Discovery Parks - Tannum Sands

Tannum Sands, Gladstone Area

價格區間 * AU$30 to AU$250

Seeking sanctuary? Discovery Parks - Tannum Sands, with its quiet bushland setting next to Tannum Beach, will have you refreshed and recharged in no time. The holiday park is within walking distance of picturesque Tannum Sands and Boyne Island, on Millennium Esplanade. The waters at Tannum Beach are so mild; you can take a dip virtually any time of year. Take a boat trip out to Wild Cattle Island, a habitat of endangered birds and turtles. Boyne Island, surrounded by the Boyne River, is perfect for fishing and water skiing. If you’d rather stay on dry land, Turtle Way is a 15 kilometre riverfront walking track.


  • Free Wifi


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Car park
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Communal Refrigerator
  • Communal Shower
  • Gas
  • Laundry
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Public Telephone
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor
  • Tour Desk


  • Birdwatching
  • Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling
  • Swimming





適合家庭入住 – 請前往官方網站查看更多服務及設施信息。

Our Rooms

Deluxe Villa

These stylish villas are tastefully decorated to accommodate families or couples - offering the perfect retreat for a much need holiday. The Deluxe Villas feature all the conveniences of home with terracotta tiling throughout, reverse cycle air-conditioning, ceiling fans in the lounge and bedrooms and a spacious balcony to enjoy the great Queensland outdoors.

The Villas contains a queen bed in the main bedroom, two single beds or single bunks with single bed in the second bedroom, separate toilet and shower, open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area, a fully equipped kitchen with crockery, cutlery and cookware including refrigerator, electric frying pan, ceramic cooktop and microwave oven, and flat screen television.

The Superior Two Bedroom Villa is an ideal accommodation option for families or two couples travelling together. Each self-contained cabin contains modern conveniences and a spacious outdoor balcony, all set amongst the shade of the coconut palms.

The Villa contains a double bed in the main bedroom, and a double bed with single bunk over top in the second bedroom, and a bathroom with shower and toilet. There is a fully equipped kitchenette with crockery, cutlery and cookware fridge and microwave, and the living area has a lounge suite, dining table and chairs plus flat screen television.

Standard Studio Villa

These Melanesian studio villas offer a comfortable open plan accommodation option. They are an open plan cabin with double bed and small-sized triple bunks (please note that triple bunks are not suitable for adults).

The villa has a kitchenette with all crockery, cutlery, cookware, fridge, microwave oven and two-plate cooktop, and a combined kitchen/living area with reverse-cycle air-conditioning, ceiling fan and colour television. There is an ensuite, and private balcony with outdoor setting.

Standard 1 Bedroom Duplex

The Duplex Villas provide a comfortable accommodation option for singles or couples. They contain a queen bed in the bedroom, and a kitchenette with all crockery, cutlery, cookware, fridge, microwave oven and two-plate cooktop. There is a separate lounge/dining area with reverse-cycle air-conditioning and ceiling fans, and a balcony with outdoor setting.

Budget Ensuite Cabins (External)

These cabins are ideal for budget conscious travellers. Located away from the road, these units offer a quiet, affordable accommodation with an external ensuite.

The cabins are open plan with queen bed and single bunks with a trundle bed. There is a fully equipped kitchenette with two plate cooktop, crockery, cutlery, cookware, microwave and fridge, and reverse cycle air-conditioning, ceiling fan, television and undercover car accommodation.

The ensuite bathroom is external.

Ensuite Sites

Enjoy caravan or camping luxury with your own bathroom. This is caravaning at its classy best. Sites are with and without slabs and are all cabled for television. The bathrooms are very modern and spacious with large shower, toilet, vanity basin, clothes hooks, as well as hot water and heat lamps for those who like hot showers on a cold winter's night.

The sites have access to park barbecues, laundry facilities, the pool, tennis court, playground, and television / games room. They are a short walk from the onsite office and general store.

Powered Sites

For caravans, campervans or motorhomes, Discovery Holiday Parks – Tannum Sands offers generous powered sites. Concrete slab and grassed sites are available in sunny or shady areas. Sites include cables for television access.

You are welcome to use all park facilities including amenities, barbecues and guest laundries plus swimming pool, playground area and tennis courts. There is also a sullage dump point available.

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空中雨林纜車(Skyrail Rainforest Cableway)

Smithfield, Cairns Area
From AU$51 - 210
搭乘空中雨林纜車(Skyrail Rainforest Cableway)是相當獨特的雨林體驗:它將引領您尋訪列於澳洲世界遺產的熱帶雨林,展開難忘的旅程。 空中雨林纜車(Skyrail Rainforest Cableway)位於巴倫峽谷國家公園(Barron Gorge National Park),全線搭建於樹冠上方幾公尺處,滑行距離綿延 7.5 公里,並有舒適的六人座車廂,能夠欣賞到各種壯

黛恩樹探索中心(Daintree Discovery Centre)

Cow Bay, Douglas Area
From AU$32 - 32
曾經多次獲獎的探索中心(Discovery Centre)坐落在黛恩樹河(Daintree River)北方 10 公里處的雨林中心。 這座中心是造訪此地區的旅客絕對不能錯過的景點,您可以在這裏體驗雨林各個高度的面貌─從雨林底層到最高的樹冠層。 您可以在 23 公尺高的樹冠塔(Canopy Tower)頂端欣賞秀麗的蘭花,如果運氣不錯,還可能有機會一瞥巨蟒纏繞在巨大硬葉槲蕨上。 令人讚嘆的空中

希望島國家公園的鯛魚島(Snapper Island, Hope Islands National Park)

Port Douglas, Douglas Area
Free Entry
希望島國家公園(Hope Islands National Park)的鯛魚島(Snapper Island)有繁榮的藤蔓森林、茂密的桉樹森林和白色沙灘。 這些島嶼及周圍海域和礁岩組成了大堡礁世界遺產保護區(Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area)。 這個公園對當地傳統原住民庫庫亞郎吉(Kuku Yalanji)的族人也很重要。 加入旅行社的導遊划艇之旅。 在無

道格拉斯港口(Port Douglas)

Port Douglas, Douglas Area
道格拉斯港口(Port Douglas)是通往熱帶北昆士蘭(Tropical North Queensland)世界遺產奇蹟的門戶之地。 是距離大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)最近的大陸港口,一小段路程之外就是位在黛恩樹(Daintree)和苦難角(Cape Tribulation)的濕熱帶(Wet Tropics)。 從開恩茲(Cairns)出發,沿著澳洲風景最美的海岸道路只需


Mossman, Douglas Area
莫斯曼(Mossman)是一座風景如畫的小鎮,在一片亮綠甘蔗田野中,坐落於山腳之下。 莫斯曼(Mossman)小鎮熱情友善,邀您來此體驗熱帶北昆士蘭(Tropical North Queensland)真正的好客人情味,走在樹蔭夾道的主要道路,探索各處商店、酒吧。 莫斯曼中央磨坊(Mossman Central Mill)為這一帶的蔗糖首府,到了榨甘蔗的季節時(六月到十月),忙碌不歇的工廠將傳來不間斷的機具嗡嗡聲,屆時就是導覽旅行團的工廠參訪好機會。 收割季節一到,就會見到來來往往的古雅甘蔗火車。 走在田野間,說不定還能見到熊熊燃燒的甘蔗營火,景象壯觀。 莫斯曼(Mossman)往西邊五分鐘即可見到莫斯曼峽谷(Mossman Gorge),交通方便,為世界遺產戴恩樹國家公園(Daintree National Park)的風景之一。 當莫斯曼河(Mossman River)一遇上峽谷上巨型花崗岩卵石,流量受阻,形成沁涼的淡水池。 佈滿樹林的高山陡然地矗立在河岸邊,十分令人敬畏。 走上吊橋、橫越河川,或探索長 2.

北大堡礁(Northern Great Barrier Reef)

Cairns, Cairns Area
Free Entry
開恩茲(Cairns)和熱帶北昆士蘭(Tropical North Queensland)是澳洲最鄰近且適合探訪大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)的地點。 提到大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef),遊客就會聯想到熱帶北昆士蘭(Tropical North Queensland)。 除了宏偉的礁石之外,本區也擁有礁石沿岸唯一的國際機場,是抵達昆士蘭(Queensland)此天然

堤卓礁石(Tijou Reef)

Port Douglas,
Free Entry
堤卓礁石(Tijou Reef)在道格拉斯港(Port Douglas)外海的大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef),附近有許多不同的潛水點,尤其是內側的珊瑚園及礁石的東部外側。 北端是鯊魚城(Shark City)。 這裡常見白條礁鯊、灰礁鯊和銀條礁鯊在礁壁邊悠哉地游泳。 有時候會在這裡餵鯊魚。 此外還有大量的深海魚和礁魚會聚集在陡峭的礁壁附近,礁壁上覆滿各式各樣彩色的珊瑚和無脊椎動物。

阿金科特礁(Agincourt Reef)

Port Douglas,
Free Entry
阿金柯特礁(Agincourt Reef)位於道格拉斯港(Port Douglas)外海的大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef),是由許多小型礁石及至少 16 處潛水點組成的礁石。 這裡的「海峽礁」有著非常有趣的海底景觀和洞穴,而「花園礁」則以蘊藏了許許多多亮色系礁魚而聞名。 「藍色奇觀(Blue Wonder)」是非常美麗的峭壁潛水點,可深度潛水達 40 公尺,而苗圃礁(Nursery B

綠島(Green Island)

Green Island, Cairns Area
綠島(Green Island)是珊瑚岩礁島,位在熱帶北昆士蘭東北方的開恩茲(Cairns)。 這座島嶼擁有未受破壞的熱帶雨林、壯觀的海灘,以及環繞周圍的礁石 - 如此靠近,您甚至可以直接在海灘旁潛水。 綠島(Green Island)是從開恩茲(Cairns)前來一日遊的絕佳選擇,但如果您想在此地多停留一些時間,可以選擇豪華的綠島度假村(Green Island Resort)。 在涼爽氣候

旺加海灘(Wonga Beach)

Wonga, Douglas Area
旺加海灘(Wonga Beach),以美麗的托雷斯海峽(Torres Strait)鴿子命名,是摩斯曼(Mossman)北邊一個寧靜的隱密小鎮。 從岸邊就可看到史奈普島(Snapper Island),而且距黛恩樹河(Daintree River)以及熱帶雨林棲息地不遠。 這裡只是一個住宅聚落,僅提供少數住宿及或購物選擇。 當地人熱愛這裡,但如果您追求的是觀光海灘度假村提供的豪華服務,那麼這裡
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