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People, bars, art, history, beers, gardens, coffee, culture, architecture, wine or just a little company? Brisbane may not have the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal, but there's loads to see here if you know just where to look, and the only way to see it is to walk!

Listening is so much easier than reading, so leave your guidebook behind, relax and discover the best parts of beautiful Brisbane with a local guide.

You'll see cool art, hear about people and history, maybe try some local coffee or craft beer and get the latest tips on the best bars, cafes, restaurants and things to do for the rest of your stay.

Tours are small with no more than eight guests and your guide will introduce everyone so you feel really welcome.

Welcome to Brisbane! The local guides love it and they'll do everything they can to help you have a great time here.

Our Tours

Laneways Cafe Tour

Brisbane's streets are full of cafes and restaurants, over 1500 at last count, but go to any city and the best coffee is never on the main street.

This walk is a tasting tour of the City Centre coffee scene. They'll stop at five laneway cafes, chat to passionate baristas, learn about Australian grown coffee and of course, enjoy some coffee (tea, chai latte, iced chocolate...) and tasty little bites. Instagram heaven.

On this relaxed tour you'll also pick up some great tips on eating and drinking from Brisbanites who know every cool bar and café in town, see a little on-street art and finish at a laneway bar before the office workers are out.

Indicative rates

$70 $70

You've done the City, or you're a little cooler than that. You want to meet some people, or just not debate with your people about where to go. You want to dodge the dodgy places, escape the ho-hum joints and booze in the good ones.

The best places in the Valley aren't in your guide book, because they just opened. Maybe only last week.

On this tour they introduce the tasty craft beers and delicious Australian wines and spirits of four of the best little bars. They'll wander up a few streets you may not have found otherwise and point out more good spots for your next night out. They also have some snacks along the way.

If you like meeting people, this is definitely the tour for you. This is not a backpacker pub crawl, the guides like cool places and good quality drinks!

Indicative rates

$95 $95
City Essentials Tour

The perfect introduction to Brisbane, their three hour City Essentials Tour covers all the main sights in the City Centre and takes you where the buses can't go.

Only have one day in Brisbane? This is the tour for you.

See King George Square, the Story Bridge, the City Botanic Gardens, the oldest church in Queensland, Customs House, Eagle Street Pier, the City Hall Clock Tower, and lots of hidden secrets along the way.

They'll also point out the best City bars, cafes and restaurants for every budget, so you can make the most of your limited time here.

Indicative rates

$60 $60
Art and Design Tour

They love art! And Brisbane has plenty of it. Take their three hour Art and Design Tour and get an up close introduction to Brisbane's excellent open air art scene.

On this walk you'll discover a mix of 40 works created by over 30 artists. They'll show you the best sculpture, murals and architectural features in the Central Business District - a mix of contemporary commissions, historical sculpture, rogue street art and building facades. You'll hear the story behind each piece and pick up some great tips on eating, drinking and art galleries to visit.

They'll finish at the internationally renowned Queensland Art Gallery, 'Gallery of Modern Art', just in time for you to grab lunch and join a free guided tour (or just enjoy the rest of your day). Alternatively, their guide will accompany you on the 10 minute walk back to the Queen St Mall.

Indicative rates

$60 $60

The perfect walk if you're in Brisbane on your own, or you're with friends and you don't want to argue about where to go tonight, how you got lost, or where you're going next.

On this tour you'll stop at four of the best City Centre bars and talk about fabulous Australian wine, the surging Aussie craft beer scene, what you should do in Brisbane tomorrow and even more excellent Brisbane bars and restaurants.

You'll see some great on-street art and have some snacks along the way.

This isn't a backpacker pub crawl, the guides like nice venues and good quality drinks! Like meeting people? This is the tour for you.

Indicative rates

$95 $95

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賓納布拉(Binna Burra)

Binna Burra, Scenic Rim Area
依偎在世界遺產雷明頓國家公園(Lamington National Park)環繞的土地之上,賓納布拉(Binna Burra)周邊盡是茂盛的古老森林,景緻宜人。 賓納布拉(Binna Burra)之名來自於原住民語,意指「山毛櫸樹生長之地」,此地附近的雨林中生長了古老的南極山毛櫸樹。 賓納布拉(Binna Burra)是許多自然步道的絕佳起點,走訪環境潔淨的雷明頓國家公園(Lamington

丹百林雨林空中步道(Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk)

North Tamborine, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$19.50 - 49.00
坦伯林雨林空中步道(Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk)可供探索雨林樹冠。 您的冒險行程可自雨林生態館出發,這兒有完整的雨林動植物資訊和展示。 包括亞熱帶雨林野生生物照片和描述、靜態展示,以及多種澳洲淡水魚的水族館。 您可自雨林生態館(Rainforest Eco Gallery)出發,開始一場壯觀的空中步道探險,途中經過美麗的中層和高層雨林樹冠。 這條步道採用穩定、高科技的

坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)

Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Area
坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)為一片簡樸綠洲,主要由三處社區組成:坦伯林山(Mount Tamborine)、北坦伯林(North Tamborine)以及老鷹山(Eagle Heights)。 由布里斯本(Brisbane)出發,往南約一小時車程即可到達坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)。這裡也十分靠近滑浪者天堂(Surfers Paradise),是您遠離塵囂的好去處。 坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)社區沿著邁佛森山脈(McPherson Range)延伸,坐擁山谷美景,俯瞰黃金海岸(Gold Coast)林立高樓。 坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)提供遊客各種假期活動體驗。 您可以在坦伯林山國家公園(Tamborine Mountain National Park)觀賞瀑布流瀉、體驗雨林步道或是觀賞海岸遠景。 也可以在藝廊道(Gallery Walk)優遊散步,瀏覽商店與藝廊裡的古董、手工藝品與藝術精品。 您能在週末來此逛逛市集,購買當地土特產(牛油果、夏威夷果以及當地特產奶油軟糖),一年四季更有多項節慶活動,不容錯過。 這裡有各種住宿選擇,包括典雅小屋、經典 B&

柯蒂斯瀑布,喬亞拉區(Curtis Falls, Joalah Section)

Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Area
Free Entry
若要進入坦伯林國家公園(Tamborine National Park)雨林,請走右手邊叉路,往柯蒂斯瀑布(Curtis Falls)前進。 森林中的觀景台,是您停下腳步聆聽鳥鳴,或回程時休息片刻的理想地點。 您可看見絞殺榕和巨型的螫刺樹(stinging trees)。 從瀑布底部的大型石潭,可以看見巨大的玄武岩石柱,這是當地火山歷史的遺跡。 留意在漂流木曬太陽的烏龜,觀看石潭內的魚和鰻魚。 如


Canungra, Scenic Rim Area
古老的鋸木城鎮甘倫格拉(Canungra)通往雷明頓國家公園(Lamington National Park)及其受歡迎的山區度假村的跳板。 遊客可步行通過鋸木廠古老且畫過砂岩的電車隧道,這裡的牆壁上留著木材擠壓後留下的痕跡。 用於聖路克教堂(St Luke's Church)內部的美麗木材也見證了甘倫格拉(Canungra)的木材文化遺產。 現在城鎮已經變成藝術家和工藝家的天堂。

風景領(Scenic Rim)

Beaudesert, Scenic Rim Area
沿著風景領(Scenic Rim)多變的景致往西遊覽,即可抵達布里斯本(Brisbane)名列世界文化遺產的美景邊緣(Scenic Rim),此處擁有蒼翠雨林、狀觀山脈與古老的地形。 無論是美酒美食、浪漫之旅、露營、叢林漫步、鄉村酒吧、藝術、歷史與冒險之旅,這裡應有盡有,環繞在以城鎮鄉村點綴其中的絕美景色裡。 您可探索極佳的戶外美景和坦伯林山(Mt Tamborine)、林德西山(Mt Lind

坦柏林山螢光蟲洞穴(Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves)

North Tamborine, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$12 - 12
坦柏林山螢光蟲洞穴(Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves)位於杉溪莊園(Cedar Creek Estate)中。 在壯麗的人造地下洞穴中遊覽! 洞穴由兩間以隧道相互連接的穴室所構成。 第一間穴室為展示洞穴,您可在此觀賞螢光蟲和洞穴建造的影音呈現。 這間穴室以非常擬真的型態(洞穴堆積物)完工,如石筍和鐘乳石、水生態和流動石頭。 您可在美得驚人的洞穴,跟隨導覽穿越

春溪國家公園天然橋(Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park)

Springbrook, Gold Coast Area
春溪國家公園(Springbrook National Park)的天然橋(Natural Bridge)是一處非比尋常的地理景觀,經過數百萬年滴水穿過玄武岩洞穴而形成。 天然橋(Natural Bridge)是螢火蟲的聚居地,數量驚人,在日落後您可以看到牠們的光芒。 澳洲世界遺產區(Australia World Heritage Area)的崗得瓦納雨林(Gondwna Rainforests)

北坦伯林(North Tamborine)

North Tamborine, Scenic Rim Area
在昆士蘭(Queensland)東南角雲霧裊裊的高山上,坐落著北坦伯林(North Tamborine)這座翠綠的小村莊。 北坦伯林(North Tamborine)是坦伯林山(Mount Tamborine)三個小社區中的其中一個,以如詩般的田園風景和傲視周圍山谷的迷人景緻著稱。 村子中心有許多舒適宜人的餐廳和咖啡館,供應當地新鮮土特產。 享用完豐盛的一餐後,可探訪附近街上古雅的藝術品和手工藝

雷鳥公園(Thunderbird Park)

Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$0 - 0
雷鳥公園(Thunderbird Park)涵蓋眾多驚人且豐富的野生動物及地質景觀,位於澳洲昆士蘭(Queensland)的坦伯林(Tamborine Mountain)山區,面積延伸超過 112 公頃。 您可在此享受一趟經濟實惠的山間探險、情侶共遊或家庭假期出遊。 雷鳥公園(Thunderbird Park)提供供電或無供電的橡皮帳篷與旅行車營地,營區附近有工作人員的值班宿舍。 快來尋找蛋寶
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