Susan River Homestead Adventure Resort


Susan River Homestead Adventure Resort opened its doors in 1978 to the traveller and adventure seeker. Today it is a place where you can relax or venture out to enjoy the many activities the resort has to offer.

Horse riding on the 1660 acre property is the most popular attraction. The resort has over 50 gentle, well-mannered horses to choose from, so all ages and levels of experience are suitably catered for. Each month around the time of the full moon, a night horse ride and dinner is held on a Saturday evening.

Then there is water skiing, knee or wake boarding and tube riding on the resort's own 17 acre lake. All of these action activities are great fun.

The meals are plentiful and tasty, the three star air conditioned ensuite accommodation is very comfortable and welcomes you each night. Naturally the resort has tennis and volleyball courts, swimming pool and an Olympic size trampoline for a classic workout. Apart from holidays, the resort is popular for weddings, live in seminars, trade functions, parties and day visitors.


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Our tours

Horse Riding Adventure

Horse riding on the 1,660 acre property is the most popular attraction. The Resort has over 50 gentle mannered horses to choose from, so all ages and levels of experience are well catered for. The rides are over pasture and bush land where you can enjoy the cattle and perhaps also the wildlife. The friendly staff endeavour to make it a ride you will not forget, by helping you with your skills along the way.

Each month as close to the full moon we enjoy a night ride and dinner. An evening spent around the fire with friends and family is an adventure that will stay in your memories for a long time.

The afternoon kicks off about 4.30pm with the ride out to the Susan River where a bowl of hot pumpkin soup and bread is waiting for you. Enjoy a billy tea or coffee before climbing back on the horses for a night trek back to the homestead. By then the stars or the moon is out and brightening the way for you. A full barbecue smorgasbord is waiting for the riders & friends to devour in the recently renovated restaurant.

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瑪麗巴勒皇后公園(Maryborough's Queens Park)內的瀑布區本來是採石場,後來改建為池塘,池塘內隨處可見鴨子三三兩兩悠游,或在岸邊曬太陽。 瀑布造景為 1970 年代所建, 此處是野餐的好地方,也是舉辦婚禮的絕佳地點。

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瑪麗河(Mary River)曾有許多名稱,原住民稱它為 Booie、Moonaboola、Numabulla 或 Mooraboocoola。 在 1848 年 9 月以前,它的名稱是寬闊灣河(Wide Bay River),當時州長 Fitzroy 為紀念他的妻子 Mary Fitzroy 而重新命名這條河流。 瑪麗河(Mary River)非常獨特,從南流向北,源頭靠近陽光海岸(Sunshi
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