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Moreton Island, Brisbane Area


The Cementco was a 67 metre long hopper barge that worked in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay for many years transporting fossilised coral to be used in cement production. In 1985 the retired ship was to be scuttled off Moreton Island as an artificial reef when it prematurely sank in rough weather, landing on the sea floor upside down in 25 metres of water.

Today Cementco is a popular wreck dive, with divers able to safely enter the ship and explore the rusting hull. The shipwreck is sparsely covered in corals and home to reef fish, invertebrate species and also the odd groper. Pelagic fish often cruise around the wreck, including trevally, batfish, mackerel and barracuda.

Moreton Bay
Moreton Island, Brisbane Area

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