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There's no better way to enjoy Brisbane's sub-tropical climate, enviable outdoor lifestyle and vibrant urban villages than by spending time in the city's lush, open green spaces and getting under the skin of its creative precincts. You can discover Brisbane in all its glory through the eyes of a local on an 'Artful Nature' tour with Brisbane Greeters. The tour will make use of the city's walking and public transport facilities to give you a glimpse into what makes Brisbane the most bio diverse city in Australia as well as a centre for creativity.

Brisbane's gardens, located along the banks of its expansive river, are complemented by its iconic heritage buildings; including Old Government House, which is also home to the William Robinson Gallery, and Brisbane Powerhouse, a former power station turned arts and cultural hub.

Brisbane Greeters run free, customisable tours led by locals who are enthusiastic about introducing you to their city, and sharing their intimate knowledge. While the Greeter service is a free public service, you will need to pay for any public transport, food and beverage consumed, and any applicable admission fees.

Journey Details

4 Hours
5 Kilometres






Full itinerary

Board a City Cat from Riverside Ferry Terminal and cruise down the river to New Farm Park and the Brisbane Powerhouse.

New Farm is one of Brisbane's oldest suburbs with New Farm Park taking centre stage. The park is noted for its large rose gardens and is covered by a wide variety of trees including Jacarandas, Poincianas, Figs, Palms and Coral trees. The famous Jacaranda Drive is a major attraction of the park, along with the central lawn that has the rose garden arrangements. There are picnic and barbecue areas around the riverbank. A huge jungle gym also forms a part of the Park and there is plenty of play equipment available for children.

Brisbane Powerhouse is both a producer of contemporary performing arts and a multi-arts venue. Nestled on the beautiful banks of Brisbane River (beside New Farm Park) the former power station has become a distinct landmark, both as a stunning industrial creation and as a hub for everything creative, including theatre, music, comedy, film, visual arts, festivals and ideas.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Boat
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 2: Suitable for families with young children
New Farm to Brisbane City

Cruise back to Riverside and make your way to the City Botanic Gardens and Old Government House.

The City Botanic Gardens are Brisbane's original botanic gardens. They were established in 1855 on the site of the Government Garden, which was created in the early days of the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement.

Free guided walks are available with City Botanic Gardens Volunteer Guides twice daily

One of Queensland's most significant heritage buildings, Old Government House (OGH) was completed in 1862 and served as home for the first eleven governors. Today OGH offers a fascinating insight into colonial life in the early days of Queensland. The House also boasts a gallery dedicated to Australian artist William Robinson.

Finish with refreshments at the Old Government House Cafe and catch the free bus back to the city centre.

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Route Details
Mode of Travel Boat
Route Type One Way
Level of Difficulty Level 2: Suitable for families with young children

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湯斯維爾格蘭大酒店(Grand Hotel Townsville)

Townsville, Townsville Area
From AU$140 - 565
湯斯維爾格蘭大酒店(Grand Hotel Townsville)位於帕爾瑪大街(Palmers Street)上,這裡是湯斯維爾(Townsville)的美食區。 漫步穿越人行橋以及曾獲獎項肯定的斯特蘭德海灘(Strand Beach),就是中央商業區。 從酒店步行 15 分鐘即可到達珊瑚礁水族館(Reef HQ Aquarium)、磁島(Magnetic Island)渡輪碼頭、賭場、娛樂中心和

湯斯維爾南岸瑞吉斯(Rydges Southbank Townsville)

Townsville, Townsville Area
From AU$119 - 179
湯斯維爾南岸瑞吉斯(Rydges Southbank Townsville)位於城市中心,可以俯瞰碼頭風光,步行即可抵達許多娛樂名勝,包括珊瑚礁水族館(Reef HQ)、熱帶北昆士蘭博物���(Museum of Tropical North Queensland)、Imax 電影院(Imax Theatre)、文化中心(Cultural Centre),以及海事博物館(Maritime Museum)

磁島胡椒藍度假村(Peppers Blue on Blue Resort, Magnetic Island)

Magnetic Island, Townsville Area
From AU$194 - 580
胡椒藍度假村(Peppers Blue on Blue Resort)提供豪華住宿,可俯瞰磁島(Magnetic Island)碼頭和渡輪碼頭。 坐落於熱帶景觀中,周圍有美麗的碼頭及山景,胡椒藍度假村(Peppers Blue on Blue Resort)提供永恒的當代設計客房,包括度假村式套房,以及一房、兩房或三房公寓。 所有房間都提供空調、陽台、浴袍、咖啡機/泡茶機、平面電視、CD/D

邱比特湯斯維爾賭場飯店(Jupiters Townsville Hotel and Casino)

Townsville, Townsville Area
From AU$110 - 595
還有什麼地方可以一年享受 320 天的陽光? 湯斯維爾(Townsville)是位於大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)邊緣的獨特熱帶度假勝地。 沒有任何地方比邱比特湯斯維爾賭場飯店(Jupiters Townsville Hotel and Casino)更適合欣賞令人屏息的海景。 緊鄰海岸的絕佳位置讓這家獲獎的飯店擁有珊瑚海(Coral Sea)和海洋/城市的的非凡景

海濱磁港公寓(Beachside Magnetic Harbour apartments)

Magnetic Island, Townsville Area
From AU$232 - 400
海濱磁港假日公寓(Beachside Magnetic Harbour holiday apartments)位在尼利灣磁島(Nelly Bay Magnetic Island)的碼頭邊。 無論是豪華單房、雙房,或是三房公寓,都擁有絕佳海景,在這個島嶼天堂,您會擁有快樂且永難忘懷的假期體驗。 鄰近商店、餐廳、大眾運輸站點,輕鬆步行就可至渡輪碼頭。

經典早餐旅舍(Classique Bed and Breakfast)

Townsville, Townsville Area
From AU$165 - 185
經典早餐旅舍(Classique Bed and Breakfast)提供歷史悠久的昆士蘭風格居住環境,給您與汽車旅館或飯店截然不同的住宿體驗。 在寧靜的露台上享受傳統的好客氣氛,還能免費享用熱帶式早點。 還有遊戲間可以讓您打打撞球、英式撞球或射飛鏢,或到室外空間好好休憩。 此棟宏偉的舊式昆士蘭建築舖有松地地板、挑高的壓花金屬天花板,還有封閉陽台上對著海灣敞開的法式落地雙扇門。 所有客房內皆有加大雙

城市綠洲汽車旅館(City Oasis Inn)

Townsville, Townsville Area
From AU$100 - 400
城市綠洲汽車旅館(City Oasis Inn)是一間度假村型的旅館,地理位置優越,就位在北昆士蘭(North Queensland)湯斯維爾(Townsville)的正市中心。 城市綠洲汽車旅館(City Oasis Inn)具有各式各樣的住宿風格。 由於旅館就位在政府機關/企業公司附近,因此相當適合商旅人士。 也適合假日房客,因為附近有許多當地的名勝。 提供悠閒的戶外休閒空間,包括盪

湯斯維爾假日飯店(Holiday Inn Townsville)

Townsville, Townsville Area
From AU$109 - 259
旅館位於湯斯維爾(Townsville)商業和購物區的中心地區,步行就可達獲獎的餐廳、夜生活、娛樂、主要觀光名勝點、以及湯斯維爾會展中心(Townsville Convention and Exhibition Centre)。 湯斯維爾(Townsville)國內線機場距離旅館不到七公里。 在 2009 年的年底耗資數百萬澳幣重新裝修之後,湯斯維爾假日飯店(Holiday Inn Town

橡樹帕爾瑪大道(Oaks Gateway on Palmer)

Townsville, Townsville Area
From AU$108 - 617
帕爾瑪大道(Gateway on Palmer)是湯斯維爾(Townsville)新興的度假村式住宿設施。 位於濱水區且鄰近中央商業區周邊,適合休閒度假與商務出差的旅行者。 帕爾瑪大道(Gateway on Palmer)有設備齊全的健身房、桑拿浴、水療設施以及可眺望河景與市景的墩座樓層游泳池。 這座寬敞、現代化的豪華公寓,除了提供最奢華的設備與便捷的位置之外,還有令人讚嘆不已的河景與海

歐克斯飯店帕爾碼 M 館(Oaks M on Palmer)

Townsville, Townsville Area
From AU$103 - 456
歐克斯飯店帕爾碼 M 館(Oaks M on Palmer)是一棟全新的公寓飯店,位於市區的帕爾碼街(Palmer Street)美食區內,步行即可抵達各式餐廳、咖啡館、夜生活娛樂設施以及朱比特賭場(Jupiters Casino)。 飯店共有 11 層樓,提供設備完善的現代化套房式公寓,適合商務出差及休閒度假。
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