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價格區間 * AU$90 to AU$260

Aussie Biker are a touring and adventure motorcycle hire company hiring motorcycles for short and long term hire. They have dirt and adventure motorcycles as well as large cruisers. Hire a dirt bike and ride the beach from the lovely north shore to Fraser Island. Grab some friends and make a weekend of it!

Another great idea - hire a cruiser and head up to the hinterland for wonderful views and restaurants! They can even organize a picnic hamper for you to take along. Or, take the bikes on a multi-day adventure to see the beautiful south east Queensland, ride to northern Queensland or down to Melbourne or even across to Perth! Whatever your motorcycling adventure Aussie Biker will have the Bike for you. Let them design your dream tour of Australia!

They offer airport transfer specials as well as motorcycle drop off and pick up specials.

Visit their store for accessories and services for all your touring needs. You can find them at beautiful Noosaville on the Sunshine Coast.


Season DateDayOpening Hours
All yearMonday8:30am - 5pm
Tuesday8:30am - 5pm
Wednesday8:30am - 5pm
Thursday8:30am - 5pm
Friday8:30am - 5pm
Saturday8:30am - 12pm
Venture Drive
Noosaville, Noosa Area

Our Hire

2015 model Triumph Thunderbird LT

This 2015 model Triumph Thunderbird LT embodies exceptional touring comfort with modern world performance delivered in a smooth manner yet retaining plenty of character. The bike is equipped with large panniers and rear luggage rack to stow your gear, crash bars with highway pegs to allow you to stretch out on longer rides and windscreen lowers to keep you free from bugs and highway debris.

Part of the Dyna family of Harleys, this latest release 2012 model is equipped with the new 103 cubic inch (1690cc) motor and six speed gearbox for effortless highway cruising. To aid comfort on the long haul this motorcycle can be supplied at no extra cost with the touring seat plus passenger backrest plus quickly detachable hard panniers and windscreen. If you are wanting the bike for just a day rent, these touring items can easily be removed for that paired down look ideal for town riding.
Hard panniers, luggage rack and windscreen available for touring.

Harley-Davidson FXD Custom

Part of the Dyna family of Harley's, this FXD model is equipped with the new 1584cc motor and six speed gearbox for effortless highway cruising. To aid comfort on the long haul this motorcycle can be fitted with with the touring windscreen and comfort seat for all day riding enjoyment. The passenger backrest and luggage rack is complimented by the quickly detachable panniers also being available for your next road trip.

KTM's new 1190 Adventure bike carries on the tradition of the 950 LC8 Adventure from 2003, exactly 10 years ago! In this time electronics (traction control and ABS) have become commonplace to control suspension and power. KTM has further refined it's adventure models with greater comfort for long distance touring while still possessing sports bike like performance.


This latest version of the long running BMW GS series has proved to be a major hit with the motorcycle press the world over with most magazines voting the new BMW as "Bike of the Year". One ride and you will understand why. It is powerful yet very smooth and the refined BMW suspension is still the most comfortable there is... especially for your passenger! Tres importante, non?

Triumph Tiger 800

The new Triumph Tiger 800 sets a new standard among middle-weight dual sport bikes with its silky smooth vibration-free motor enabling long distances to be covered in great comfort for both rider and passenger. An excellent long distance motorcycle that will take easy dirt roads in its stride, this is another milestone bike from the English manufacturer with a hallowed history. Panniers and rear bag are available for touring use.
The Tiger can be fitted with panniers and topcase providing approximately 130 litres of luggage capacity (with optional tank bag).

Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom

This new 2014 model Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom is fitted with the comfort seat making an all day ride a pleasure not a pain! The bike also comes fitted with 3 stage adjustable traction control and ABS. The GIVI panniers can be complimented with the optional GIVI top case for extra luggage capacity.
With over 100HP on tap, the big V-Strom is more than capable of long distance travel with a passenger while not carrying the outright weight of the larger 1200cc class motorcycles.

The latest model Suzuki V-Strom 650 from 2012 on wards has received excellent press reviews as a very capable long distance all-roads tourer with comfortable pillion accommodations.

If your holiday budget doesn't stretch as far as a KTM or BMW, this bike will take you and your partner around Australia in just as much comfort and reliability ...but at Australia's lowest rental rates! Full luggage systems are available so you can carry just as much as the larger bikes.

Suzuki DR650

The Suzuki DR650 is a well respected middle weight single cylinder adventure bike with its ultra reliable motor enabling long distances to be covered in comfort and with great economy. An excellent long distance motorcycle that will take more challenging dirt roads in its stride,

Suzuki DRZ400

The venerable Suzuki DR400E has been around for years now, unaltered by the factory since its introduction around 10 years ago ...because the factory got it right to begin with!

While not the fastest mid-sized trail bike in the woods, the Suzuki has gained a solid reputation for reliability and longevity in a class where some hot-shots are breathing their last gasp at 5000 kilometres so it is no coincidence that the DRZ has become the favorite of lots of bike rental companies the world over.

With a more comfortable seat than normal for this class of bike plus a torquey motor, the Suzuki is the ideal bike for the beach ride to the town of Rainbow Beach heading north from Noosa Heads. Although they allow their trail bikes to be ridden on Fraser Island, please note that there are special conditions attached to the use of their bikes on the Island.

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庫魯拉的大沙地國家公園(Cooloola, Great Sandy National Park)

Noosa North Shore, Noosa Area
Free Entry
在庫魯拉(Cooloola)的大沙地國家公園(Great Sandy National Park),可以體驗雄偉的自然沙雕。 巨型沙丘、彩沙形成的高聳懸崖,以及寬闊的海洋海灘,都是風和水蝕刻的成果。 高聳森林、芳香的野花石南及白千層沼澤,妝點了沙地。 這裡擁有豐富水景,包括海浪、淡水湖和未受破壞的努沙河(Noosa River)上游。 在其中一條風景優美的路徑漫步,前往歷史悠久的達伯爾海島角(D

陽光海灘(Sunshine Beach)

Sunshine Beach, Noosa Area
前往時尚、輕鬆和悠閒氛圍,陽光海灘(Sunshine Beach)這個如此受到來努沙(Noosa)的遊客歡迎的選擇。 曾被稱為金色沙灘(Golden Beach)的陽光海灘,以其沙灘、滑浪,與時尚精品店、咖啡館和餐廳的氣息而知名。 加入當地的咖啡圈 - 在寬廣的甲板上找一個地方享用早餐、午餐、晚餐或之間的任何時段。 造訪一家麵包店、熟食店或一般綜合商店,來點新鮮的當地土特產或小吃。 在海灘酒吧

凱斯特威海灘(Castaways Beach)

Castaways Beach, Noosa Area
位在努沙(Noosa)東部的海灘,在無人巡邏時,是當地居民和外地遊客的最愛,在陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)享受無憂無慮的時光。 凱斯特威海灘(Castaways Beach)位在日出沙灘(Sunrise Beach)和湃利金海灘(Peregian Beach)之間。 海灘有許多處都是溜狗的玩耍天堂,所以沿著寬闊的海岸線往湃利金(Peregian)的方向散步,說不定還會遇到當地可愛的狗狗。

庫倫海灘(Coolum Beach)

Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast Area
隨著附近的高爾夫度假村開幕,庫倫海灘(Coolum Beach)成為頂尖的觀光步道,也成為有錢人和名人的度假之地。 但高樓層公寓和度假村住宿設施迅速發展,也讓這裡成為更具吸引力的居住地與陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)度假勝地。 庫倫(Coolum)擁有絕佳的滑浪和游泳海灘。 城鎮位於瑪盧奇多(Maroochydore)和努沙(Noosa)之間,周遭的海灣和起伏的岩層則是最受歡迎的釣魚

努薩國家公園(Noosa National Park)

Noosa Heads, Noosa Area
Free Entry
努沙國家公園(Noosa National Park)是一塊直插入海的原始海岸線,無疑是澳洲造訪人數最多的公園之一。 沃倫石南、林地和整片雨林,以及肯氏南洋杉及貝殼松木,都是野生動物的重要棲息地,其中包括樹熊及罕見的黑色美冠鸚鵡。 沿著五條路徑探索風景如畫的努沙海岬(Noosa Headland),路徑長度從一公里到八公里不等,滿足各種體能程度的需求。 徒步通過遍佈岩石的海岸,以及尖銳的露兜樹,穿越

馬可斯海灘(Marcus Beach)

Marcus Beach, Noosa Area
位在努沙(Noosa)東部的海灘,在無人巡邏時,是當地居民和外地遊客的最愛,在海濱享受無憂無慮的時光。 此海灘位在陽光海灘(Sunshine Beach)和湃利金海灘(Peregian Beach)之間。 海灘有許多處都是溜狗的玩耍天堂,所以沿著寬闊的海岸線往湃利金(Peregian)的方向散步,說不定還會遇到當地可愛的狗狗。 海灘旁有數家度假村,供遊客體驗遠離繁囂的海濱假期。 沒有來到馬可斯

努沙岬(Noosa Heads)

Noosa Heads, Noosa Area
位在昆士蘭(Queensland)陽光海岸(Sunshine Coast)北端,努沙(Noosa)以陽光普照的海灘聞名,純白細軟的海砂以及宜人的水溫,終年邀請您前來暢游。 結合了時尚風格與低樓層的建築物,坐落在綠意盎然的樹林腹地中,努沙(Noosa)是希望擁有難以忘懷的假日體驗之最佳選擇。 努沙(Noosa)擁有難見的自然美景,聯合國教科文組織認證此處是正式的生物圈保護區。 這項認證,確認了努沙

湃利金海灘(Peregian Beach)

Peregian Beach, Noosa Area
湃利金海灘(Peregian Beach)位於努沙岬(Noosa Heads)南方約 13 公里處,它是努沙(Noosa)和庫倫(Coolum)一連串宜人海灘的其中一個。 越過海灘南端的沙丘便來到湃利金環境公園(Peregian Environmental Park),這個石南花區在春天���會盛開一片色彩繽紛的野花。 威巴湖國家公園(Lake Weyba National Park)和威巴湖(Lake


Noosaville, Noosa Area
努沙維爾(Noosaville)位於波光粼粼的努沙河(Noosa River)河畔,是度假住宿、水上活動、酒吧餐館的活力中心。 受到當地和遊客的歡迎,且遊客也不斷回籠,努沙維爾(Noosaville)擁有安全的游泳和休閒空間,親和力十足,適合闔家同遊。 這裡也是通往風景如畫的努沙水域(Noosa Waters)運河莊園的門戶地。 沿著河畔走訪咖啡館和餐館,品嚐多樣餐點。 金皮露天看台(Gympie

日出沙灘(Sunrise Beach)

Sunrise Beach, Noosa Area
努沙(Noosa)的時尚聖地哈斯汀街(Hastings Street)是澳洲最知名的大道之一,距離日出沙灘(Sunrise Beach)只有五分鐘的路程,因此使得這裡成為各方遊客的度假天堂。 日出沙灘(Sunrise Beach)是闔家出遊的理想地點,也是與好友同行,或是度過浪漫週末的絕佳勝地。 努沙(Noosa)地區林立各家時尚的咖啡館、設計師精品店、人聲鼎沸的雞尾酒吧,熱鬧非凡,而日出沙灘(
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