Stockton Rise Country Retreat

Forest Hill, Lockyer Valley Area

價格區間 * AU$140 to AU$190

Stockton Rise Country Retreats offer somewhere special to stay in the beautiful Lockyer Valley. Giving a choice of two homes, you will find this accommodation very close to the township of Forest Hill. Staying here allows you complete privacy and satisfaction knowing you have the house to yourself.

Each retreat is self contained with three bedrooms, comfortably accommodating two to six guests. An extra two guests can be accommodated with comfortable foldaway beds. Each has a large deck with outdoor furniture and a barbecue.

You will be staying on the 400 hectare working farm in one of the world's most fertile valleys, breathing in the fresh, clean air while enjoying the picturesque outlook from the houses. Take a walk or tour the farm to explore the large dams and country atmosphere and in the evening, wait for the spectacular sunset to finish off a perfect day.

The retreats are a short drive to the townships of Forest Hill, Laidley and Gatton where you can find cafes, boutiques, gift shops as well as beautiful historic buildings. Take a drive around the scenic hills and call in to one or more of the lookouts for a great view or picnic.

Our Rooms

Stockton Rise Main bedroom

The main bedroom in Stockton Rise comprises a queen sized bed with ensuite. It has private access to the verandah and large deck area. From the large southern windows, enjoy the view as you waken in the morning. This room has a walk-in wardrobe with hanging space and shelves for your luggage. There is enough storage in this room to unpack your luggage and feel quite at home. Blankets are provided and a fan above the bed will keep you cool through the summer months.

The second bedroom in Stockton Rise also has a queen sized bed with access to the verandah. The second and third bedrooms share the main bathroom which has a bath, shower, vanity and separate toilet.

The third bedroom has two single beds which can be put together to make a king size bed. The second and third bedrooms share the main bathroom which has a bath, shower, vanity and separate toilet. The third bedroom also has blankets supplied for winter months and a fan above the beds to keep cool in summer. A built in wardrobe with hanging and plenty of storage is available.

Glencoe Cottage Main bedroom

The main bedroom in Glencoe Cottage is found through french doors off the lounge room. It has a luggage rack and dressing table. It is a large, airy room with wardrobe access being in the second bedroom.

Glencoe Cottage Second bedroom

This room is a large, airy queen sized bedroom. It has a large built in wardrobe with lots of storage. A luggage rack is also included in the room.

Glencoe Cottage Third bedroom

The third bedroom is made up of two king single beds. These can be joined together to accommodate a couple and is then a super king sized bed. The room has large built in cupboards with a large amount of storage. This is a large, airy room situated just next to the bathroom.

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麥肯錫湖(Lake McKenzie)

Fraser Island, Fraser Coast Area
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費沙島(Fraser Island)有許多不同風貌,不過麥肯錫湖(Lake McKenzie)令人驚嘆的美景,使其成為島上最多人造訪的自然景��。 這是一座「位於高處」的湖泊,也就是說其中只有雨水,沒有地下水,沒有溪流水源匯入,也不會流入海洋。 湖泊底部的沙子及有機物質形成不滲透層,避免雨水流失。 這裡的沙子是純淨的白色矽沙,不僅外觀美麗,走在上方感覺也相當柔軟。 沙子像過濾器一樣,讓水質清澈純淨

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瓦比湖(Lake Wabby)非常靠近費沙島(Fraser Island)的海洋側,並且與其他湖泊不同,湖中棲息各種不同的魚類。 這座湖泊是所謂的窗口湖(window lake)及蓄水湖(barrage lake)。 窗口湖於地面陷落至地下水位以下時形成。 蓄水湖則是於沙流堵住自然泉水時形成。 這種現象在瓦比湖(Lake Wabby)顯而易見。 湖泊有一側是深的綠色水面,周遭環繞大型沙丘,且緩慢流動


Fraser Island, Fraser Coast Area
長 75 英哩的海灘就是此地的主要道路,宜浪(Eurong)位於世界遺產的費沙島(Fraser Island),擁有田園詩般的景色,可讓四輪驅動車愛好者、自然愛好者、海灘愛好者,以及尋求冒險旅程的人,皆獲得所需的體驗。 在美麗的宜浪(Eurong),您可盡情體驗此處獨特、僻靜的沙島所給您的一切。 在海灘區,您會看到由彩色沙岩所形成的高聳崖壁、瑪希諾號(Maheno)沉船殘骸、如水晶般清澈透亮的艾莉
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