A little left of centre - Artist: Robyn Dower - Queensland

A little left of centre - Artist: Robyn Dower

Kingaroy, South Burnett Area

5 – 28 August 2018 - 


As the name suggests ‘A little left of centre’ explores the quirkier side of Robyn Dower’s arts practice and the desire try new things.

This exhibition is all about being a little diverse. It is about taking a subject and presenting it in a slightly different way. For the artist, it is about being a little braver and going against what she thinks people may expect from her. Her aim is to make the viewer look a little harder, think a little harder and to question a little harder, using subjects that we can all relate to.

Along with a body of new work on display this exhibition will also showcase pieces from Robyn's highly successful touring exhibition ‘A Sense of Wonder'.

Event Dates

This event occurs once only on:
5 – 28 August 2018

Event Venues

Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery
126 Haly Street
Queensland, Australia 4610


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