Hardings Paddock Campground

Ipswich Area

價格區間 * AU$15 to AU$15

Just 20 minutes from the Ipswich Central Business District and 45 minutes from the Brisbane Central Business District, the Hardings Paddock campground is perfect for a weekend getaway for the whole family. Surrounded by natural bushland, there are just eight camping sites - suitable also for motorhomes and caravans - available to add to the feeling of seclusion. While there's no power available, there are some essential creature comforts including toilets, camp-shower cubicles - bring your own shower bag and water - kitchen, barbecues, tables and a holding yard for horses (with access to water).

You will need to bring your own drinking water and with all the activities on offer across the
2,200 hectares of the Flinders-Goolman Conservation Estate you're going to need to keep up your fluids. Recreational opportunities include bird-watching, hiking, mountain bike riding and horseriding - bring your own bikes and horses too!

The camping area at Hardings Paddock is locked at all times. Once your booking is confirmed you will receive a camping permit/confirmation with the combination code to access the campground. The combination code is changed regularly. Check out the website for campground rules, trail updates and to download the trail guide.


  • Communal Kitchen
  • Communal Shower


  • Birdwatching
  • Camping
  • Cycling
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Horseriding

Our Rooms

Camp site

There are eight sites in the campground. Sites can be used for camping, caravan or motorhome. There is no power at the camp ground and you need to bring your own supply of drinking water. Open fires are not permitted due to the campgrounds being within a conservation estate.

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莉莉海灘(Lilleys Beach)

Boyne Island, Gladstone Area
莉莉海灘(Lilley’s Beach)位於波茵島(Boyne Island)的溫德漢姆公園(Wyndham Park)北方。 這裡是當地人和觀光客嚮往的熱門周末露營地。 莉莉海灘(Lilley’s Beach)為著重生態保護的前灘區,目前是由波茵斯梅爾有限公司(Boyne Smelter Ltd)和格拉德斯通地區議會(Gladstone Regional Council)悉心維護。 您可以駕駛韓德利車(Handley Drive)從波茵島汙水處理計畫(Boyne Island Sewerage Treatment Plan)前往莉莉海灘(Lilley’s Beach)。 莉莉海灘(Lilley’s Beach)沿著海岸綿延 1.

寇提斯島(Curtis Island)

Curtis Island, Gladstone Area
寇提斯島(Curtis Island)位於格拉德斯通(Gladstone)海岸外不遠處,島上有令人驚豔的原始海灘、隱密的面北海灣、波光粼粼的海洋、大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)、荒野、濕地,以及內陸風格的牧牛場。 甚至還有專屬的飛機跑道。 也就是這些多樣特質與自然美的結合,造就了全澳洲、甚至是全世界絕無僅有的海龜街(Turtle Street)地區。 由於這裡在南迴歸線的下方

威爾遜島(Wilson Island)

Gladstone, Gladstone Area
威爾遜島(Wilson Island)就在南迴歸線(Tropic of Capricorn)上,離昆士蘭(Queensland)海岸大約 72 公里,在格拉德斯通(Gladstone)東南方,離附近的黑容島(Heron Island)15 公里。 威爾森島(Wilson Island)是小型的珊瑚岩礁,即最自然原始的大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)。 喜歡威爾遜島(Wilson Is


Tannum Sands, Gladstone Area
坦納之沙(Tannum Sands)離布魯斯公路(Bruce Highway)僅九公里,離格拉德斯通(Gladstone)市僅 20 公里。 坦納之沙(Tannum Sands)以其綿長的白沙灘聞名,是游泳、玩滑水板和玩衝浪舟的完美地點。 坦納之沙(Tannum Sands)和波恩島(Boyne Island)雙城由波恩河(Boyne River)上方的約翰奧斯力橋(John Oxley Br


Benaraby, Gladstone Area
班納拉比(Benaraby)就位於格拉德斯通(Gladstone)的南側入口附近,非常好找。 這個小型聚落是通往盛產金目鱸之阿溫加湖(Lake Awoonga)的通道,在釣客間相當知名。 阿溫加湖(Lake Awoonga)非常美麗,絕對不能錯過。 回頭看看班納拉比(Benaraby)。 這座小鎮有加油站、食品量販店、住宿設施,並供應遊客一般補給品。 這裡還有一個小型的新鮮蔬果市場,就位在


Gladstone, Gladstone Area
格拉德斯通(Gladstone)建立在能俯瞰其經濟命脈—天然深水港—的山丘上。 這個活力盎然的現代城市沐浴在亞熱帶氣候中,有島嶼、水道和海灘提供全年無休的航船、釣魚、游泳及滑浪活動。 地處大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)南端,格拉德斯通(Gladstone)提供可通往黑容島(Heron Island)、威爾森島(Wilson Island)和無人珊瑚礁的交通。 有大型包租船隊在世界級

波茵島(Boyne Island)

Boyne Island, Gladstone Area
從格拉德斯通(Gladstone)出發,往南行駛一小段距離就可見到波茵島(Boyne Island)和金沙灘城(Tannum Sands)美麗的海岸景色,四周盡是海灘、河畔步道、公園地和休息設施,盡情體驗輕鬆愜意的海岸生活氛圍。 本「連體」社區人口數將近 12,000 人,社區與社區之間相隔一條波茵河(Boyne River),以橋樑互相往來。 開車就可往返波茵島(Boyne Island),
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