Parkview Colonials Bed and Breakfast

Ipswich City, Ipswich Area

價格區間 * AU$100 to AU$200

For bed and breakfast accommodation in South East Queensland, Parkview Colonials in Ipswich is located close to Brisbane, the Gold Coast and numerous local, city and country attractions.

Since 1994, the comfortable colonial homes with ensuites and twin share rooms, have welcomed thousands of guests to an enjoyable stay, whether overnight or long term.

Located on Limestone Hill opposite beautiful Queen's Park with its flora and fauna, Nature Centre, playgrounds and Japanese Garden, Parkview is easy to find and adjacent to a variety of restaurants, fast food, shops, and the central business district.

Parkview is often chosen for garden weddings, as a photo venue for wedding guests during their stay. A bridal suite is also available. Overseas conference delegates also add an international excitement during occasional events.

Business people, tradesmen and service personnel are welcome. The host's flexible policy and local knowledge often help to make your stay easier and successful.

Hosts Elaine and Bruce Glass are readily available to help make your visit enjoyable, but respect your privacy and will not impose. Wood fires, air-conditioning, cable and remote controlled television, kitchen, laundry and facsimile are available for your comfort and enjoyment.


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Communal Refrigerator
  • Conference/Convention Facilities
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Office Services/Business Services
  • Pay/Satellite TV
  • Pets allowed, enquire on booking
  • Public Telephone





適合家庭入住 – 請前往官方網站查看更多服務及設施信息。
72 Chermside Road
Ipswich City, Ipswich Area

Our Rooms

The Parkview Ensuited Rooms have a double bed with ensuite, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, radio clock and television.

Two night bookings for weekends.

Twin Share Bedroom has two single beds, bathroom and toilet adjacent to the room, ceiling fan.

The One Bedrooms have a double bed and single bed with ensuite, airconditioning, ceiling fan and antique furnishings.

Two night bookings over weekends.

Queen size ensuited, air-conditioning, kitchenette, small fridge, cutlery, crockery, jug, toaster, ceiling fan and radio clock.

These rooms are self catering.

Queen size ensuited kitchenette room, small fridge, air-conditioning, fan, television, clock radio, toaster, jug, microwave, cutlery and crockery.

These rooms are self catering.

One queen size bed, two single beds and one sofa bed. Air-conditioning, kitchenette with table and chairs, microwave, toaster, jug, crockery, cutlery, medium size fridge. Share bathroom and toilet.

This family unit is self catering.

Two night bookings are for Honeymoon packages which include chocolates, cheese platter, flowers and a continental breakfast.

Two night bookings over weekends.

Three bedrooms, sleepout, lounge, vestibule, kitchen, two bathrooms, queen size sofa bed. Air-conditioning and ceiling fans.

This house is self catering. No less than a five day booking.

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斯麥里斯海灘(Smalleys Beach)

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斯麥利海灘(Smalley's Beach)是木槿花海岸(Hibiscus Coast)的一部分,位於麥基(Mackay)北方大約 35 公里處。 這片與世隔絕的海灘也屬於希爾斯伯勒角國家公園(Cape Hillsborough National Park)的範圍,並且提供數量有限的帳篷營地。 這裏的設施包括廁所以及與世隔絕的一小片營地。 您必須自己帶水。 露營採自助式登記。

木槿海岸(Hibiscus Coast)

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希斯波若角(Cape Hillsborough)

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希斯波若角(Cape Hillsborough)位於麥基(Mackay)以北約 20 公里處,有 816 公頃的海岸國家公園(National Park),因崎嶇的景緻、步道與本地野生動物而聞名。 友善的沙袋鼠家族可能是最常在海邊散步的一夥動物。 公園到處都有步行小徑,其中以 1.6 公里的朱佩拉植物小徑(Juipera Plants Trail)最受歡迎。 這條步道描繪了朱佩拉原住民(Jui
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紐里群島國家公園(Newry Islands National Park)位於大堡礁世界遺產區(Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area)內,擁有美麗的自然環境與不可取代的價值。 珍珠色的海灘、裸露的岩石海岬、開闊地林地及茂密的雨林,四周圍繞著大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)波光粼粼的海水,紐里群島國家公園(Newry Islands Nationa
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在希爾斯伯勒角國家公園(Cape Hillsborough National Park),雨林和大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)水域緊密相連,為動植物提供獨特的生長棲息地。 雨林覆蓋的崎嶇山巒陡降至流紋岩巨石遍布的岩石岬角。 在這座優美而平靜的公園中有火山活動所形成的巨石作為白色沙灘的屏障。 在公園裏可見到尤伊貝拉(Yuibera)(尤維(Yuwi))原住民仍以傳統方式運用豐富的自然資源。 1.

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