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No Limits 4x4 Hire offer ex-Army Perentie 4x4 hire and guided self drive tours to remote regions of Queensland and beyond. As their name suggests, they have 'No Limits'. You can take their vehicles on any legal stretch of road, track or beach in the country. They actually encourage you to head off-road and experience the real beauty of the rugged country.

Whether you want to join them on a Tagalong Tour to Cape York, Simpson Desert or the Gulf of Carpentaria, they can cater for you (literally). Their Tagalong Tours are fully catered from the first day to the last. They also provide an ex-Army Land Rover Perentie 4x4 vehicle, fuel, food, external tours, ferry fees, National Park permits and camping/accommodation, guided fishing/4x4/camping tips and assistance, an edited tour video and more.

For those that are more adventurous and like to go it alone, their vehicles are fully equipped for remote travel, with; double bed, 30 litre fridge, camp chairs and table, gas cooker, cooking equipment, cutler/crockery, UHF radio, 12/240 volt power outlets, diesel and water containers, all recovery equipment including; on-board winch, air compressor, sand tracks and more.

Our tours

15-day Cape York Tagalong Tour

This tour is an epic self-drive 4x4/fishing/camping and touring adventure that travels the entire length of the Old Telegraph Track, Frenchman's Track, Bloomfield River Track, Running Creek Track and the Five Beaches (Somerset). There is no experience needed as you are guided in all aspects of your journey by two experienced Tour Leaders.

Their tour package includes:
- A fully equiped Land Rover 4x4 Perentie Camper
- All food and full catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and tea/coffee) for the entire trip!!
- Fuel
- National Park camping fees
- Resort Camping fees
- Ferry fees
- Cooktown Museum Tour
-Entry to the Quinken Cultural Centre and Split Rock Art Gallery
- Go Pro Action Camera to film your trip (raw footage and an edited video of your trip are also included in your package)
- Guided evening wildlife spotlighting
- Guided fishing sessions
- 4x4, camping and fishing tips and assistance from an experienced and knowledgeable tour leader with over a decade of experience as a Parks and Wildlife Ranger!

Indicative rates

$4600 $8600

A self-drive Simpson Desert adventure!
Drive one of their awesome ex-Army Land Rover Perenties or bring your own vehicle.
All-inclusive tour package includes;
- vehicle (ex-Army Land Rover Perentie),
- fuel,
- all food and catering (breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert, tea and coffee),
- external tours/activities (Eulo Mud Bath, Mitchell Springs)
- 4x4/fishing/camping guidance,
- camping and fishing gear,
- camping fees and permits, and
- GoPro camera and edited tour video

Indicative rates

$4600 $8600
13-day Cape York Tagalong Tour

This tour is an epic 4x4/fishing/camping and touring adventure that travels the entire length of the Old Telegraph Track, Bloomfield River Track, Running Creek Track and the Five Beaches (Somerset). There is no experience needed as you are guided in all aspects of your journey by two experienced Tour Leaders.

Indicative rates

$4000 $7500

This tour has it all; Dinosaurs, Crocodiles, Barramundi fishing, Swimming in pristine rivers, WW2 history, European and Indigenous Cultural history, Outback pubs, Volcanic lava tubes, 4x4 driving, Camping and much, much more.

Indicative rates

$3400 $6300
Custom/Personalised Tours

4x4 Expeditions, Fishing Safaris, Anonymous remote holidays!
They cater for adventure! Let them know where you want to go and they will do all of the planning and provide an experienced tour guide, vehicle, camping gear, etc!

Indicative rates

$2000 $20000

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雷明頓國家公園綠山(Lamington National Park, Green Mountains Section)

Canungra, Scenic Rim Area
Free Entry
雷明頓國家公園(Lamington National Park)綠山(Green Mountains)位於黃金海岸(Gold Coast)的腹地,也是澳洲世界遺產地區崗得瓦納雨林(Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area)的一部分,每年吸引成千上萬的遊客前來觀賞其瀑布、野生動物及美麗的步道。 您可以前往遊客中心索取手冊並踏上步道(距離

樹頂步道(Tree Top Walkway)

Canungra, Scenic Rim Area
Free Entry
樹頂步道(The Tree Top Walk)位於奧瑞里雨林靜居(O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat),由自然歷史協會籌建。 布庸木棧道(The Booyong Boardwalk)設有許多解說立牌,帶您從奧瑞里雨林靜居(O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat)前門,到由吊橋組成的步道,往上 16 公尺即可到達雨

春溪國家公園天然橋(Natural Bridge, Springbrook National Park)

Springbrook, Gold Coast Area
春溪國家公園(Springbrook National Park)的天然橋(Natural Bridge)是一處非比尋常的地理景觀,經過數百萬年滴水穿過玄武岩洞穴而形成。 天然橋(Natural Bridge)是螢火蟲的聚居地,數量驚人,在日落後您可以看到牠們的光芒。 澳洲世界遺產區(Australia World Heritage Area)的崗得瓦納雨林(Gondwna Rainforests)

丹百林雨林空中步道(Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk)

North Tamborine, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$19.50 - 49.00
坦伯林雨林空中步道(Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk)可供探索雨林樹冠。 您的冒險行程可自雨林生態館出發,這兒有完整的雨林動植物資訊和展示。 包括亞熱帶雨林野生生物照片和描述、靜態展示,以及多種澳洲淡水魚的水族館。 您可自雨林生態館(Rainforest Eco Gallery)出發,開始一場壯觀的空中步道探險,途中經過美麗的中層和高層雨林樹冠。 這條步道採用穩定、高科技的


Forsayth, Etheridge Area
有時候歷史比虛幻故事更詭異。 就某種意義而言,福賽斯(Forsayth)曾經遍地黃金。 這裡曾經是艾瑟勒奇金礦(Etheridge Goldfield)的一部份,由於採礦者不需要昂貴的設備就能找到黃金,因此這裡又被稱為「窮人的金礦」。 地上幾乎隨便都能挖到金塊。 這座金礦附近的許多小鎮都是快速發展又快速凋零,新工作通常不長久,業主則不斷承諾會找到其他財富。 臨時的瓦楞鐵片建築一再被拆除,然後

澳洲的崗得瓦納雨林(Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)

Springbrook, Gold Coast Area
Free Entry
澳大利亞岡瓦納雨林(the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)坐落在東南昆士蘭(South East Queensland),包含全世界最廣泛的亞熱帶雨林地區,以及大片溫帶雨林和幾乎布滿南極山毛櫸的寒帶雨林。 澳大利亞岡瓦納雨林(the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)世界遺產地區包括位於昆士蘭(Queensland)和新南威爾斯(New South Wales)的廣大雨林保護區。 昆士蘭國家公園(Queensland National Parks)涵蓋區域: - 雷明頓國家公園(Lamington National Park) - 春溪國家公園(Springbrook National Park) - 巴尼山國家公園(Mt Barney National Park) - 主山脈國家公園(Main Range National Park) 從主要城鎮走柏油路或碎石路可以輕易的從許多國家公園進入澳大利亞岡瓦納雨林(the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia),進而探索世界遺產雨林。 旅遊設施多樣化,包括綿延數公里的步道;健行及探險之旅導覽和各種住宿選擇。 雨林曾經覆蓋了大部分的遠古南方超大陸岡瓦納(Gondwana),現在仍是澳大利亞(Australia)最古老的植被類型。 地球上很少有地方有這麼多動植物與其遠古祖先幾乎完全相同。 這裡聚集的原始植物科可以直接追溯到 100 多萬年前的開花植物,以及一些世界上最古老的蕨類植物和針葉植物。 雖然雨林覆蓋面積只有澳大利亞(Australia)的 0.


Beaudesert, Scenic Rim Area
波德塞特(Beaudesert)是一座古雅的鄉村小鎮,坐落於風光明媚的山間腹地,不到一小時路程之外就是布里斯本(Brisbane)及黄金海岸(Gold Coast)。 行經林德西山高速公路(Mt Lindesay Highway)時,波德塞特(Beaudesert)是便利的中途休息站,本身即為熱鬧的觀光景點。 在人聲鼎沸的鄉村市集可以找到各種的當地土特產和頂級手工藝品。 還有藝廊展示了當地備受尊

坦柏林山螢光蟲洞穴(Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves)

North Tamborine, Scenic Rim Area
From AU$12 - 12
坦柏林山螢光蟲洞穴(Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves)位於杉溪莊園(Cedar Creek Estate)中。 在壯麗的人造地下洞穴中遊覽! 洞穴由兩間以隧道相互連接的穴室所構成。 第一間穴室為展示洞穴,您可在此觀賞螢光蟲和洞穴建造的影音呈現。 這間穴室以非常擬真的型態(洞穴堆積物)完工,如石筍和鐘乳石、水生態和流動石頭。 您可在美得驚人的洞穴,跟隨導覽穿越


Beechmont, Gold Coast Area
比齊蒙特(Beechmont)與黃金海岸(Gold Coast)中心相距 45 分鐘車程,在生機蓬勃的著名輝煌大道之外,這裡是另一處世外桃源。 黃金海岸腹地(Gold Coast Hinterland)壯觀的高原,令人屏息的景緻從古至今依然沒變,我們與數千年前的本地尤甘貝(Yugambeh)傳統原住民族共享同樣的美麗景色。 尤甘貝(Yugambeh)族將高原稱為「賓納布拉之地(The Place

賓納布拉(Binna Burra)

Binna Burra, Scenic Rim Area
依偎在世界遺產雷明頓國家公園(Lamington National Park)環繞的土地之上,賓納布拉(Binna Burra)周邊盡是茂盛的古老森林,景緻宜人。 賓納布拉(Binna Burra)之名來自於原住民語,意指「山毛櫸樹生長之地」,此地附近的雨林中生長了古老的南極山毛櫸樹。 賓納布拉(Binna Burra)是許多自然步道的絕佳起點,走訪環境潔淨的雷明頓國家公園(Lamington
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