Windorah Bronco Branding

Windorah, Barcoo Area

15 July 2018 - 

Back in the day, when pioneering settlers, created their properties and homes on the vast tracks of lands in Australia, Bronco Branding became the most efficient way to brand and draft calves, generally without the aide of yards, or walking cattle vast distances.

With teams consisting of one or two catchers on horseback, and three handlers on the ground, Bronco Branding has now become a spirited timed event, encompassing and maintaining the traditions of stockmen and women in Australian pioneering history.

So, if you're in the mood to experience a piece of thriving outback history, bring along a shady hat, a comfy chair, your best cheering voice and get out there!

Event Dates

This event occurs annually:
15 July 2018

Event Venues

Windorah Bronco Branding Grounds
Queensland, Australia 4481


  • Broadband


  • Car park

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