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Great Northern Tours is a privately owned, four wheel drive tour business who specialise in extended birdwatching tours, as well as scenic, cultural and private charter adventures.

Their base is located in Cooktown, Far North Queensland, with great access to the Cairns region, Atherton Tableland, Cooktown, Cape York Peninsula and the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Operating with a maximum of 'four passengers only' policy, thus ensuring that travelling with Great Northern Tours is both relaxing and memorable. If you are wishing to increase your Australian bird list, love photography, or simply wanting to enjoy a professionally guided tour into some of Far North Queensland's more remote wilderness areas, then please contact them so they can discuss a suitable tour option.


  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Off Road Driving

Our Tours

Cape York Birding Tour

Cape York birding tour is an eight day, fully accommodated birdwatching adventure.

From the tropical rainforests of the east coast, to the vivid red landscapes of Weipa on the west coast of Cape York. Visiting some of Australia's most iconic birding destinations, including Iron Range (Kutini Payamu) and Lakefield (Rinyirru) National Parks.

Great Northern Tours personal guide, David Mead, will help you locate some very special bird species, including the endangered Golden-shouldered Parrot, Palm Cockatoo, Eclectus Parrot, Fawn-breasted Bowerbird, Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Northern Scrub-robin and the endemic White-streaked Honeyeater, to name a few.

You will travel in a very comfortable, air-conditioned four wheel drive, (four passengers only), from Cairns to Weipa, with all accommodation and meals supplied, including a return flight back to Cairns.

When it comes to birding in the far north, Cooktown is a unique geographical base, due to its access to an incredible array of eco-systems, including wet tropics rainforest, mangrove-lined estuaries, open savanna, sclerophyll and riverine forests and stunning escarpment country.

You may wish to enjoy a casual tour of Cooktown's beautiful scenery, looking through the binoculars and taking in some new birds, or you could be a very keen birder chasing some of the rarer species, specific to the area; like the Silver-crowned Friarbird, White-streaked Honeyeater, Lovely Fairy-wren, Tropical Scrubwren, Northern Fantail, White-browed Robin, or the seasonal visiting Black-winged Monarch and Buff-breasted Kingfisher (Nov-March).

Either way your local birdwatching guide David, will make this half-day adventure tour a rewarding experience.

Great Northern Tours have designed this exciting, birding tour, to take in not only a splendid mixture of rainforest and dry country birding, but also allow visitors to enjoy some of the fascinating history and culture of Southern Cape York. The itinerary structure will have you spellbound from start to finish, a real taste of the Far North's colourful pioneering past, culture and not to mention some incredibly diverse birding opportunities.

On this three day circuit tour, they depart and return to Cooktown travelling through some very contrasting landscapes from the coastal splendour of Cooktown to the open savanna of Cape York.

Day one, you'll head north through Endeavour Valley, Battlecamp Range and the iconic Lakefield (Rinyirru) National Park, an extroadinary conservation area containing a myriad of waterways, billabongs and open savanna.

You will stay overnight at the historical Musgrave Telegraph Station (your base for two nights).

On day two you will explore a local cattle station for the endangered Golden-shouldered Parrot, one of only two Cape York's endemics. The afternoon takes you on to some open grasslands and mangrove tidal systems, for more examples of how richly diverse the birding in this region is.

Day three, you'll head south down the Peninsula Development road, to take a few more breaks at interesting birding locations, not to mention some fascinating escarpment country. Arriving back in Cooktown in the late afternoon.

This is great opportunity to chase some very special birds in a remote and beautiful part of Queensland's arid interior.

From the very beginning of this adventure, you will be enthralled, not only by the stunning landscapes of the 'Outback' but also its impressive birding highlights.

Travelling with a small group in a luxury four wheel drive, whilst overnighting in quality accommodation, certainly is a rewarding and memorable way to bird this wonderful region.

This tour departs from and returns to Cooktown and takes in two iconic national parks, both world-renowned birding hotspots, add in some hidden waterholes on a Cape York working cattle station and you have an incredible mix of Australian landscapes.

You will be visiting some great sites in Lakefield, as you travel right through the park from south to north. You will be targeting Star, Black-throat and Masked Finch, Banded, Rufous-throated, Bar-breasted and Rufous-banded Honeyeaters as well as a huge range of raptors and waterbirds, plus the prospect of finding the very rare Red Goshawk at their seasonal nesting site.

The Cape York endemic Golden-shouldered Parrot will certainly be on the agenda, as you bird some great dry country areas and a local cattle station.

Stage two of this Cape York tour you will be visiting Iron Range (Kutini-Payamu) National Park, simply one of Australia’s best birdwatching experiences.

The park contains the largest remaining lowland rainforest in Australia and is a refuge and stronghold for some very special birds, which can also be found in New Guinea.

North Queensland covers a large expanse of ever-changing landscapes. This fully accommodated, 10 day birdwatching tour is designed to showcase not only this remote and beautiful region, but its outstanding variety of avifauna. A great mixture of birding hotspots are combined in an itinerary that had over 200 bird species sited on their 2016 and 2017 trips. Including target species like the Golden Bowerbird, Victoria's Riflebird, White-breasted Whistler, Painted, Long-tail, Black-throat and Pictorella Finch, Purple-crowned Fairywren, Cloncurry Ringneck and the Kalkadoon Grasswren, not to mention in excess of 20 Honeyeater species and a long list of waders and waterbirds.

Great Northern Tours are excited about offering this (one-off for 2018) adventure, traveling in a luxury four wheel drive, staying in quality accommodation, with great food. Your experienced North Queensland guide David Mead, will ensure your journey is conducted in a relaxed and flexible manner. Visiting many iconic birding sites, including the Atherton Tablelands, Georgetown, Karumba, Burketown, and some very exciting birding in the Mt Isa region.

From the fabulous 'World Heritage Listed' wet tropics, to the spinifex-clad hills of the outback, they believe this well structured itinerary is one of the best birdwatching adventures offered in North Queensland.

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萊頓堡國家公園(Fort Lytton National Park)

Lytton, Brisbane Area
From AU$6.45 - 20.20
萊頓堡國家公園(Fort Lytton National Park)負責保護昆士蘭(Queensland)軍事歷史的誕生地。 在 1881 至 1945 年間,這座經典堡壘是昆士蘭(Queensland)防禦活動的焦點所在。 澳洲在 19 世紀曾於海岸興建多處同類堡壘,以抵抗外界入侵;這座保存良好的五角形堡壘,隱蔽在綠草如茵的堤防後方,周圍則環繞滿水的護城河。 參加導覽行程,讓自己沉浸在堡壘的迷

老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)

Eagle Farm, Brisbane Area
老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)是布里斯本的郊區,因鄰近的老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)和敦班(Doomben)賽道而成為賽馬的代名詞。 在冬日賽季中,老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)因穿著色彩繽紛的觀賽者、騎師、活蹦亂跳的賽馬,以及緊張的訓練師們而變得生氣勃勃。 布里斯本皇家高爾夫球場(Royal Brisbane Golf Course)位在布里斯本河畔,就在老鷹農場(Eagle Farm)

布里斯本區(Brisbane Region)

Brisbane, Brisbane Area
布里斯本(Brisbane)是活躍的首都暨休閒勝地,擁有豐富的度假名勝、盛事與文化活動、綠地和天然奇景、世界級的展覽,以及現場音樂演奏場地。 美景邊緣(Scenic Rim) 沿著多變的景致往西遊覽,即可抵達布里斯本名列世界文化遺產的美景邊緣(Scenic Rim),此處擁有蒼翠雨林、狀觀山脈與古老的地形。 無論是美食與美酒、浪漫之旅、露營、叢林漫步、鄉村酒吧、藝術、歷史與冒險之旅,這裡應有盡

斯普林高地(Spring Hill)

Spring Hill, Brisbane Area
坐落在布里斯本市中心的邊緣,斯普林高地(Spring Hill)是布里斯本最受歡迎的郊區之一,步行即可抵達布里斯本擁有的絕佳享樂之���。 向西為美麗的羅馬街公園地(Roma Street Parklands),在此您可餵食野鴨,漫步在森林層冠上方的步道上。 向南為繁華熱鬧的市區心臟地帶,向東為時髦的佛特谷(Fortitude Valley),此地擁有多姿多彩的現場音樂表演、夜店、時髦的咖啡館、藝廊,


Wynnum, Brisbane Area
懷能(Wynnum)是東海灣海岸村莊的交會地,它是充滿活力而且非常適合家庭前往的海邊郊區。 距離布里斯本中央商業區(Brisbane Central Business District)約 15 公里,開車約 30 分鐘,懷能(Wynnum)吸引各種喜歡在水邊享受村莊氣氛的遊客。 這個地方的重點活動包括沿著懷能(Wynnum)的濱海大道(Esplanade)輕鬆散步,以及適合孩童的淺水池和水上樂

南布里斯本(South Brisbane)

South Brisbane, Brisbane Area
南布里斯本(South Brisbane)這處市內郊區,在近年重建之後,成為布里斯本最熱門的地區之一。 此處曾充滿倉庫、工廠,以及碼頭,南布里斯本(South Brisbane)經歷了令人難以置信的蛻變,在 1988 年,此地從廢棄的布里斯本河畔工業區,搖身一變成為世博會場地。 現在這裡充滿了時尚商店、時髦的紅酒吧、優質旅館、國際化的咖啡館,以及餐廳。 南布里斯本(South Brisbane)位在南岸,是這座城市首屈一指的休閒娛樂地區。 在南岸,您可在僻靜的人工海灘水域游泳,享受壯麗的景色以及美麗的公園,讓各式各樣的美味餐點犒賞您的味蕾,欣賞戲劇、芭蕾、歌劇、音樂會,或是藝術展覽。 許多美麗的老建築,仍舊點綴著南布里斯本(South Brisbane)的風景。 聖安德魯斯聖公會教堂(Saint Andrew'

大瑰樂國家公園(D'Aguilar National Park)

The Gap, Brisbane Area
Free Entry
大瑰樂國家公園(D'Aguilar National Park)是一座寬敞、多樣化的公園,內有樹膠桉和鬱鬱蔥蔥的雨林,延伸附蓋布里斯本(Brisbane)後門的山丘。 享受絕佳的觀景點、散步小徑和野餐區,以及為經驗豐富的健行者和探訪者提供的偏遠且與世隔絕的營地。 在裘莉的(Jolly’s)觀景點(輪椅可抵達)烤肉,同時觀賞山姆佛得河谷(Samford Valley)景緻,並聆聽早晨的鳥鳴。

曼利鎮港灣村(Manly Harbour Village)

Manly, Brisbane Area
Free Entry
曼利海灣村(Manly Harbour Village)是由布里斯本中央商業區(Brisbane Central Business District)前往莫瑞頓灣(Moreton Bay)最近的據點,並屬於南莫瑞頓灣觀光大道(Southern Moreton Bay Tourist Drive)的一部分。 村莊位於曼利船隻海港(Manly Boat Harbour)旁,是布里斯本通往莫瑞頓灣海洋公園


Manly, Brisbane Area
因為可以立即通往摩頓島(Moreton Bay),曼利(Manly)是愛好船隻的人的夢想。 曼利鎮(Manly)是曼利鎮港(Manly Harbour)的中心,碼頭充滿了一流的遊艇和高品質的餐館。 曼利鎮(Manly)最著名的是其放鬆卻又精巧的自然氣氛。 在這裡您可以進行許多活動 - 包括海邊家庭野餐、騎單車、水上運動和市場,這��全部都有。 若想體驗真正的海邊度假,何不航遊到摩頓島(Moreto


Milton, Brisbane Area
米爾頓(Milton)是象徵標誌和濃縮咖啡。 公園路(Park Road)是原本的咖啡廳街道,它是首批經過城市重整的郊區之一,並造就布里斯本(Brisbane)與各別刺激的村莊間的愛情故事。 米爾頓(Milton)的重頭戲就是餐廳,它是布里斯本(Brisbane)裡的小小歐州角落,從 1989 年起具象徵性的甜蜜生活(La Dolce Vita)便成為其主軸。 它具備魅力和精緻性,但卻又帶有隨性的
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