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Adventure Australia operate premium Four Wheel Drive tours to almost anywhere in this great country. From the rugged beauty of Cape York, to the pristine beaches of Fraser Island or the stunning deserts of Central Australia, their experience and guidance ensures a memorable trip. They're proud of their small group tours and love to share the unique aspects of every tour itinerary with clients. Whether it's the outback, rainforests or beaches that Australia has to offer, they can take you.

A team of dedicated staff, pride themselves on creating intimate Four Wheel Drive Adventure Tours tailored to provide the most meaningful experiences possible. Your tour can be as action packed or as relaxed as you'd like. Their fleet of Four Wheel Drives are modern and are specifically equipped to provide comfort, safety and accessibility to remote areas off the beaten track. This means you get to skip the cramped and noisy tourist buses.

The company provides 'premium fully inclusive tours' that provide flexibility in itineraries and also allow clients to participate in the Four Wheel Driving. The 'tag-along tours' provide an option for clients to bring their own vehicles. The tours cater for couples, small groups, families and corporate clients.


  • Birdwatching
  • Camping
  • Canoeing
  • Hiking/Trekking
  • Off Road Driving
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming

Our Tours

Cape York Four Wheel Drive Adventure

Visit some of Cape York's most stunning and pristine sites on your journey from Weipa to the top of Cape York and back. They'll take you off the beaten track to areas not often travelled by the bigger tour companies. Places like the isolated Red Beach run to Janie Creek, or crossing the Wenlock at Stones Crossing on the way through the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve and so much more. Whatever your pleasure be prepared to be awestruck by Cape York's natural beauty on personal tours that can be as relaxed or as action packed as you want them to be.

Eight day/seven night tour.
All entries, tours, attractions as specified in full itinerary.

Indicative rates

$5950 $5950
Fraser Island Four Wheel Drive Safari

Visit some of Fraser Island's most stunning World Heritage Listed sites on their journey from Orchid Beach landing strip up to the Northern most point of Sandy Cape, then south along the east coast beaches. From there you head across the island, via the magnificent inland forests and pristine lakes, ending the journey at the beautiful Kingfisher Bay on the west coast.

Indicative rates

$3450 $3450
Simpson Desert Explorer Tour Alice Springs – Birdsville Explorer Tour

The journey takes us right through the very centre of Australia, with its big blue skies and breathtaking landscapes. From Alice Springs we will travel through the heart of Australia before starting our epic trek - the Simpson Desert Crossing that will bring back into the western corner of Queensland to the iconic township of Birdsville

Indicative rates

$4900 $4900
Outback Queensland Birdsville Races Four Wheel Drive Adventure

Join them, leaving from Townsville, for an outback extravaganza like no other - en-route to one of the most famous race meetings in Australia. The Birdsville Races are an iconic event in the Australian racing calendar and the outback social scene. Come along with them on a journey through outback Queensland, taking in many of the sites, characters and attractions that outback Queensland is renowned for.

Indicative rates

$6950 $6950
Central Australia Explorer Tour Coober Pedy – Alice Springs

This tour will take us through the very heart of Central Australia. From Coober Pedy, Opal capital of the world, we will travel through the northern deserts of South Australia before heading across to the spectacular landscapes of Uluru, Kata-Tjuta and Kings Canyon. Marvel at the beauty of the West Macdonnell Ranges as we travel to their final destination of Alice Springs.

Indicative rates

$5200 $5200
Burke and Wills Explorer Tour

This tour highlights the sites of the far western corner of Queensland and the north-eastern corner of South Australia that Burke and Wills travelled through on their epic journey in 1860. Their tour encompasses the Simpson Desert, Cordillo Downs Station, the Burke and Wills Dig Tree, Innamincka, the Strzelecki Desert, Clifton Hills Station, the BirdsvilleTrack and the Sturt Stony Desert in a compact tour that loops back to Birdsville.

Indicative rates

$2450 $2450
Birdsville Track - Lake Eyre Explorer Tour Birdsville – Coober Pedy

Travel with them on a tour of a lifetime. This tour travels south from Birdsville through some of the most iconic explorer country in Australia. Encompassing both the Birdsville Track and the Oodnadatta Track, they will take you on a journey that allows you to see both the Desert and Channel Country at its finest. They will visit the magnificent phenomenon that is Lake Eyre as well as Coober Pedy, Opal Capital of the World.

Indicative rates

$4200 $4200

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聖羅倫斯(St Lawrence)

St Lawrence, Isaac Area
聖羅倫斯(St Lawrence)位於麥基(Mackay)南邊,是昆士蘭(Queensland)海岸最古老的城鎮之一。 有趣的景點包括整修完畢的肉類加工廠以及百年會館(Centenary Pavilion)。 這裡還有一間雜貨店、酒店、郵局、保齡球館、高爾夫球場、游泳池、圖書館/網路中心以及藝術品與手工藝品店。 露營者與旅行車可以免費使用休閒營區,還有乾淨的設備可以使用,附近有超棒的釣魚與抓螃蟹的地


Eton, Mackay Area
伊頓(Eton)位在皮克當斯公路(Peak Downs Highway)上,距離麥基(Mackay)市西邊約 25 公里。 這座親切迷人的小鎮擁有受歡迎的鄉村飯店、可愛的天主教堂、肉品店、雜貨店與展覽場,當地小馬俱樂部會定期至此展覽場練習與競賽。 只要經過伊頓(Eton)鎮,您就能在斯托尼溪(Stoney Creek)享受最棒的鄉村生活。 您可以騎馬或參加趕牛群的行程,以及附有丹波麵包和比利茶

帕模斯騰角國家公園(Cape Palmerston National Park)

Ilbilbie, Isaac Area
Free Entry
帕模斯騰角國家公園(Cape Palmerston National Park)擁有沙丘、純淨無染的沙灘、岩石岬角,漏斗山(Mount Funnel)就聳立在 344 公尺外。 占地 7200 英畝的這座公園為龐大的植物族群和瀕危動物提供了保護。 紅樹林中有偽沼鼠棲息,海岸上不時可見海灘石鴴。 這兩種動物都是瀕臨絕種的物種。 在這座偏遠而未經開發的公園中享受大自然的恩賜。 爬上帕模斯騰角(Cape

阿姆斯壯海灘(Armstrong Beach)

Armstrong Beach, Mackay Area
Free Entry
阿姆斯壯海灘(Armstrong Beach)以釣魚和捕蝦聞名,海灘是最適合這兩種活動的絕佳地點。 船艇在海灘下水需要四驅車協助,因此請先做好準備。 從阿姆斯壯海灘(Armstrong Beach)前往淡水角(Freshwater Point),此地因為庫克船長(Captain Cook)於 1770 年首度在此登陸尋找淡水而得名。 阿姆斯壯海灘(Armstrong Beach)的設施包括野餐區和


Coppabella, Isaac Area
卡伯貝拉鎮(Coppabella)是一座小型社區,位於麥基(Mackay)西南方約 159 公里處。 卡伯貝拉(Coppabella)以其小鎮入口處的巨大礦業紀念碑聞名,該鎮旨在作為兩道鐵路線的交匯點,其中一條鐵路線連自古尼耶拉礦區(Goonyella Mine),另一條則連自薩拉吉礦區(Saraji Mine)。 鐵路線一路延伸至薩裡那(Sarina)黑角(Hay Point)的海口處。 古尼耶拉


Carmila, Isaac Area
卡米拉(Carmila)距離麥基(Mackay)南邊的布魯斯公路(Bruce Highway)大約 96 公里。 設有 24 小時營業的路邊客棧、旅行車營地、雜貨店、郵局與圖書館,且是周遭蔗農的主要運動與社交中心。 卡米拉(Carmila)海攤距離城鎮只有六公里,並且具備盥洗區、燒烤設備、遊樂場和放船坡道等露營設施。

草樹海灘(Grasstree Beach)

Grasstree Beach, Mackay Area
Free Entry
草樹海灘(Grasstree Beach)坐落在澤爾馬海灣(Zelma Bay)上,距離薩裡那(Sarina)15 分鐘車程。 一旦您發現這裏的優點,您將會流連忘返。 草樹海灘(Grasstree Beach)擁有宜人的氣候,並且有一群島嶼保護。 海灘本身就動人非凡,海灘漫步是這裏最受歡迎的活動。 薩裡那(Sarina)有銀行、超市和眾多服務,距離只有 13 公里。 釣魚是熱門的休閒活動,釣客將會發


Nebo, Isaac Area
尼波(Nebo)有各種不同的景點供您參觀,這裡有大量礦產、優質的放牧地與作物種植。 當地的歷史景點包括艾芬史東湖(Lake Elphinstone)、布里頓山金礦場(Mount Britton Gold Mining),充滿冒險精神的遊客可以探訪 Leichhardt 於 1845 年探索這個地區時露營的地方。 1980 年代初期,為慶祝該郡將於 1983 年建郡滿百年,一群當地人展開收集許多過往


Clairview, Isaac Area
清景(Clairview)距離麥基(Mackay)市南邊大約 123 公里。 您可在清景海灘(Clairview Beach)垂釣,同時悠閒地欣賞美景,您也許甚至會看到幾隻儒艮。 清景(Clairview)是十分熱門的釣魚捕蟹村莊,並可於特定區域和備有完善設施的旅行車營地露營。 在冬季時節,當地團體會販售藝術品和手工藝品,並提供早茶與湯品。

黑角(Hay Point)

Hay Point, Mackay Area
黑角(Hay Point)位在麥基(Mackay)南邊。 這個地區可能是世界上最大的甘蔗種植區,但是這裡的兩座長碼頭卻與製糖產業無關。 這兩座碼頭負責將博文盆地(Bowen Basin)的煤礦運至其他地區。 其中一座碼頭長 4 公里,是南半球最長且世界第二長的的運煤碼頭。 第二座碼頭是一座小碼頭,長 3 公里。 您可以在過了路易莎溪(Louisa Creek)岔道的觀景點欣賞到黑角(H
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