Pizzey Park

Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast Area

Pizzey Park is a haven for sports lovers! No matter your age or interest, there is sure to be a sport to suit you in the Pizzey Park precinct.

There is a multitude of sports on offer including rugby league, rugby union, tennis, swimming, softball, netball, an athletics track, gymnastics and many more. Numerous clubs operate in Pizzey Park, which is a hub of activity every afternoon and weekend. There is even a skate and BMX park sure to keep the teens entertained! Each afternoon and weekend, this state of the art park is full of aspiring skaters and BMX riders.

Dogs are also catered for, with an off leash area and a dog exercise facility. This dog park is known as one of the best on the Coast, treat your pooch today! The walker and jogger are not excluded, with fantastic looped pathways winding through the park, perfect for a stroll or run.

Take a wander through the Pizzey Park sporting area and just listen to the hum of Gold Coasters getting energised and active each afternoon and weekend!


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Pets allowed, enquire on booking
80 Pacific Avenue
Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast Area

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家園山(Home Hill)

Home Hill, Burdekin Area
位於勃狄金大橋(Burdekin Bridge)南端,家園山(Home Hill)是在 1913 年以英克曼丘站(Inkerman Downs Station)建築工程所挖掘出來的土方堆成。 它就在艾爾(Ayr)以南僅 12 公里處,並且和此區最著名的地標勃狄金大橋(Burdekin Bridge)及廣大的鄰近地區相連。 茂盛翠綠的甘蔗田和英克曼糖廠(Inkerman Sugar Mill)主宰了此地的景觀,讓人很容易理解到糖是此區經濟的原動力。 小鎮有大部分為旅客提供便利的設施,並且有包括高爾夫球俱樂部和手槍射擊俱樂部以滿足各式各樣的運動喜好。 此處是前往熱門的葛拉波河港(Groper Creek)漁村的通道,這個漁村以其金目鱸(或稱盲曹)、泥蟹、明蝦和其他河口魚類而著稱。 優良的露營和旅行車設施再加上這區的悠閒魅力,使得葛拉波河港(Groper Creek)成為冬季朝聖者和銀髮族旅客必訪的一站。 回到鎮上,您可以造訪著名的艾許華茲遊客中心(Ashworth'


Ayr, Burdekin Area
位於壯麗的勃狄金河(Burdekin River)北岸,距離湯斯維爾(Townsville)南方為 85 公里。身處鄉村環境,艾爾鎮(Ayr)社區富足,是勃狄金郡(Burdekin Shire)的主要城鎮。 本地主要生產糖,擁有大約 80,000 公頃的甘蔗田,每年出產約 125 萬噸的粗糖。 澳洲三分之一的芒果產於本地,這裡的主要作物也包含香瓜及其他蔬果。 勃狄金(Burdekin)擁有
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