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For that once in a lifetime experience, every time, Nautilus Aviation offers one of the best ways to see the world’s natural wonders just outside their doorsteps.

With over 24 years of commitment to exceptional service, Nautilus Aviation has over 25 state-of-the-art helicopters across its bases in Queensland (Cairns, Townsville and Horn Island), the Northern Territory and New South Wales. Now also proudly operating Sydney’s ‘Westpac Surf Life Saver Rescue Helicopters’, Nautilus Aviation is one of the largest General Aviation helicopter company in Australia.

Departing daily, in Queensland guests can jump on board a scenic flight, enjoy a reef and rainforest day package, escape to a secluded sand cay, cast a line with HeliFish, design a tour of their own or, for the more adventurous, take the controls and fly themselves!

The sky is no longer the limit, it’s your new playground! Fly with Nautilus Aviation and 'Experience the Difference'.

Our Tours

10 Minute City Scenic

Showcasing the vast and contrasting views of the Townsville region, this flight gives you a true layout of the city and its landmarks. Spectacular views of Castle Hill, the Strand, Townsville Port and the Ross River are among the many eye-catching features of this flight.

Indicative rates

$130 $130
30 Minute Magnetic Island Scenic Flight

Rise above the waters of the Coral Sea and take in the stunning scenery of Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island, an area that can only be truly appreciated from the air. Watch as rugged cliffs give way to the island's dense National Park rainforests and blend into the stunning secluded bays that encase this island playground. The return voyage to Townsville encompasses panoramic views of the city, Townsville Port, Castle Hill, the Ross River and the Strand, offering you an exceptional perspective of this diverse region.

Indicative rates

$399.00 $399.00
45 Minute Cape Cleveland and Bowling Green Bay Scenic Flight

Share some local history with a scenic flight to Cape Cleveland Lighthouse. Perched high on the wind-beaten cliff face, the lighthouse was built in 1879 and marks the northern-most point of Cape Cleveland and the entrance to Cleveland Bay. Following the Coastline to reveal the wetlands of Bowling Green Bay National Park, this flight takes in some of the region's most spectacular scenery before returning to Townsville with panoramic views of all the largest city in North Queensland has to offer.

Indicative rates

$499.00 $499.00

The Palm Island archipelago is a magnificent jewel in the crown of the Great Barrier Reef and experiencing it from the air is the only way to gain a true appreciation of its wonder and beauty. On take-off you will enjoy an extraordinary vista of Magnetic Island before tracking towards the Coral Sea and following the trail of small islands leading to Palm Island's splendid shores. Circling the island's rugged coastline reveals the fringing reefs that make this island one of the most prized assets of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The return leg of your journey offers views of Townsville's city and post districts, the Strand and Castle Hill.

Indicative rates

$690.00 $690.00

A flight around Hinchinbrook Island, Australia's largest island National Park, is spectacularly punctuated by abrupt headlands, waterfalls, secluded sandy coves, mangrove-lined estuaries and dense rainforest. Explore this prehistoric paradise from the air and marvel at the sheer beauty that Hinchinbrook has to offer; the scenery is unmatched anywhere else on the North Queensland coastline. Their outbound flight will take you over the picturesque Palm Island archipelago and its fringing reefs. Experience the natural beauty of this part of the Great Barrier Marine Park before tracking to Hinchinbrook Island and returning to Townsville via the stunning tropical coastline. Be sure to bring your camera for memories you'll cherish forever.

Indicative rates

$950.00 $950.00
Orpheus Experience

Spoil yourself and visit Orpheus, a secluded island lodge located just 30 minutes by helicopter from Townsville. At the Orpheus heliport, you will be greeted by the friendly island staff and, following a refreshing fruit cocktail, take your own dinghy or be taken in our custom built drop off boat to your very own secluded beach.

Beach comb and indulge in a chef-prepared gourmet picnic hamper, complete with refreshments, in absolute isolation. After lunch, snorkel straight off the beach into pellucid blue-green waters and discover the mystical coral gardens and brightly coloured tropical fish of this underwater world. After a serene three hours, you'll enjoy another flight over the Palm Island archipelago and return to life as you once knew it!

Indicative rates

$950.00 $950.00

Need an escape? How about an exclusive experience, on your own piece of paradise? Havannah Island, the southernmost island from Palm Island, is waiting for you!

In absolute seclusion, relax on the sand, beach comb for treasures or snorkel straight off the beach and discover the underwater world of the island's fringing reef. A gourmet picnic hamper, complete with sparkling wine or beer, beach umbrella, blanket and cushions, completes your five-star shipwreck experience.

The journey to and from is also a delight. In your own private helicopter, feel the thrill of flying over a collection of islands including Rattlesnake Island, Herald Island and Acheron Island.

Indicative rates

$695.00 $695.00
Ultimate Ride Package - Magnetic Island

Combine your love of horse-riding and the open skies with this unique package. Experience two types of horsepower - first flying in a helicopter over the stunning scenery of Cleveland Bay and Magnetic Island and then Saddleback, riding through native bushland to a pristine beach. The tour is even complete with an optional bareback ride straight into the ocean - a truly breathtaking experience swimming with your horse! At the tours completion, guests can remain on the island to disover all of its treasure. Sea Link departs Magnetic Island every hour.

*There are weight restrictions for this product. Maximum weight is 95 kilograms.

Indicative rates

$350.00 $350.00

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高地人汽車旅館(Highlander Motor Inn)

South Toowoomba, Toowoomba Area
From AU$139 - 240
辛苦了一整天旅遊或駕車,您可在水療放鬆和恢復精力,或在高地人汽車旅館(Highlander Motor Inn)的熱鹽水游泳池享受一下。 在您寬敞的套房中喝杯啤酒和享用美味的一餐來放鬆。 需要工作? 汽車旅館各處皆可使用免費無線寬頻網路。

雲湖山莊(Cloudlake Mountain Retreat)

Ravensbourne, Toowoomba Area
From AU$225 - 245
雲湖山莊(Cloudlake Mountain Retreat)是占地 65 英畝的有機/生物動力自然農法農莊,坐落在雷文斯本國家公園(Ravensbourne National Park)附近山區海拔 2,000 英呎的神秘山谷中。 這裏提供旅客遠離繁忙生活的避世幽居,有兩棟具備全套獨立廚具浴室的小屋,船屋(Boathouse)和母鴨小屋(Mother of Ducks Cottage),位於私人

綠脊度假(ecoRidge Hideaway)

Preston, Toowoomba Area
From AU$110 - 195
綠脊度假早餐旅舍(ecoRidge Hideaway Bed and Breakfast)標高 650 公尺,座落大分嶺(Great Dividing Range)山脊上,「高」雅有格調。 從三棟有全套獨立廚具浴室的小屋中挑選,每一棟均符合環保綠色原則,讓您將碳足跡減至最少。 在變化多端的日光下,欣賞引人入勝的景色和週圍的高峰峽谷,以及令人難以忘懷的日出。 佔地達 50 英畝的寧靜大自然,這個山區度假村也有許多種鳥類和野生動物,能從陽台清楚欣賞。 沿著灌木林步道散步,登上此區最高的山峰坎貝爾山(Mount Campbell)峰頂,或是探索格爾門屋山口(Gorman'

邦尼康拿倫橄欖果園和葡萄園(Bunnyconnellen Olive Grove and Vineyard)

Crows Nest, Toowoomba Area
From AU$165 - 165
覺得壓力大? 無法專心,或者只是需要一點時間思考? 快來邦尼康拿倫橄欖果園和葡萄園(Bunnyconnellen Olive Grove and Vineyard),享受與世隔絕的寧靜,更重要的是,花點時間重新為生活充電。 工作室是重新翻修的舊農場建築,新增了生活必備設施,同時又保留了簡樸的魅力與個性。 這裡最適合兩人入住,有小廚房、全套衛浴、起居空間、圓胖型暖爐、音樂系統和兩個門廊,其中一個有烤肉設備。 在葡萄園和橄欖樹間漫步,或者把腳翹高完全放鬆。 這裡有豐富的動植物群可以欣賞,而且空間廣大,您可以盡情活動。 例如打場槌球、滾球、游泳、野餐或向下散步到水堤。 體驗寧靜的環境、星空,在門廊的遮蔭下休息,或從後門出發,散步到鄉村酒窖,享用冰涼白酒或醇厚紅酒,沉浸在美好的氣氛中。 酒窖(Who'

暮光果園農場早餐旅舍農場居(Twilight Grove Farm Bed and Breakfast Farm Stay)

Esk, Somerset Area
From AU$66.00 - 88.00
暮光果園農場(Twilight Grove Farm)是昆士蘭(Queensland)艾斯克(Esk)鎮最優質的早餐旅舍賓館與農場住宿之一。 距離布里斯本機場(Brisbane Airport)僅一小時車程,位置極佳,讓您能夠體驗澳洲東南部的人文風貌與觀光活動。 其中包括黃金海岸(Gold Coast)、陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)以及布里斯本河谷(Brisbane Valley

布瑞納農莊早餐旅舍(Branell Homestead Bed and Breakfast)

Laidley, Lockyer Valley Area
From AU$99 - 243
布瑞納農莊早餐旅舍(Branell Homestead Bed and Breakfast)離布里斯本(Brisbane)只要一小時路程,就在美麗的洛克耶爾谷(Lockyear Valley)內萊德利(Laidley)外圍,適合喜愛享受生活的您,可以在收藏豐富的圖書館看書,或看看大螢幕電影。 除此之外,還可享受從私人棧橋垂釣或在佔地 80 英畝的場地內輕鬆漫步,探索本土動物群與植物群。 無論您選擇哪

BIG4 圖沃柏花園城度假營地(BIG4 Toowoomba Garden City Holiday Park)

Toowoomba, Toowoomba Area
From AU$41 - 221
BIG4 圖沃柏花園城度假營地(BIG4 Toowoomba Garden City Holiday Park)是地點適中的住宿首選。 圖沃柏(Toowoomba)和黃金西部(Golden West)期待您的光臨! 不管您喜歡什麼,不管是什麼時候,昆士蘭(Queensland)東南部這一區都有特別事物讓一日遊或是度假客體驗。 在 BIG4 圖沃柏花園城度假營地,除了 BIG4 度假營地(BIG4 H

艾倫古魯夫公寓(Ellengrove Apartments)

Toowoomba, Toowoomba Area
From AU$165 - 175
艾倫古魯夫(Ellengrove)在寧靜的住宅區提供您六間單或雙臥室且設備完善的公寓。 所有公寓皆設有空間寬敞的廚房及浴室,以及高品質的加大雙人床。 每間公寓皆設有可上鎖的車庫與私人庭院。 這裡有現代的鄉村風格、私密且非常舒適。 非常適合待產媽媽、醫院訪客、商務旅客,以及初來此地尋找房屋且需要高品質住宿空間者。 從這裡步行即可抵達帝國劇院(Empire Theatre)、大教堂中心(Cathedra

馬卡坦別墅(Markartan Villas)

Toowoomba, Toowoomba Area
From AU$165 - 250
如果您想要尋找位在圖沃柏(Toowoomba)時尚又有格調的高品質服務公寓,此間全新開幕的馬卡坦別墅(Markartan Villas)就是您的理想選擇。 環境非常寧靜,公寓適合前來度假的遊客、商務旅客或想搬家到圖沃柏(Toowoomba)的旅客入住,也適合醫院與醫療團隊住宿。 共有 11 間寬敞的別墅,享有四星級的品質,且專為您在外地旅遊的所有需求而設計,家具設置完善,且附有全套獨立廚

最佳西方亞普甘飯店(Best Western Applegum Inn)

Toowoomba, Toowoomba Area
From AU$122 - 190
最佳西方亞普甘飯店(Best Western Applegum Inn)的位置十分理想,坐落在於林木扶疏、風景如畫的瑪格麗特街(Margaret Street),典雅的圖沃柏文法學校對面(Toowoomba Grammar School),遠離公路車流喧囂。 位於市中心,距離中心商業區不到一公里,鄰近醫療設施和聖文森特醫院(St Vincent's Hospital)。 帝國劇院(Empire Theatre)、Cobb and Co.
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