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Eco-adventure guiding company based in magnificent Port Douglas, offering River Drift Snorkelling, Bush Walks, Jungle Surfing Daintree Day, Four wheel drive tours to Cape Tribulation, The Atherton Tablelands and more. Their adventure guides create unique journeys to suit holiday and budget requirements, with beautiful Rainforest locations, exceptional equipment and highest safety standards, to ensure you get the most from your holiday adventures.

Combine activities, such as River Drift Snorkel and Jungle Surfing for a great Tropical North Queensland adventure. Back Country Bliss Adventures recommends partaking in a cultural tour with an Indigenous guide some time during your stay. Their strong environmental philosophies and desire to educate and protect the natural world are second to none. Their staff hope that you too will share this experience and appreciate the value in protecting this wonderful part of the planet well into the future!


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Our Tours

Daintree Adventure Day Including Jungle Surfing

Come along and experience the oldest continuous rainforest on the planet from above and beyond!

Picking up in Port Douglas, you travel by ferry over the Daintree River up to Cape Tribulation Beach, visiting beautiful rainforest boardwalks and Cape Trib beach along the way. You then Jungle Surf through the canopy of this ancient rainforest area before indulging in a Restaurant lunch, deep in the Rainforest.

After lunch it's sweet Bio-Dynamic and Organic ice-cream, then onto Alexandra Range lookout to admire the view over the Daintree River and Coral Sea. Finally a wildlife crocodile spotting boat cruise on the Daintree River and back to Port Douglas, with the option of a refreshing river swim on the way... by far a very cool day.

Indicative rates

$165 $250
River Drift Snorkelling

Experience the magic of the rainforest from above and below the water! Imagine entering a rainforest that is millions of years old - the crystal clear, healing waters cascading down the river giving life to the rainforest plants and animals.

Allow the gentle waters to guide you through the Rainforest on this unique half-day journey, floating effortlessly down the river, being an observer of the flourishing aquatic life, rainforest butterflies and water birds of the area. This is one of the most unique things you will ever do!

Expect to see up to a dozen different species of Fresh Water Tropical Fish, Saw Shelled Turtle, Rainforest birdsong and beautiful River plants.

All ages catered for, but please check current River conditions when booking.

Indicative rates

$99 $99
Bush Walking Half Day

With breathtaking scenery and rainforest canopies, delicious snacks and tropical fruits, great little half-day walks are through ancient rainforest even older than the Amazon!

Just a short drive from Port Douglas this is a great option for those who have done the reef and would like to stretch the legs a little with some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of Port Douglas and the crowds of Cape Tribulation. Their fully qualified Bushwalking guides will also give informative commentary about the local area highlighting history, bush foods, flora and fauna.

Indicative rates

$120 $120

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克拉嘎拉島(Karragarra Island)

Karragarra Island, Redland City Area
克拉嘎拉島(Karragarra Island)舊名為兔子島(Rabbit Island),是灣區群島(Bay Islands)中最小的島嶼。 「克拉(Karra)」島上清幽自然,並無任何商店或販賣設施,是絕世獨立的世外桃源。 島長四公里,寬半公里,居民人數約為 100 人,購買物資來源皆來自大陸本島或羅塞爾島(Russell Island),請遊客自行攜帶用品,也別忘了帶野餐桌巾。 島上

北斯特拉布魯克島(North Stradbroke Island)

North Stradbroke Island, Redland City Area
北斯特拉布魯克島(North Stradbroke Island)在當地居民中又稱為「斯特地(Straddie)」,充滿活力、悠閒愜意、美麗無瑕,是莫爾頓灣(Moreton Bay)最受喜愛的度假勝地之一。 本社區幸福的 3,000 位居民將熱情歡迎您的到來,也期望您能愛護這片美麗的自然環境。 (須知:本島禁止使用塑膠袋,如有帶來也請隨身帶離。) 位於莫爾頓灣(Moreton Bay)南端,是世

那里布傭札拉國家公園(Naree Budjong Djara National Park)

North Stradbroke Island, Redland City Area
Free Entry
藍湖國家公園(Blue Lake National Park)位於莫爾頓灣(Moreton Bay)最大的島嶼北斯特拉布魯克島(North Stradbroke Island),為世界上最具生態重要性的濕地。 這座迷人的公園保護藍湖(Blue Lake),對於寬達穆卡(Quandamooka)的人們具有重要的文化意義。 您可以沿著六公里長(往返)的步道,穿過瓦倫濕地(wallum woodlands

羅塞爾島(Russell Island)

Russell Island, Redland City Area
羅塞爾島(Russell Island)是南灣群島上最大的島嶼,有許多絕佳的游泳勝地。 島嶼北端有一處適合釣魚的碼頭,不遠處也有設有保護欄的封閉游泳池,是炎熱夏日時的沁涼消暑之地。 漲潮時,潮汐泳池是最佳的游泳地點。 毗鄰小型海灘的前岸公園則是最佳的野餐場所。 沙灘也適合釣魚,只是躺在草坪上休憩也令人心曠神怡,附近設有野餐桌、烤肉區及廁所。 走訪岩石角(Rocky Point),來趟歷險,

麥可雷島(Macleay Island)

Macleay Island, Redland City Area
麥可雷島(Macleay Island)是一座有人居住的美麗之島,位在南摩頓灣(Southern Moreton Bay)風平浪靜的海域。 游泳、釣魚、划船、海灘漫步或在雨林間散步,都是您度過悠閒時光最適合的方式。 麥可雷島(Macleay Island)甚至還包含另一座小島:佩盧帕島(Perulpa Island),本島與小島之間以堤道相連。 帕特角(Pat's Point)設有野餐

岬角觀景點(Point Lookout)

North Stradbroke Island, Redland City Area
可說是澳洲最佳的地上賞鯨點 - 岬角觀景點(Point Lookout)位在美麗的北斯特拉布魯克島(North Stradbroke Island)上。 就在布里斯本外海,從克理地(Cleveland)可搭乘定期渡輪,輕鬆來往北斯特拉布魯克島(North Stradbroke Island)。 宏偉的座頭鯨由南向北,遷徙至暖水區的旅程,是真正的自然奇蹟,冬日的數個月中,皆可從岬角觀景點(Point

羔羊島(Lamb Island)

Lamb Island, Redland City Area
本島被喻為「摩頓灣(Moreton Bay)之寶」,在本區眾多美麗島嶼之中,能獲得如此美譽,令人引以為傲。 羔羊島(Lamb Island)能贏得這項稱號,也是名副其實。 島嶼不大,只有兩公里長,是南灣群島(Southern Bay Islands)的第二小島,島上有一座小雨林,自然環境優美。 海雕的棲息地就位在此地。 在海灘上漫步、爬上沙丘、野餐,這裡是樂活休憩的好地方。 本島北端的東側有

阿米提角(Amity Point)

North Stradbroke Island, Redland City Area
壯麗的北斯特拉布魯克島(North Stradbroke Island)是世界上最大的沙島之一,而阿米提角(Amity Point)就是本島上三座城鎮中最小的一座。 隔岸眺望布里斯本(Brisbane),位於大陸的克理地(Cleveland)提供固定渡輪班次往來本島。 阿米提角(Amity Point)以迷人的鄉村之景和絕佳的地理位置聞名,地處本島的最北端。 這座小城周邊圍繞了熱帶雨林和白色沙
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