Lync-Haven Rainforest Retreat

Diwan, Douglas Area

價格區間 * AU$28 to AU$150

Lync Haven Rainforest Retreat Motel, Camping and Wildlife Experience in the Daintree, is a well established, family friendly and affordable rainforest property in Cape Tribulation, Tropical North Queensland. Situated on 20 acres of Tropical Rainforest, Lync-Haven offers a unique tranquil experience for every one catering for groups, individuals and families. Their tropical dining haven is a peaceful, relaxing place to surround yourself in offering a wide selection of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lync-Haven's surroundings are alive with the sounds of native wildlife, many you can see inhabit this area, there is a collection of snakes, birds, lizards,kangaroos and crocodiles including Doris their salt water crocodile.

Lync-Haven provides air-conditioned motel rooms with coffee and tea making facilities, fridge and all linen is supplied. The caravan and camping ground is set in their lush rainforest park where you can sit back and enjoy the sounds of the birds and other wildlife. Enjoy the tranquil environment while cooking in the camp kitchen with all utensils supplied. Powered and non-powered sites are available. You can bring your own dry wood and have a camp fire in the designated fire pits.


  • Paid Wifi


  • Bar
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Car park
  • Laundry
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pets allowed, enquire on booking
  • Public Telephone
  • Restaurant - Licensed
  • Tour Desk


  • Birdwatching
  • Camping
  • Hiking/Trekking





適合家庭入住 – 請前往官方網站查看更多服務及設施信息。
Cape Tribulation Road
Diwan, Douglas Area

Our Rooms

Lync-Haven Cabin style rooms are set on the rainforests edge with kangaroos and native swamp wallabies roaming their natural enclosure just at your door step. Relax and enjoy one of their bright, fresh, rooms. All have air-conditioning, ensuite, coffee and tea making facilities, bar fridge and television, with linen supplied. They have rooms with a queen bed for single people and couples. They also have rooms with a queen bed and two single beds in them for the family. Roll away beds for that extra person or a cot can also be arranged on request.

The camping area is on two and a half acres or one hectare of rainforest. Offering you privacy and individual sites set under this magnificent rainforest, you are able to experience first hand living in this World Heritage listed Daintree National Park. Numerous rainforest walks abound the back of the camping grounds allowing you the opportunity to see the rainforest and animals undisturbed. A toilet and shower block offers you full amenities along with four wood fireplaces and a gas barbecue. Laundry facilities are also available.

Limited powered sites are located in the camping grounds. You have all the facilities of the property at hand, and the ability of being able to explore it at your leisure.

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Maryborough, Fraser Coast Area
包博(Bauple)位在布魯斯高速公路(Bruce Highway)旁,介於金派(Gympie)與瑪麗巴勒(Maryborough)中間,是最早的 Bopple 堅果原產地。Bopple 堅果也就是現在舉世聞名的夏威夷豆。 您可以一邊享受鄉村景觀、現磨咖啡與手工夏威夷豆點心,一邊採購來自當地且品質優良的夏威夷豆商品。 您也可參觀夏威夷豆第一階段的分類與烘乾設施。 造訪包博(Bauple)時,不妨盡情


Maryborough, Fraser Coast Area
位在費沙海岸(Fraser Coast)內陸區的提耶洛(Tiaro),有大量天然名勝,待您前來一探究竟。 這一區主要的風景為包波山 國家公園(Mt. Bauple National Park),這裡是本土堅果的產地。 提耶洛郡(Tiaro Shire)擁有各種天然與社會環境,孕育出豐富的動植物群。 隱密的溪流可見鴨嘴獸的蹤影,在較大的水道中也可看見一些罕見的保育類動物,例如肺魚以及巨大的瑪麗河鱈


Great Sandy Strait, Fraser Coast Area
布努魯(Boonooroo)位在大沙地海峽(Great Sandy Strait),流經費沙島(Fraser Island)和澳洲大陸間的靜謐水道。 布努魯(Boonooroo)村和圖安(Tuan)村關係密切,並維持「舊漁村」的特色。 布努魯(Boonooroo)提供遊客各種一般服務與設施,同時也是釣魚放鬆,度過美好一週的絕佳去處! 這裡是沃倫沼澤區,也是澳洲特有動植物群的棲息地,包括茶樹、袋
木德羅國家公園(Mudlo National Park)在當地稱為木德羅山口(Mudlo Gap),負責保護區域內少數僅存的本土肯氏南洋杉雨林。 高大的肯氏南洋杉曾經遍佈海岸山脈。 公園鄰近昆士蘭(Queensland)首次發現黃金的地點:1852 年的奇奇梵(Kilkivan)鎮。 您可利用風景優美的短程駕車路線前往木德羅山口(Mudlo Gap),欣賞美麗風景。 木德羅山口(Mudlo Gap)


Great Sandy Strait, Fraser Coast Area
圖安村(Tuan)位近布陸努(Boonooroo),保留了完整的傳統漁村風情。 若您熱愛駕船出海或釣魚,來圖安(Tuan)絕對沒錯,這裡附近的小型港灣與大沙地海峽(Great Sandy Strait)是您假日休閒的不二選擇。 野花在冬季尾聲與春季期間遍地盛開,大沙地保育公園(Great Sandy Conservation Park)以及堤南伯路(Tinnanbar Road)沿途上的圖安州立


Great Sandy Strait, Fraser Coast Area
瑪侖(Maaroom)是一個親切友善的小漁村,距離瑪麗巴勒(Maryborough)東方約 21 公里處。 這裡擁有眺望費沙島(Fraser Island)的絕佳海濱視野。 在岸邊有一些令人愉快的野餐地點,以及一個遮陽避雨的涼亭和兒童遊樂場。 這裡是一個能讓人舒展的休閒放鬆之地。 具有在潮汐達到足夠水位時,可供出海釣魚使用的全天候下水坡道、一家綜合商店和旅行車營地。


Kilkivan, Gympie Area
奇奇梵(Kilkivan)是通往南伯內特(South Burnett)的東北入口,充滿各種豐富體驗。 當地的橄欖和紅螯螯蝦誘惑著您的味蕾。 農場新鮮現採的薰衣草香味和療癒效果誘惑著您的感官。 到城鎮主街上的歷史博物館逛逛,一窺過去的風華。 1852 年,奇奇梵(Kilkivan)發現金礦,這也是昆士蘭(Queensland)首次出現金礦的蹤跡,之後金礦陸續發掘,至 1868 年終於發展為淘金熱潮。


Great Sandy Strait, Fraser Coast Area
浦納(Poona)坐落在大沙地海峽(Great Sandy Strait)沿岸,位於布奴魯(Boonooroo)與堤納巴爾(Tinnanbar)之間,鄰近費沙島(Fraser Island),這個隱蔽的小鎮因而得以保留它迷人的風采與悠閒的生活方式。 浦納(Poona)最著名的特色即為其安靜的生活、平靜無波的海水、優美的釣魚環境,因此有不少遊客會專程前來這裡度假。 這個小型社區最熱愛的事物即為釣魚與
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