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Gold Coast Paddlesports are the Gold Coast's newest provider of Kayak/Stand Up Paddle Adventures and Rentals, and what that means is a new energy, a fresh approach, and an unparalleled level of service and expertise. Their mission statement is to simply provide unique, safe and fun experiences on the water, and to show the magic that the Gold Coast has to offer.

Their tours are professionally guided by highly qualified and experienced Kayak and SUP Instructors, and are uniquely designed for small to medium sized groups only.

Their Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards, local knowledge and expertise will help you experience the fun and freedom of paddling, as well as the opportunity to discover the idyllic Gold Coast waterways in a safe and rewarding environment. The love they have of paddling is contagious, and they guarantee it will grow on you.



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Our Tours

Gold Coast City Sunset Kayak Tour

Discover hidden treasure in the heart of the Gold Coast. Enjoy a mix of natural beauty, striking city skylines and a combination of rustic and prestigious waterfront real estate. As you reach a hidden beach, kick back and enjoy a glass of wine, frosty cold beer or soft drink and a selection of cheese and other nibbles. Be refreshed by good vibes in great surroundings.

This one of a kind tour will have you ​kayaking the city canals of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach whilst exploring the hidden charm that truly captures the Gold Coast's laid back lifestyle. As you paddle through a maze of winding waterways, you'll stumble upon secret little parks with beaches, wildlife hidden in pockets of natural habitat, and all amongst a mix of flashy waterfront mansions and rustic beach houses. Along the way, as the sun goes down over the glistening Surfers Paradise city, relax and watch the sunset while you drink a nice glass of wine, frosty beer or soft drink. This unique tour is a breath of fresh air, and will leave you looking at the Gold Coast through a different lense.

Indicative rates

$39 $49
Heart of Gold Coast Half Day

Heart of Gold Coast Half Day Package - 3 tours in 1!

Tour 1: Hike National Park
Explore the subtropical Burleigh Headland National Park as we show you to the most stunning look out in the Gold Coast.

Tour 2: Kayak Tallebudgera
Experience turquoise Tallebudgera Creek from a Tandem Kayak. Those who are tempted can stop and swim at a sand island along the way.​

Tour 3: David Fleay Wildlife Park
Enter the native wetlands and conservation centre of David Fleays Wildlife Park and see Australian native animals including Koalas, Kangaroos and Platypus and more..

Indicative rates

$119 $119

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格拉德斯通地區藝廊與博物館(Gladstone Regional Gallery and Museum)

Gladstone, Gladstone Area
Free Entry
格拉德斯通地區藝廊與博物館(Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum)創立於 1985 年,是格拉德斯通地區議會(Gladstone Regional Council)補助的社區文化建設。 博物館的主要功能是促進格拉德斯通地區(Gladstone Region)與中央昆士蘭(Central Queensland)藝術與文化遺產創作與推廣,也是保存與展示當地歷

寇提斯渡輪服務咖啡航遊(Curtis Ferry Services Coffee Cruise)

Gladstone, Gladstone Area
搭乘寇提斯企圖號(Curtis Endeavour)遊覽格拉德斯通港(Gladstone Harbour)與西部盆地(Western Basin)景色,一邊輕鬆享用早茶。 格拉德斯通咖啡航遊(Gladstone Coffee Cruise)由寇提斯渡輪服務(Curtis Ferry Services)推出,是一套兩小時休閒體驗。 解說人員會為您說明格拉德斯通港(Gladstone Harbou

千禧年濱海大道(Millennium Esplanade)

Tannum Sands, Gladstone Area
Free Entry
坦南金沙(Tannum Sands)為重要的娛樂景點,但直到 2000 年,各項設施才建設齊全。 獨立的涼亭為遊客提供私密的休憩空間。 雕塑包括「海馬化石(Seahorse fossil)」和「泥蟹(mudcrab)」,均採用蓋利洛普郡(Calliope Shire)各產業的廢鐵製成。 逐漸增加的烤肉區域、遊樂區和為數眾多的淋浴設施,使千禧年濱海大道(Millennium Esplanade)成為觀

大三角帆公園(Spinnaker Park)

Callemondah, Gladstone Area
Free Entry
曾經獲獎的大三角帆公園(Spinnaker Park)於 2001 年正式開放。 這座公園由格拉德斯通港口公司(Gladstone Ports Corporation)建立,已成為本市當地首屈一指的娛樂休閒場所。 這裡有長達兩個半公里的海景牆徒步路線,行經本土濕地與池塘,處處都可以寓教於樂,本公園是您散步、騎車或溜直排輪的最佳勝地。 這裡還有海灘小灣,天氣熱時最適合在此玩水。另設有烤肉區與野餐

格拉德斯通地區免費工業之旅(Gladstone Region Free Industry Tours)

Multiple Locations
Free Entry
格拉德斯通(Gladstone)擁有該區域最令人印象深刻的產業,例如:世界級大型的煉鋁廠、昆士蘭(Queensland)最大的發電廠,以及澳洲最大的熔煉業。 您可以參加格拉德斯通(Gladstone)促進區域發展有限公司的免費行程,此獲獎的參訪行程將帶您參觀這些重要企業。 您將探索這些大企業內部的運作實況,並瞭解昆士蘭(Queensland)工業的發展。 此一行程約花費一個半小時至三小時的時間,

莉莉海灘(Lilleys Beach)

Boyne Island, Gladstone Area
莉莉海灘(Lilley’s Beach)位於波茵島(Boyne Island)的溫德漢姆公園(Wyndham Park)北方。 這裡是當地人和觀光客嚮往的熱門周末露營地。 莉莉海灘(Lilley’s Beach)為著重生態保護的前灘區,目前是由波茵斯梅爾有限公司(Boyne Smelter Ltd)和格拉德斯通地區議會(Gladstone Regional Council)悉心維護。 您可以駕駛韓德利車(Handley Drive)從波茵島汙水處理計畫(Boyne Island Sewerage Treatment Plan)前往莉莉海灘(Lilley’s Beach)。 莉莉海灘(Lilley’s Beach)沿著海岸綿延 1.

拉康姆山(Mount Larcom)

Mount Larcom, Gladstone Area
Free Entry
從格拉德斯通(Gladstone)多數景點的西北方望去,均能欣賞到拉康姆山(Mount Larcom)顯著的獨特山峰,山峰高度為海平面以上 632 公尺。 該登山健行之旅極具挑戰性,最適合在涼爽的月份攀登,可及早欣賞到最棒的景色。 部分步道和攀爬坡度較為陡峭,因此不建議幼童同行。 並無洗手間設備。 顯著的地標有兩小時左右的上坡路程。 攻頂後的成就感,來自於 360 度欣賞格拉德斯通地區、田

桐頓植物園(Tondoon Botanic Gardens)

Gladstone, Gladstone Area
Free Entry
格拉德斯通(Gladstone)的桐頓植物園(Tondoon Botanic Gardens)內種植了 1500 種以上源自波特寇地斯地區(Port Curtis Region)與熱帶北昆士蘭(Tropical North Queensland)的植物。 植物園佔地 83 公頃,培育種類豐富的植物群與動物群。 桐頓湖(Lake Tondoon)位於植物園中央,在 1945 年之前,這座湖泊一直

格拉德斯通碼頭(Gladstone Marina)

Gladstone, Gladstone Area
Free Entry
格拉德斯通碼頭(Gladstone Marina)注重海洋活動,也是澳洲全國最大量船艇所有權人所在,導致這裡成為一個現代化的遊艇與划船活動中心。 格拉德斯通碼頭(Gladstone Marina)融合了澳洲海事主題,是許多包租遊艇的出發點,包括 P&O 度假村黑容島(P&O Resorts Heron Island)雙體船據點,並提供私有遊艇停泊服務。 格拉德斯通港(Gladst
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