Bedarra Beach House

Bedarra Island, Cassowary Coast Area

價格區間 * AU$450 to AU$500

Bedarra Beach House is a popular, exclusive, up market holiday destination for couples. They are offering a totally "sustainable" holiday without compromising your comfort or luxury on a romantic island in the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is accessible literally from the front door with two private beaches. A great place for a honeymoon on this secluded tropical island getaway. These memories will be with you forever as this house is designed for those who wish to escape, unwind and relax. One can only marvel at the location in the sparkling pristine Coral Sea and look out at the lush tropical islands beyond.


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Gas
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Outdoor furniture


  • Birdwatching
  • Canoeing
Lot 11
East Bedarra
Bedarra Island, Cassowary Coast Area

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Architect designed for the tropic climate and relaxed holiday living this pavilion style house nestles high in the trees with stunning Coral Sea views toward nearby Dunk Island. Thanks to a rare freehold title this exclusive island enclave features two private beaches, shared with only a handful of other residences.

The Bedarra Beach House experience offers total relaxation that is far removed from commercialised resorts and over developed tourist towns. Spiritual in effect; the rare natural environment, privacy, seclusion and healthy living provide the ultimate tonic for modern life.

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有著 100 公尺高的陡峭砂岩懸崖,羅賓遜峽(Robinson Gorge)沿著棕櫚樹和瓶樹蜿蜒而過,穿過遠端的探險國家公園(Expedition National Park)14 公里。 這個公園有著重大的歷史意義。 探險家 Ludwig Leichhardt 在 1844 年通過本區,而且它也保護了許多原住民文化的所在地。 帶上燃料和水,享受在斯答克谷(Starkvale)露營區的露營樂趣。 在夏天可以看到澳洲國王鸚鵡和彩虹鸚鵡在這裡進食,冬天則可看到金嘯鶲和灰扇尾鴿。 從斯答克谷(Starkvale)循著步道來到羅賓遜峽(Robinson Gorge)、牧羊人山(Shepherd'

伯利角(Burleigh Heads)

Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast Area
黃金海岸(Gold Coast)上的伯利角(Burleigh Heads)以其令人嘆為觀止的滑浪條件著稱於世。 伯利(Burleigh)以其管狀的伯利桶浪(Burleigh Barrel)吸引了國際滑浪職業好手,並且是主要滑浪錦標賽如水銀職業滑浪錦標賽(Quicksilver Pro Surf Tournament)舉辦的地點。 伯利角(Burleigh Heads)就坐落在綿延滿佈獨特的松樹
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