Oakwood Hotel and Apartments Brisbane

價格區間 * AU$125 to AU$850

Nestled between Brisbane’s Central Business District and Fortitude Valley, Oakwood Hotel and Apartments Brisbane is in a prime location for both business and leisure travellers to make the most of their time in this sunny and sophisticated city, be it a short or extended stay.

Just a stroll along the Brisbane River you will find a wide array of city restaurants, bars and elegant shopping, while Fortitude Valley provides a feast of Chinatown delights, cool boutiques and lively pubs and clubs. Amid the action, their guests can retreat to a tastefully-appointed haven comprised of 162 studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments boasting spectacular city, Story Bridge and river views.

You’ll enjoy complimentary wi-fi and facilities including a full size tennis court, outdoor pool and spa (with a magical view), sauna and gymnasium. Alto Restaurant and Bar is open daily for breakfast, dinner, bar snacks, breakfast on the run and beverages. Their five conference rooms and unique outdoor venue will suit any occasion from a small business lunch or meeting to a grand affair for up to 220 guests.


  • Free Wifi


  • 24 hour Reception
  • Bar
  • Car park
  • Conference/Convention Facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Office Services/Business Services
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Restaurant - Licensed
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor




Our Rooms

Studio and Studio Riverview

These rooms are 28 square metres in size.

Designed for solo business or leisure travellers or couples seeking a weekend getaway, their studio apartments are tastefully appointed with the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. Bedding consists of Queen or twin beds, while the kitchenette provides tea and coffee making facilities and includes bar fridge, sink, microwave oven and mini-bar. Choose their Riverview option to enjoy stunning views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge in addition to the magical cityscapes seen from their standard studio apartments.

One Bedroom and One Bedroom Riverview

These rooms are 60 square metres in size.

One-bedroom apartments are perfect for couples or small groups of two to three travellers on both short and extended stays. Each apartment comes with a full kitchen equipped with crockery and cutlery, dishwasher, stove-top, microwave oven and fridge, plus washer and dryer laundry facilities.

The bedroom features an ensuite bathroom with shower or bathtub combination. A separate living or dining area has all the amenities listed above to ensure your every comfort and convenience, whether you’re winding down listening to music on your MP3 player, catching up on news on cable television or simply relaxing with a drink from the mini-bar while admiring the view. Enhance that view to take in the river and Story Bridge by opting for a one-bedroom apartment with Riverview.

Two Bedroom and Two Bedroom Riverview

These rooms are 80 square metres in size.

Their two-bedroom apartments are where living is made easy for corporate travellers, weekend leisure seekers or families relocating to Brisbane. These apartments impart a sense of spaciousness with their separate living and dining area, bedrooms that feature ensuite bathroom off the main bedroom, and a fully-equipped kitchen that allows flexibility around meals. (Loft apartments offer 1 bathroom only)

The amenities listed above complete the creature comforts you need to make this a real home away from home. Some apartments are loft-style with the main bedroom downstairs and second bedroom upstairs. All feature a private balcony offering immersive views of the cityscape, and by opting for a two-bedroom Riverview apartment, the city skyline becomes a captivating backdrop to the meandering Brisbane River.

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吉爾干國家公園布蓮可依瀑布(Blencoe Falls, Girringun National Park)

Mount Garnet, Tablelands Area
Free Entry
吉爾干國家公園(Girringun National Park)布蓮可依瀑布(Blencoe Falls)以壯麗景色和多樣動植物馳名。 瀑布下沖 90 米到下方池子裡,然後再下沖 230 米到峽谷底部。 赫伯特河峽谷(Herbert River Gorge)的高聳懸崖和乾燥而堅固的山脊也令人印象深刻。 開放的森林佔滿斷崖而澳洲木麻黃則沿赫伯特河(Herbert River)林立。 沿著赫伯特河峽谷(


Lucinda, Hinchinbrook Area
露欣達(Lucinda)這座寧靜的濱海小村莊正對名列世界遺產的欣欽布魯克島(Hinchinbrook Island)的南端。 露欣達(Lucinda)最引以為傲的就是綿延六公里,最後銜接珊瑚海(Coral Sea)的碼頭。 這座碼頭是全世界最長的散裝糖裝卸設施,遠遠看去,碼頭就像隨著地球的弧形曲線建造一樣。 若在適當的時節前來,還可看見儒艮和海龜戲水。 露欣達(Lucinda)北接海洋物種豐富的

塔利瀑布和塔利峽谷(Tully Falls and Tully Gorge)

Ravenshoe, Tablelands Area
Free Entry
沿著景色優美的塔利瀑布路(Tully Falls Road)便可到達壯麗的塔利峽谷觀景點(Tully Gorge Lookout)。 當地瀑布只有在雨量旺盛的雨季才會有水,原始石牆與雨林自 300公尺(984 英呎)高處直落而下至塔利河(Tully River),景色十分壯觀。 步行者可經由瀑布上方一條 800 公尺步道前往塔利河(Tully River)。 一年之中多數時候,這裡都會出現一條 29

欣欽布魯克島(Hinchinbrook Island)

Hinchinbrook, Hinchinbrook Area
欣欽布魯克島(Hinchinbrook Island)為澳洲最大的國家公園島嶼。 島上無人定居,唯一的住宿選擇就是曾經得獎的環保旅館:欣欽布魯克島荒野旅館(Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge),位於理查斯岬(Cape Richards)。 島上富有多樣化的動植物群、棕櫚環繞的沙灘、紅樹灣水道和地形粗曠的花崗石峭壁。 搭乘渡輪或私人租船航行不久後即可抵達欣欽布

利庫拉州森林(Licuala State Forest)

Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area
Free Entry
利庫拉州森林(Licuala State Forest)擁有多條風景宜人的步道。 穿梭在此森林的步道中可欣賞本土的野生動物,包括尤利西斯蝴蝶(Ulysses Butterfly)、食火雞及綠樹蛙。 別忘了抬頭欣賞陽光穿過美麗棕櫚葉的景象,真讓人難以忘懷! 利庫拉扇形棕櫚(Licuala Fan Palm)是本地區的原生種,並擁有整個澳洲大多數的扇形棕櫚樹。 兒童在此森林特別受到照顧…他們甚至可以

Dunk Island

Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area
Free Entry
家庭群島國家公園(Family Islands National Park)涵蓋使命海滩(Mission Beach)附近的列島,這裡有茂密的雨林和林地,周圍環繞著珊瑚礁、潮間帶和沙灘。 列島屬於大堡礁世界遺產(Great Barrier Reef World Heritage)的一部分。 敦克島(Dunk)是最容易到達的島嶼。 敦克島(Dunk Island)上綿延 13 公里的各式景觀步道任您選

帕羅尼拉公園(Paronella Park)

Mena Creek, Cassowary Coast Area
From AU$45 - 45
每個人都有夢想。 而 José Paronella 是將夢想化為真實的實踐家。 他在米納溪瀑布(Mena Creek Falls)旁的五公頃土地上築起自己的城堡,並在瀑布旁規劃野餐區,還搭建網球場、小橋、隧道,並且以驚人的 7,500 種熱帶植物與樹木填滿所有空間。 他甚至還運用瀑布發電自用。 帕羅尼拉公園(Paronella Park)於 1935 年開放大眾參觀。 今日,所有來訪公園的遊客

敦克島(Dunk Island)

Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area
敦克島(Dunk Island)與昆士蘭(Queensland)北部的使命海滩(Mission Beach)隔海相鄰,島嶼風光絕美迷人。 大多島嶼皆為國家公園,有大片的雨林地、純潔海灘和多樣的野生生態。 島上各處也有許多徒步路徑,讓您盡情欣賞雨林之美。 別忘了登頂庫塔魯山(Mt Kootaloo)山峰,在高處俯瞰一覽無遺的敦克島(Dunk Island)、大陸和欣欽布魯克海峽(Hinchinbr

使命海滩(Mission Beach)

Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area
使命海滩(Mission Beach)綿延不絕的純淨海灘、無人島嶼和雨林邊陲處的激流河川,皆是這裡的自然聖地。 這裡人跡罕至,充滿魅力又悠閒,是休憩度假或展開戶外冒險的完美地點。 是大堡礁海洋公園(Great Barrier Reef Marine Park)的誕生之地,欣賞礁石是必做之事。 礁石遊艇從矮樹叢角(Clump Point)碼頭出發,來趟划艇之旅,或租用一艘小遊艇,在無人的大堡礁(G

埃德蒙德肯尼迪國家公園(Edmund Kennedy National Park)

Cardwell, Cassowary Coast Area
Free Entry
愛德蒙甘乃迪吉拉美國家公園(Edmund Kennedy, Girramay National Park)位於濕熱帶世界遺產區(Wet Tropics World Heritage Area)內。 北昆士蘭(Queensland)的濕熱帶林內有少數地區含有與此國家公園相同的植被種類。 愛德蒙甘乃迪吉拉美國家公園(Edmund Kennedy, Girramay National Park)位於卡德威
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