D'Aguilar National Park Camping Ground

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D'Aguilar National Park has two formal camping areas in Mount Mee section (Neurum Creek and Archer) and eight remote bush camping sites in south D'Aguilar section (formally Brisbane Forest Park).

Remote bush camping sites are only accessible by walking and minimal facilities are provided. Visitors wishing to camp at any of these sites need to be physically fit, have bushwalking and navigation experience, and have an emergency plan in place with a responsible friend or family member. Always carry a topographic map, compass, first-aid kit, water and food. Mobile phone reception within the park is unreliable.

Camping permits are required and fees apply. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site.

Bush camping sites in D'Aguilar National Park may be closed during periods of high fire danger or for regenerative purposes. Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Due to the small size of the camp sites and designated car spaces at Neurum Creek and Archer camping areas in Mount Mee section, they are not suitable for campervans, trailers or caravans.


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Neurum Creek Camping Area

Located in the D'Aguilar National Park Camping Ground and suitable for Four Wheel Drives, the Neurum Creek camping area is an enclosed forest setting close to Neurum Creek. Bring your own firewood for use in the fireplace provided and set up camp in one of the 13 numbered sites with water and septic toilets available.

Archer Camping Area

In a family friendly natural bush setting with an open grassy space the Archer camping area is suitable for walk in camping or tent camping close to your Four Wheel Drive. Located in the D'Aguilar National Park Camping Ground on Lovedays Road, the camping area can be reached from the north via Woodford or from the south via The Gantry. Nine numbered sites are available with use of the fireplace except for when fire bans apply.

Scrub Road Bush Camp

A unique walk in only camping site Scrub road bush camp offers remote camping amongst spotted gums and ironbarks in a eucalypt woodland setting. Located in the D'Aguilar National Park Camping Ground the site can be accessed after walking four kilometres along Scrub Road. With limited facilities the Scrub Road bush camp offers a true rugged camping experience.

Dundas Road Bush Camp

Located in the D'Aguilar National Park Camping Ground Dundas Road bush camp offers an open area with no separately defined sites. In an open Eucalypt forest the remote bush camping area is the most easily accessible in the park. A water tank is provided but you'll need to bring everything else to create your own unique camping experience.

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哈斯提斯沼澤(Hasties Swamp)是大型的季節性濕地,以多樣化的留鳥與候鳥聞名。 兩層樓的鳥類觀測站提供輪椅通道,空間寬敞可容納學校團體。 在觀測站舒適地觀察鳥類,並利用解說牌學習辨識鳥的品種。 目前已記錄 220 以上的鳥類品種,主要在濕地及開放的林地。
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亥皮帕密(Hypipamee)火山口被稱為火山管道。 由於地底的熔岩產生氣體的巨大壓力,使管道向上突破表面的岩石而形成開口,爆炸時間火山彈噴發範圍極廣。 火山口湖面的直徑 61 公尺,水平面位於平台下方 58 公尺。 即使在水面以下 85 公尺,此管道的直徑也沒有變得比較小。 從水泥步道步行約 10 分鐘即可抵達此火山口,並可選擇從「自然」步道前往觀賞不同層次的戴納瀑布(Dinner Falls)。


Herberton, Tablelands Area
如果您喜歡作畫或攝影,那麼請務必要來荷伯頓(Herberton)吸收靈感。 這個具歷史意義的錫礦小鎮位於開恩茲(Cairns)西南邊的野河(Wild River)河岸上,是阿瑟頓高原(Atherton Tablelands)上最古老的小鎮。 這裡有各種昆士蘭(Queensland)建築風格的建築物,從教堂、公共建設到有寬敞陽台的豪宅,應有盡有。 這個風景如詩的小鎮總是色彩繽紛,冬天有金黃色的籬笆,春


Tolga, Tablelands Area
如果走沿途有熱帶雨林遮蔽的甘乃迪高速公路(Kennedy Highway),托加(Tolga)距離附近規模最大的鄰居阿瑟頓(Atherton)大約不到 8 公里,托加(Tolga)是一座古雅的小鎮,有昆士蘭(Queensland)早期建築的絕佳典範。 包括托加(Tolga)的豬肉攤及報社建築。 位於主街上的市中心有高聳的無花果樹及文化遺產,還有一組 由七座類似圖騰柱的木雕組成的木頭展示品。 這些作
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