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Brisbane is a city filled with churches and even boasts no less than two separate cathedrals. These not only represent some of Brisbane's most exquisite examples of built heritage, they also help us to understand local values and beliefs. As you marvel at a handful of Brisbane's churches, featuring spectacular stone masonry, stained-glass windows, artworks and memorabilia, enjoy some of the sculptures accentuating the other fine heritage buildings, shrines, and open spaces along the way. This tour will surprise you with its many stories and connections to our fascinating city community.

The combined Churches and Shrines Tour takes around four hours. If you only have around two to three hours, the following sub-options are recommended: visit only the Cathedrals only; visit the Ann Street precinct and ANZAC Square only.

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All Saints' is the oldest surviving church in use in the inner city area. In 1856 a portion of land on Windmill Hill was granted for the purpose of establishing a church to serve the infant colony of Brisbane.

The interior contains a fine example of hammer-beam roof construction which is very rare in Australia. The east end windows were installed in 1870 and are the oldest stained glass church windows in Brisbane.

All Saints' Church architecture is Early English Gothic Revival style.

From the steps just outside All Saints, there is a great view of your next stop, the rather imposing and impressive Masonic Temple, located at 311 Ann Street.

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Imagine a heritage building resembling a sacred cathedral, a royal palace and an antiquities museum all rolled into one.

Brisbane has such a building, but it is rarely seen. The Masonic Memorial Temple in Ann Street, a trove of Freemason history, has been hidden away for 80 years behind towering Corinthian columns. Guided Tours are now available daily at 2pm. Phone to make a booking and/or visit their website for more information on Freemasons Queensland.

The Masonic Temple, steeped as it is in history and architectural intrigue is yet still a mystery to most Queenslanders as it has not always been open to the public.

The temple was built as a shrine and monument as well as to accommodate large Masonic events. It comes complete with grand ceremonial spaces, particularly the Grand Hall, the Court of Remembrance and the massive urn of remembrance built in memory of masons who fell in World War I. Designed by Lange Powell, himself a Freemason, and constructed between 1928 and 1930, the temple was built solely from Queensland materials.

From here, stroll just a few doors away to St Andrew's Uniting Church on the corner of Creek and Ann Streets.

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Start your tour at the magnificent Cathedral of St Stephen (249 Elizabeth Street) - please take care to avoid mass times of 10am and 12.30pm.

The historical St Stephen's Chapel was completed only eight years after the coming of the free settlers to Brisbane (1842). St Stephen's Chapel was the first Catholic Church in Brisbane and today is known as the oldest church in Queensland.

Bishop Quinn, the first bishop of the diocese, laid the foundation stone of the cathedral on the feast of St Stephen, 26 December 1863. A larger and more ornate church was envisaged than the present one but the economic depression of the mid-1860s resulted in only part of the original foundations being laid. Using the existing foundations, work was re-commenced early in 1870. On Sunday, 17 May 1874, the still-incomplete cathedral was solemnly blessed and dedicated.

Archbishop John Bathersby blessed the Jubilee Pipe Organ on 29 October 2000. He also authorised the restoration of St Stephen's Chapel in which a diocesan shrine to Mary MacKillop was established.

From here, stroll across the road and through the GPO Laneway to ANZAC Square.

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St Andrew's was built during 1904 under the supervision of its architect George D. Payne. It was opened and dedicated as a Presbyterian Church in 1905. Situated on the corner of Creek Street and Ann Street, the red brick and concrete building has been a Brisbane landmark since its construction in the days of the horse and cart. Its design with strong architectural forms including prominent tower, semi-circular arched openings and steeply pitched gables brilliantly exploits the potential of the constrained sloping site.

Continue your stroll down Ann Street to your final destination, Albert Street Uniting Church. This places you back close to the city's centre.

The five foundation stones for Albert Street Uniting Church were laid on August 18, 1888, and the completed church was opened by Lady Norman, wife of Sir Henry Norman, the Governor of the day, on November 8 1889.

This church always has been popular with its congregation and there must be many couples who remember taking their wedding vows here, especially during the World War II years when as many as sixteen weddings took place each day.

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Visit the Shrine of Memories, the Queensland Women's War Memorial, and the Eternal Flame in the Shrine of Remembrance at ANZAC Square.

ANZAC Square, named in honour of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, is a Queensland state memorial to men and women who participated in overseas armed service. It is located between Ann Street and Adelaide Street (opposite Post Office Square).

On 25 April, every year, a Dawn Service is held at the Shrine of Remembrance and ANZAC Square.

ANZAC Square contains the Shrine of Remembrance and the 'Eternal Flame of Remembrance' held in a continuously lit bronze urn, dedicated on Tuesday, 11 November 1930.

ANZAC Square also contains the World War II Shrine of Memories underneath the Shrine of Remembrance.

The external wall of the Shrine of Memories is dedicated to the 60,000 Queenslanders who fought in World War I. There are also war-related statues, for various wars, including memorial statues for the Queensland soldiers who fought during the Second Boer War (1899-1902), as well as World War II, the Vietnam War and campaigns in Korea, Borneo and New Guinea.

From here, stroll up to St John's Cathedral.

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Absorb the exquisite stonemasonry at St John's Cathedral and St Martin's House (373 Ann Street).

St John's Cathedral is a fine example of nineteenth century Gothic-Revival architecture designed in 1888 by John Loughborough Pearson.

The three stages, 1906 to 1910 and 1963 to 1968, 1989 to 2009 have created a superb Gothic interior with a forest of elegant sandstone columns and arches supporting the only stone vaulted ceiling in Australia.

Once inside the Cathedral, with space to seat 1,000 people, the visitor can see many examples of superb creative arts: examples of exquisite wood carvings include the Choir stalls and Archbishop's seat intricately carved in Queensland Silkwood. There are more than 400 needlework cushions designed by Queensland College of Arts students, featuring Australian flora and fauna. St John's Cathedral is also home to a Coin Collection that reflects the history of Christianity and some flags from episodes of war.

Special note: every Wednesday morning, a free morning tea is offered to all visitors at St John's Cathedral. If you are taking this tour on a Wednesday, please keep this in mind as a refreshment/rest point as this tour does involve so many sites and a fair amount of walking.

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Margate, Moreton Bay Area
位於紅崖(Redcliffe)附近的瑪格麗特(Margate)是一條沿海大道,行經摩頓灣(Moreton Bay)地區最長的大陸延伸沙灘。 又寬又長的徒步區,是散步、騎單車、溜旱冰或騎機車兜風的絕佳地點。 還有一處充滿活力、生機蓬勃的地區,距離摩頓灣(Moreton Bay)水域只有數公尺。 有座椅區和遮陽區,沿著濱海大道,固定間隔內設有烤肉和野餐設施。 還有一座熱門的泳池,可以遠望潔淨的


Caboolture, Moreton Bay Area
就在離布里斯本(Brisbane)市區不到 60 英哩處,卡布爾契(Caboolture)是通往陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)的通道。 卡布爾契郡(Caboolture Shire)潔白的沙灘、壯麗非凡的山景以及魅力十足的鄉村村莊等待著遊客的到來。 擁有多采多姿的生活風格和景觀名勝,卡布爾契郡(Caboolture Shire)具備了取悅遊客的一切迷人魅力與特質。 卡布爾契(Caboo


Pine Rivers, Moreton Bay Area
美好的老式鄉村價值在戴柏洛(Dayboro)居民心中是非常重要的。 這個充滿了親切溫暖的本地人,來這裡一日遊總是非常令人愉悅。 光是駕車抵達戴柏洛(Dayboro)沿途優美的景緻,就讓這個地方非常值得一遊。 距離布里斯本中央商業區(Brisbane Central Business District)不到一個小時,駕車通過山姆佛得(Samford)並享受山區景色。 在城鎮中,先到城鎮中心的乾


Clontarf, Moreton Bay Area
科隆塔夫(Clontarf)有廣闊的灣邊步行道和單車道、眾多公園和野餐設施,並有指定的寵物不必繫繩的區域,這裡非常適合帶家人來在水邊享受一天,包括狗在內。 科隆塔夫(Clontarf)是一個迷人的海邊地區,位於紅崖半島(Redcliffe Peninsula)最南端。 一定要在日出或日落時步行或騎單車通過霍尼布魯克公路(Hornibrook Highway)橋,這裡禁止車輛通行。 科隆塔夫(Cl

木角(Woody Point)

Woody Point, Moreton Bay Area
如詩如畫的木角(Woody Point),是讓您沉浸於海濱小村的悠閒之地。 有許多迷人的餐館和海濱藝術及手工藝品店,使木角(Woody Point)增添了一絲休閒輕鬆的氛圍。 地處紅崖半島(Redcliffe Peninsula)南端,本村海灘是布里斯本(Brisbane)最受歡迎的水上遊樂場,游泳、划船、躺著休憩或觀賞海豚嬉戲皆為熱門活動。 週日時,趁著比賽遊艇返回航平泊遊艇俱樂部(Hump

邦多爾濕地保護區(Boondall Wetlands Reserve)

Boondall, Brisbane Area
Free Entry
邦多爾濕地(Boondall Wetlands)位於莫爾頓灣(Moreton Bay)邊緣,介於努吉海灘(Nudgee Beach)、邦多爾(Boondall)和肖恩克利夫(Shorncliffe)之間,其中包括 1000 公頃以上的潮汐淺灘、紅樹林、鹽沼、米拉路卡(Melaleuca)溼地、草地、開放森林及林地。 澳洲原住民長久以來住在邦多爾濕地(Boondall Wetlands),與這塊土


Scarborough, Moreton Bay Area
絕美的海濱小村,斯卡波羅(Scarborough)充滿生機、富有活力,處處盡是驚喜。 就位於紅崖半島(Redcliffe Peninsula)北端,斯卡波羅船港(Scarborough Boat Harbour)時時刻刻都是人來人往的精彩鬧區。 有許多旅遊業者皆在此處出航,也有許多通行莫爾頓島(Moreton Island)的交通船來來去去。 不遠處的新港碼頭(Newport Marina)也

塔比爾班達根紅樹林木棧道(Tabbil-ban Dhagun Mangrove Boardwalk)(鹽水地(Place of Salt Water))

Nudgee Beach, Brisbane Area
Free Entry
布恩達爾溼地(Boondall Wetlands)位於莫爾頓灣(Moreton Bay)邊緣,納吉海灘(Nudgee Beach)、布恩達爾(Boondall)與尚恩克里夫(Shorncliffe)等地之間。 溼地區涵蓋超過 1000 公頃的潮間帶、紅樹林、鹽沼、白千層、草原、森林和林地。 這條路徑穿過莫爾頓灣(Moreton Bay)海岸上與耐吉溪(Nudgee Creek)河畔的紅樹林。

戈德溫海灘(Godwin Beach)

Godwin Beach, Moreton Bay Area
戈德溫海灘(Godwin Beach)地處幽靜的詭計灣(Deception Bay)北端,是觀賞整片風蝕海岸線地貌的最佳觀景之地。 戈德溫海灘(Godwin Beach)獨樹一格的寧靜,也是賞鳥及野生攝影的理想環境。 觀察群集於叢林地和淤泥地的鳥類生態,退潮時是最佳的觀賞時間;或到附近的自然保護區,在原生環境中觀察袋鼠和其他野生動物。 偏遠之地更是釣魚與捕蟹的好地點。 本區最常見的戰利品有鯛


Sandgate, Brisbane Area
身為海濱小鎮,沙門(Sandgate)的市景與住宅建築之美,是「摩頓灣(Moreton Bay)」的文化遺產瑰寶之一。 沙門(Sandgate)位在紅崖(Redcliffe)半島之下,是布里斯本(Brisbane)1800 年代晚期殖民居民的熱門海濱景點。 豐富的歷史是本區的特色之一,住宅及建築一一反映了過往年代的經典建築樣式。 別忘了走訪沙門(Sandgate)的歷史路徑,經由沙門郵局(Sa
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