Western Star Hotel

Windorah, Barcoo Area

價格區間 * AU$85 to AU$165

The Western Star Hotel has been a unique family owned hotel for over 18 years. Situated in Windorah, the pub is nearby the great Cooper Creek and red sand hills. The Western Star Hotel provides tourists, local community and neighbouring properties with an authentic outback pub experience with modern pub facilities. The hotel includes a bar, Sandhill Grill Restaurant, self-contained motel units and budget accommodation. The Pub plays host to the International Yabbie Races and as integral part of a small isolated community, is the place to have a yarn, a feed and a cold beverage.


  • Bar
  • Restaurant - Licensed

Our Rooms

They have six Hotel Rooms which are located on the pub grounds in a separate building. Each room has a television, air conditioning and a refrigerator. Shared Tea/coffee making facilities are available at all times, and although these rooms are not ensuited, outstanding shared amenities are available.

Here at the Western Star they have four modern Motel rooms located on the pub grounds standing in its own exceptional brick structure. Each Motel room has both a queen size bed and a king size single bed, a television, air conditioning, ensuite, small kitchenette (sink, microwave, fridge and light breakfast facilities) and parking facilities.

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紅色沙丘(Red Sandhills)

Windorah, Barcoo Area
Free Entry
紅色沙丘(Red Sandhills)位在伯茲維爾路(Birdsville Road)上,離溫朵拉(Windorah)西方十公里處,是您所能找到最火紅的沙丘。 這裡地勢並不是非常高,但非常值得停駐欣賞,特別是對攝影師而言。 沙丘經常在日間變換顏色。 觀賞的最佳時機在傍晚。 這裡適合來一兩杯小酒,看著夕陽西下,明月高升。 在一片寧靜無聲中,您獨自一人伴隨著這片景緻,沒有比這更能夠紓壓的方式了。 孩童


Windorah, Barcoo Area
可盡覽巨大紅色沙丘全景的溫朵拉(Windorah)位於康奈爾(Channel Country)中心的庫柏溪(Cooper's Creek)旁。 這裡擁有令人讚嘆的美景、優美如畫的廢墟和歷史遺跡,再也沒有比此處更像「內陸」的地方。 溫朵拉(Windorah)的歷史和艾西斯福德(Isisford)密切關聯,因為這兩個城鎮都是由 Whitman 兄弟所創建。 這裡最初被稱為史東尼角(Stony Po

巴庫區(Barcoo Area)

Jundah, Barcoo Area
佔據西南昆士蘭(South Western Queensland)60,901 平方公里的土地,「巴庫(Barcoo)」是該州第七大郡。 坐落在奎帕德(Quipped)、巴隆(Balloon)、代曼亭(Diamantine)、溫頓(Winton)、朗里奇(Longreach)以及埃西斯福德(Isisford)等郡之間,巴庫(Barcoo)提供遊客難以忘懷的內陸體驗。 從壯觀的紅色沙丘、無比潔白的白
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