Tuckeroo Cottages and Gardens

Rathdowney, Scenic Rim Area

價格區間 * AU$160 to AU$220

Tuckeroo Cottages - your secluded couple's bush retreat with spectacular scenery and private walks to a tranquil rocky river.

Discover Mt Barney with Tuckeroo Cottages® hidden away on 50 acres of mostly remnant forest only 90 minutes from Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the heart of the Scenic Rim, South East Queensland.

The cottages feature quality linen/crockery, have a private deck to watch the sun go down whilst enjoying a glass of wine. Soak up the ambience of the wood-fired heater on cool evenings. Utilise the Pavilion with its barbecue and authentic outdoor pizza oven or gather around a campfire, star gaze and enjoy a camp oven dinner and toasted marshmallows.

Tuckeroo is central to many attractions close to the small township of Rathdowney, Mount Barney, Lake Maroon and the friendly country town of Boonah. There are annual art festivals, the June Scenic Rim`Eat Local Week' and many other events.

Bird watching, bush walks, mountain climbs, abseiling and horse riding can be easily accessed from Tuckeroo Cottages, your Scenic Rim Accommodation.

Make this your Scenic Rim escape, where there is plenty to enjoy during your stay, or if you prefer, you can enjoy doing absolutely nothing at all!


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Communal Refrigerator
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Outdoor furniture


  • Birdwatching



115 Forest Home Road
Rathdowney, Scenic Rim Area

Our Rooms

Why not discover Mt Barney with Tuckeroo Cottages - a secluded couples retreat featuring spectacular mountain scenery and private forest walks to a tranquil rocky river. The Blue Wren is an open plan self-contained cottage ideally suited to couples. It has disabled access and bathroom facilities. Enjoy an intimate dining nook with spectacular mountain views during the day or snuggle up in the cosy atmosphere around the wood fireplace in the cool of the evening. Guests can choose to do as much as they like at Tuckeroo ...... or they can choose to do nothing at all. Why not take the time to simply relax, rejuvenate and reconnect!

The elite and impressive cottages are open plan and self-contained. They have a cosy and protected verandah in which to relax or dine or take in breathtaking views of the spectacular mountain scenery. The natural timber and soft lighting of the interior gives special warmth and is in keeping with the environment.

Both cottages contain a comfortable queen size bed, ensuite, cosy living/kitchen area with wood-fired heater and a separate dining nook. Stocked with quality crockery and utensils, generous selection of tea and coffee (including coffee plunger) plus the usual supplies (quality linen, soap, detergent, olive oil, salt/pepper), which you expect to find in quality accommodation, all help make dining in a pleasure. Television, DVD, compact disc facilities included.

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澳大利亞岡瓦納雨林(the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)坐落在東南昆士蘭(South East Queensland),包含全世界最廣泛的亞熱帶雨林地區,以及大片溫帶雨林和幾乎布滿南極山毛櫸的寒帶雨林。 澳大利亞岡瓦納雨林(the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia)世界遺產地區包括位於昆士蘭(Queensland)和新南威爾斯(New South Wales)的廣大雨林保護區。 昆士蘭國家公園(Queensland National Parks)涵蓋區域: - 雷明頓國家公園(Lamington National Park) - 春溪國家公園(Springbrook National Park) - 巴尼山國家公園(Mt Barney National Park) - 主山脈國家公園(Main Range National Park) 從主要城鎮走柏油路或碎石路可以輕易的從許多國家公園進入澳大利亞岡瓦納雨林(the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia),進而探索世界遺產雨林。 旅遊設施多樣化,包括綿延數公里的步道;健行及探險之旅導覽和各種住宿選擇。 雨林曾經覆蓋了大部分的遠古南方超大陸岡瓦納(Gondwana),現在仍是澳大利亞(Australia)最古老的植被類型。 地球上很少有地方有這麼多動植物與其遠古祖先幾乎完全相同。 這裡聚集的原始植物科可以直接追溯到 100 多萬年前的開花植物,以及一些世界上最古老的蕨類植物和針葉植物。 雖然雨林覆蓋面積只有澳大利亞(Australia)的 0.
春溪國家公園(Springbrook National Park)的天然橋(Natural Bridge)是一處非比尋常的地理景觀,經過數百萬年滴水穿過玄武岩洞穴而形成。 天然橋(Natural Bridge)是螢火蟲的聚居地,數量驚人,在日落後您可以看到牠們的光芒。 澳洲世界遺產區(Australia World Heritage Area)的崗得瓦納雨林(Gondwna Rainforests)

達琳敦公園(Darlington Park)

Darlington, Scenic Rim Area
達琳敦公園(Darlington Park)藏身在名列世界遺產的雷明頓國家公園(Lamington National Park)山腳下,景色有如畫冊般迷人。 此區隸屬東南昆士蘭(South East Queensland)景緻宜人的美景邊緣(Scenic Rim),同時也是探索全世界此一特有壯麗景觀的絕佳據點。 旅行車、露營車與露營愛好者會定期湧入阿爾伯特河(Albert River)秀麗河岸上的

北坦伯林(North Tamborine)

North Tamborine, Scenic Rim Area
在昆士蘭(Queensland)東南角雲霧裊裊的高山上,坐落著北坦伯林(North Tamborine)這座翠綠的小村莊。 北坦伯林(North Tamborine)是坦伯林山(Mount Tamborine)三個小社區中的其中一個,以如詩般的田園風景和傲視周圍山谷的迷人景緻著稱。 村子中心有許多舒適宜人的餐廳和咖啡館,供應當地新鮮土特產。 享用完豐盛的一餐後,可探訪附近街上古雅的藝術品和手工藝

賓納布拉(Binna Burra)

Binna Burra, Scenic Rim Area
依偎在世界遺產雷明頓國家公園(Lamington National Park)環繞的土地之上,賓納布拉(Binna Burra)周邊盡是茂盛的古老森林,景緻宜人。 賓納布拉(Binna Burra)之名來自於原住民語,意指「山毛櫸樹生長之地」,此地附近的雨林中生長了古老的南極山毛櫸樹。 賓納布拉(Binna Burra)是許多自然步道的絕佳起點,走訪環境潔淨的雷明頓國家公園(Lamington

坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)

Tamborine Mountain, Scenic Rim Area
坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)為一片簡樸綠洲,主要由三處社區組成:坦伯林山(Mount Tamborine)、北坦伯林(North Tamborine)以及老鷹山(Eagle Heights)。 由布里斯本(Brisbane)出發,往南約一小時車程即可到達坦伯林山(Tamborine Mountain)。這裡也十分靠近滑浪者天堂(Surfers Paradise),是您遠離塵囂的好


Canungra, Scenic Rim Area
古老的鋸木城鎮甘倫格拉(Canungra)通往雷明頓國家公園(Lamington National Park)及其受歡迎的山區度假村的跳板。 遊客可步行通過鋸木廠古老且畫過砂岩的電車隧道,這裡的牆壁上留著木材擠壓後留下的痕跡。 用於聖路克教堂(St Luke's Church)內部的美麗木材也見證了甘倫格拉(Canungra)的木材文化遺產。 現在城鎮已經變成藝術家和工藝家的天堂。 但本地的


Beaudesert, Scenic Rim Area
波德塞特(Beaudesert)是一座古雅的鄉村小鎮,坐落於風光明媚的山間腹地,不到一小時路程之外就是布里斯本(Brisbane)及黄金海岸(Gold Coast)。 行經林德西山高速公路(Mt Lindesay Highway)時,波德塞特(Beaudesert)是便利的中途休息站,本身即為熱鬧的觀光景點。 在人聲鼎沸的鄉村市集可以找到各種的當地土特產和頂級手工藝品。 還有藝廊展示了當地備受尊
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