Palm Bay Resort

Whitsundays, Whitsunday Area

價格區間 * AU$229 to AU$600

Palm Bay Resort is a beautiful boutique resort nestled in the neck of Long Island, one of the stunning islands of the Great Barrier Reef. With their very own secluded private cove Palm Bay offers spacious Balinese inspired villas with extensive views to the Whitsunday passage and Coral Sea.

Palm Bay is accessible by water taxi from Shute Harbour or Hamilton Island. Their unique concept of self catering gives flexibility and freedom to their guests. They also do all the cleaning up for you. Their gorgeous dining room is set up for you and there is the option of bringing in caterers for groups or special occasions.

Offering complete tranquillity and seclusion, Palm Bay has been designed to intricately blend into its natural surroundings and is a stones throw from some of Australia's most iconic reefs and beaches.

Catering for those seeking the unique seclusion of an exclusive, intimate resort, they look forward to creating your next Whitsunday experience and welcome you to Palm Bay. Palm Bay is also an ideal location for groups of up to 50 or special events, weddings and corporate functions.


  • Bar
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Communal Refrigerator
  • Conference/Convention Facilities
  • Day Spa
  • Gas
  • Open fireplace
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor
  • Tour Desk


  • Birdwatching
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking/Trekking



Palm Bay
Long Island
Whitsundays, Whitsunday Area

Our Rooms

Serenity Bure

Beautifully designed Balinese Inspired with garden frontage and filtered sea views The bure accommodates two people. Each bure has an ensuite and private deck with hammock.

Hibiscus Suites

Divine and private with elevated views through the coconut palms the Hibiscus suites offer the ultimate private excape for those seeking an intimate romantic experience.

Featuring private sun deck and additional balcony, lounge with entertainment unit, Queen size bedroom with spacious en suite and kitchenette, the Hibiscus suite is for those looking for the tranquility and seclusion of your very own private retreat.

One Bedroom Bungalow

The luxurious one bedroom self contained bungalows include a separate lounge and dining area and can accommodate two to four adults in either one king or twin single bed configurations. Each bungalow is complete with ensuite, walk in wardrobe and private deck with hammock. Absolute beachfront, the bungalows offer the perfect relaxation experience. Bedding is for two persons only. Extra bedding attracts an additional charge.

Platinum House

The ultimate in luxury resort accommodation; Platinum house is ideal for an exclusive romantic getaway, travelling families with older children, girls getaways, and wedding accommodation. Boasting a king size master bedroom with sunroom, large flat screen television, ensuite and bar fridge plus a second queen sized bedroom with an additional sun room for private relaxation. Platinum House has a fully equipped modern kitchen, dining and lounge area with television, DVD player and stereo plus a separate laundry and guest bathroom.

Perched at the top of a hill overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Coral Sea below you will be able to enjoy the wonderful views from your very own private expansive deck as you relax on the large wooden outdoor entertaining and dining area.

Beachfront Bure

Beautifully designed Balinese Inspired with Ocean and frontage, the bure has a separate ensuite and private deck with hammock.

Beachfront Villa

Listening to the sound of the ocean lapping on the shore. The beach front villas can accommodate two people. The bed configuration is one queen size bed. Each cabin is complete with ensuite and private deck with hammock.

Two Bedroom Beachfront Bungalow

Our two bedroom beachfront bungalow is absolute beachfront. With a large deck and two bedrooms the bungalow is ideal for two couples or a family.
One bedroom has a queen bed and the second bedroom is two singles. Featuring a kitchenette and separate lounge/dining area there is plenty of room. With views to the northwest you will enjoy magical sunsets from your balcony.

Ocean View Bure

Elevated to capture the view of the Coral Sea the Ocean View is our most private room with secluded balcony.

Ideal for honeymooners and those who value their privacy this room is tranquil and spacious.

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蜜諾瓦山國家公園(Minerva Hills National Park)

Springsure, Central Highlands Area
Free Entry
蜜諾瓦山(Minerva Hills)靠近中央昆士蘭(Central Queensland)的斯普林雪爾(Springsure),是相對較小的國家公園。其中主要有海拔 600 公尺的布蘭博爾山(Mount Boorambool),以及有巨大懸崖的圍繞的贊米亞山(Mount Zamia)(560 公尺),可觀賞四周鄉村全景。 這些山是以蜜諾瓦山火山(Minerva Hills Volcanics)命

藝術館(The Art Gallery)

Injune, Maranoa Area
Free Entry
這條加拿芬峽谷國家公園(Carnarvon Gorge National Park)步道將帶給您的景象,肯定會令您讚嘆不已,因為藝術館收藏了許多一流的澳洲原住民岩石藝術品。 在距離小徑起點約 5.6 公里處的卡莫魯溪(Kamoloo Creek)交匯點,有一條豎有路標的岔路,由沿溪而上的主要步行路徑 10 號渡口岔開,並緩緩向上爬升至斷崖底部,通往藝術館所在地。 小徑的木板道、說明標示和座椅


Rolleston, Central Highlands Area
羅爾斯登(Rolleston)位在昆士蘭(Queensland)中央高地(Central Highlands)的東南方,是最接近世界知名的加拿芬峽谷(Carnarvon Gorge)以及卡納芬國家公園(Carnarvon National Park)的城鎮。 羅爾斯登(Rolleston)位在斯普林休爾(Springsure)東方 70 公里處,沿著大內陸路線(Great Inland Way)行駛


Injune, Maranoa Area
茵珠恩(Injune)人口約五百人,蘊藏豐富的歐洲和原住民文化意義。 擁有豐富的自然牧場和自然資源,茵珠恩(Injune)是內陸發展縮影,從古時候的家庭酪農場到密集的現代農場和瓦斯田。 最適合和當地人聊聊的場所就是禮拜三晚上到保齡球俱樂部,或是禮拜五晚上到當地的茵珠恩旅館(Injune Hotel)。 拉張椅子、喝杯飲料,沉浸在真正的鄉村熱情中。 在那裏時,向他們詢問路得維格雷奇哈德特(Ludwi

坦博荒野之路(Tambos Wilderness Way)

Tambo, Blackall-Tambo Area
Free Entry
坦博荒野之路(Tambo's Wilderness Way)是一趟自駕之旅,途中會穿越擁有粗獷之美的地區,此區以「昆士蘭的屋頂(Roof of Queensland)」著稱。 旅程將行經深淵峽谷與廣大懸崖邊緣。 享受錯綜複雜的山脈景觀,風雨在這裡造就了大範圍的砂岩構造,與灰綠色的灌木叢形成強烈對比。 此區提供一些獨特植物群生長的環境。 在薩爾瓦多羅莎國家公園(Salvator Rosa National Park)露營或來趟叢林漫步 坦博荒野之路(Tambo'

史派格拉斯峰(Spyglass Peak)

Springsure, Central Highlands Area
Free Entry
以泉水為源頭的諾哥亞河(Nogoa River)與露易莎溪(Louisa Creek),蜿蜒通過風景如畫的廣闊山谷,位在加拿芬國家公園(Carnarvon National Park)薩瓦托羅沙(Salvator Rosa)段的峻峭砂岩岩層下方。 薩瓦托羅沙(Salvator Rosa)位於中昆士蘭(Central Queensland)砂岩帶西側,包含遭到深度侵蝕的奇特岩石,例如構成天際線的望


Rubyvale, Central Highlands Area
紅寶石谷(Rubyvale)就座落在藍寶石產地(Sapphire Gemfields)之中,您可以選擇酒店或小屋,也能選度假公寓和旅行車營地等舒適的住宿。 您可以在寶石及珠寶商店內悠閒地逛街,累了就到咖啡館小憩。 紅寶石谷酒店(Rubyvale Hotel)是道地的寶石產地建築,採用「短圓石」以及鐵桉原木建造而成。 踏入可走進去的礦坑,體驗另一個世界,地底的溫度為涼爽的攝氏 24-27 度。 參

聖母岩(Virgin Rock)

Springsure, Central Highlands Area
Free Entry
聖母岩(Virgin Rock)距離斯普林休爾(Springsure)四公里遠,座落在澤米山(Mount Zamia)東邊,其形狀就像是懷抱著小耶穌的聖母瑪利亞(Virgin Mary and Child)。 壯麗的懸崖於晚上時會使用泛光燈照明,從獅子公園(Lions Park)便可望見。 如此神奇特殊的岩石構造是您造訪加拿芬峽谷(Carnarvon Gorge)的必遊之地。

加拿芬國家公園(Carnarvon National Park)的卡卡蒙迪(Ka Ka Mundi)

Springsure, Central Highlands Area
Free Entry
加拿芬國家公園(Carnarvon National Park)的卡卡蒙迪(Ka Ka Mundi)擁有超過 30 公里的砂岩斷崖和高原,乾雨林圍繞著清澈的泉水,以及黏土地上的金合歡屬灌木叢。 原住民和這個地區有深厚的淵源。 卡卡蒙迪(Ka Ka Mundi)很適合荒野愛好者。 喜歡自己動手的遊客可以在邦邦康度泉(Bunbuncundoo Springs)附近叢林野營,不過那裡沒有遊客設施。 帶上指


Emerald, Central Highlands Area
綠寶石(Emerald)是大型、現代化的鄉村小鎮,建立於 1879 年做為西部鐵路建築的基礎。 該鎮是以「綠寶石下區山丘(Emerald Downs Hill)」來命名,這是一片茂密、綠寶石般的山丘,位於鎮上北方。 綠寶石(Emerald)現被公認為前往中部高地(Central Highlands)的中心,以及前往藍寶石場(Sapphire Gemfields)的通道:這是南半球最大和一處最豐饒的藍寶石場。 在 1972 年,費爾班水壩(Fairbairn Dam)和綠寶石灌溉計畫(Emerald Irrigation Scheme)造就重大發展和全區的農業拓展。 水壩建設及其關聯的馬拉布湖(Lake Maraboon)也在 1977 年起始了鮑恩盆地(Bowen Basin)的大型礦業,現在生產昆士蘭(Queensland)總出口礦產的絕大部分。 費爾班水壩(Fairbairn Dam)本身就是度假地點,有小木屋、活動房屋和露營住宿可選擇。 湖中有八種不同的魚類,包括盲槽,但它是以紅爪淡水螯蝦聞名。 在湖邊放鬆或游泳。 有野餐桌和免費的電力和木柴烤肉爐。 曾以其為主要向日葵產地而聞名的綠寶石(Emerald)現為世界在畫架上最大的梵谷(Van Gogh)向日葵油畫所在地,位於摩頓公園(Morton Park),就在克雷蒙街(Clermont Street(摩羯公路(Capricorn Highway))西端。 上部結構高 25 公尺,整體建築使用約 13.
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