Windorah Sand Hills

Windorah, Barcoo Area


The epic Sand Hills, located at Ourdel Station, west of Windorah, have great views and some of the reddest sand ever seen. Ourdel Station has been with the Kidd family since settlement.

Their visitors and locals alike, regularly go to the sandhills, as it is a great place to experience sunrises and sunsets, with a glass of your favourite beverage, take some great photo's and let the kids rolls down the hills.

A large variety of Australian wildlife call the sandhills and the surrounding blacksoil plains home, and bird watchers have a great time recording the diverse life in the area, or if your lucky, you may come across a marsupial mouse, or at least their tracks. Reptiles also lay their eggs on the dunes, and clutches of babies can be seen hatching at the right time of year.


  • Car park
  • Pets allowed, enquire on booking



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Windorah, Barcoo Area

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