South Burnett Region Timber Industry Museum

Wondai, South Burnett Area

Opened in November 2001, the Museum showcases the history of the South Burnett's timber industry, which underpinned the early settlement of the region and has continued to play an important part in its development.

The traditional timber structure is flanked by life-size sculptures of a bullocky and his head bullocks, an old water-well and post-and-rail fence. On the eastern end of the building is the stainless steel silhouette of a timber cutter. Inside, the wagon camp diorama, complete with restored bullock wagon, effectively captures the spirit of those involved in the felling and logging of timber in the early 1900s. Set against authentic wooden slabs and shingles, are displays of South Burnett timbers, artifacts and photos pertaining to the early timber industry in the region.

A well stocked Gift Shop, featuring locally produced woodcraft, forms part of the incorporated Visitor Information Centre. In the Woodcrafters' Workshop, constructed beside the Museum in 2003, local woodworkers regularly demonstrate their skills. A display of over 100 wooden mushrooms highlights the variety of timbers available.


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布魯姆海岸國家公園(Burrum Coast National Park)

Bundaberg, Bundaberg Area
Free Entry
如果對保護區的濱海低地植被有興趣,伯勒姆海岸國家公園(Burrum Coast National Park)是絕佳的觀賞地點,植被種類包括菜棕(尤其在伍德蓋特區域)、沼澤紙皮樹,以及紅樹林。 金古納(Kinkuna)區域以如畫的海灘美景聞名,而其景象包括低矮的沙丘、茶色的出海水道,以及平坦的遼闊沙地。 探索伍德蓋特(Woodgate)區域有兩種方式,一是穿越米拉路卡(Melaleuca)沼澤區的寬廣

布魯姆角(Burrum Heads)

Burrum Coast, Fraser Coast Area
這座濱海城鎮位在荷維灣(Hervey Bay)外約30分鐘車程處,憑藉著優越的條件成為遊客喜愛的觀光景點。 布魯姆角(Burrum Heads)每年皆有大量遊客湧入,許多人都是舊地重遊,為的只是享受當地寧靜安逸的氣氛。 您可以搭船或划獨木舟探索溪流,也可以在清澈的河水中戲水和釣魚! 這裡有眾多出租度假屋,等級涵蓋當地房產、旅行車營地和濱海露營地。


Woodgate, Bundaberg Area
伍德蓋特(Woodgate)海灘給您壯觀的白色沙灘,綿延 16 公里長,背靠連綿不斷的橡樹涼蔭。 這座寧靜的城鎮,風景如畫,讓您能放鬆舒展身心,享受自然的美好體驗。 費沙島(Fraser Island)的保護,讓本區海域平靜無波,也讓淺海地區成為儒艮及海龜的家。 這座城鎮在濱海大道後方延伸開來,擁有許多不同風格的建築,包括傳統的昆士蘭風格建築、1950 年代的海灘小屋、現代化的建築,以及各種富麗堂
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