳與釣魚。 堰上游 500 公尺處有一個船隻坡道。 當地種滿高大成蔭的赤桉樹(River Red Gums)、澳洲膠樹(Coolibahs)與茶樹(Tea Trees)。 還有

沃瑞格河(Warrego River)

Augathella, Murweh Area
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想要在內陸昆士蘭(Outback Queensland)尋找放鬆的時刻嗎? 奧噶瑟拉(Augathella)的沃瑞格河(Warrego River)是充滿田園風光且蔭涼的地點,有遮蔽的燒烤設備與烤肉區。 這裡可說是沃瑞格河(Warrego River)沿岸最具吸引力的地點,您可以在此享受平和、寧靜與安詳的氛圍。 這裡是您遠離繁囂的最佳地點,您有多種選擇,包括賞鳥、叢林漫步或只是躺在河邊的躺椅上安靜
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HG 布來肯尼(HG Blakeney)當初選擇芒加羅車站(Mangalore Station)是個正確的決定。 布來肯尼是本區最早的土地勘查員之一,他知道如何挑選一塊好地,而他選擇的這塊地後來成為一個絕佳的釣魚地點。 他以印度城市,「芒加羅」為該地命名。 芒加羅釣魚點(Mangalore Fishing Spot)擁有永久遮蔭,也是威瑞加河(Warrego River)沿岸最大的水潭。 芒加羅(
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想像赤桉樹(River Red Gums)在微風中搖曳、點燃炭火讓香腸滋滋作響、捕捉善於躲藏的黃肚金線魚,並與笑翠鳥一同歡笑。 這裡的氣候良好,距離查爾維爾(Charleville)僅 20 公里,而您終於能夠拿起兩個月前放下的書重新仔細閱讀。 瓦德河(Ward River)受到遊客與本地人的喜愛,也是釣魚與放養俱樂部(Fishing and Restocking Club)每年舉辦釣魚比賽的地點
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