Potter's Oceanside Motel

East Mackay, Mackay Area

價格區間 * AU$129 to AU$199

Potter's Oceanside Motel boasts a modern and chic exterior, while above-average furnishings and luxuries can be found within. Every room has the comfort of a king-sized bed to assure a comfortable sleep. Twin bedding configurations are also available. Potter's Oceanside Motel welcomes guests with disabilities, having three disability-friendly rooms.

Each room has modern flat-screen televisions, and is the only motel in Mackay to offer 20 Foxtel channels, including free movie and sports channels. Modern split-system air conditioners allow you to finely tune your own ambience, for a comfortable temperature year-round

As the name eludes, the motel is nestled on Mackay's pristine coastline, only a few minutes' walk to the popular golden sand of Town Beach. Sunrise strolls here are magical, as the sun rises from behind the islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Potter's Oceanside Motel is less than 10 minutes' drive from Mackay Airport, and only a few minutes' drive from the Mackay Central Business District. This makes their motel the ideal location for the corporate traveller, the holiday maker or for any visitor who values a great night's sleep in an idyllic location.


  • Free Wifi


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Gymnasium
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pay/Satellite TV
  • Restaurant - Licensed
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor


  • Swimming





適合家庭入住 – 請前往官方網站查看更多服務及設施信息。
2C East Gordon Street
East Mackay, Mackay Area

Our Rooms

2 Bedroom Family King Suite

With inter-connecting room options, two of their Executive King or Executive Twin King Single rooms can be inter-connected, to create a suite to cater for families.

Any combination can be achieved, from two Executive Kings, to two Executive Twin King Singles, or mix and match an Executive King with an Executive Twin King Single.

Disability Executive King

Disability Executive King rooms located on their ground floor. Easy wheelchair access through widened entry ways.

The bathroom features a shower bench, sturdy grip bars in the shower area and beside the toilet.

Disability rooms can consist of two king single beds, or one king sized bed. Let them know your preference upon booking. They will accommodate your request.

Inter-connecting room options so a carer or family member is nearby, while still giving you privacy and independence.

Executive King

Modern, stylish and contemporary, their Executive King rooms are tastefully decorated, spacious and comfortable.

Beautifully appointed, their king-sized beds provide ultimate comfort and space, to promote a restful night's sleep.

Executive Twin King

Their Executive Twin King Single rooms feature all the same modern amenities as their Executive King rooms, but feature two king single beds.

Deluxe Executive King

Extra-spacious king room, which has the inclusion of a comfortable sofa bed.

The added spaciousness of this room means it is the ideal location for a bridal party to use while preparing for their wedding day. This room can then become the bride and grooms spacious sanctuary after the wedding, to relax and refresh before embarking on their honeymoon.

Wedding guests are welcome to use their poolside barbecue facilities for a casual, post-wedding celebration.

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庫克鎮植物園(Cooktown Botanic Gardens)和蓋洛普植物保護區(Gallop Botanic Reserve)

Free Entry
庫克鎮植物園(Cooktown Botanic Gardens)的天然發電屋旅客服務中心(Nature's Powerhouse Visitor Information Centre)能提供您所需的任何資訊,讓您盡情探索此區。 蓋洛普植物保護區(Gallop Botanic Reserve)建於 1878 年,其中包含一座主要植物園,以及一片廣大的自然森林和海灘。 這是為了紀念奮進號(HMS Endeavour)的自然學家 Joseph Banks 與 Daniel Solander 偉大貢獻而成立,他們在 1770 年蒐集並記錄了本區的多種植物種類。 一百年後,庫克鎮(Cooktown)成為帕爾默河(Palmer River)金礦場的專用港口, 數千名中國人移居此地,爾後便定居於庫克鎮(Cooktown)。 這群中國人開始在此種菜,並利用倒下的樹木製作木炭。 植物保護區宣布成立後,道路與苗圃也陸續建造完成,並向布里斯本(Brisbane)的植物馴化協會(Acclimatisation Society)訂購了樹木與灌木。 1890 年代間,這裡有著石造的道路、水池和橋樑,而苗圃則為庫克鎮(Cooktown)提供了造景林木。 1907 年的颶風讓植物園損失慘重,並在第一次世界大戰後關閉,直到 1979 年都沒有重建。 現在,植物園擁有異國植物區、棕櫚園、原生植物區,以及「索蘭德花園」(Solander'


歷史悠久的庫克鎮(Cooktown)由庫克船長(Captain James Cook)在其所率領的奮進號(HMS Endeavour)於 1770 年觸礁時所發現,其後在淘金熱時代成為一個繁榮的港口。 堅強的先驅性格以及長年孤立的地理位置造就了這個邊境小鎮獨樹一幟的特質,直至今日仍吸引許多探險者。 原住民、歐洲人以及華人歷史在這個曾經繁華的小鎮中交會,今日仍有許多庫克鎮(Cooktown)在淘金年

蜥蜴群島國家公園(Lizard Island Group National Park)

Lizard Island, Cook Area
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蜥蜴群島國家公園(Lizard Island Group National Park)的五個島嶼遠遠坐落在碧綠大海中,屬於大堡礁世界遺產保護區(Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area)的一部分。 蜥蜴主島(Lizard)有幾個田園詩般的保護沙灘,直通風景如畫的珊瑚和蚌殼生物群落區。 可以在屈臣氏灣(Watsons Bay)的淺水保護區淺水。 依循著名探險家的

庫克山國家公園(Mount Cook National Park)

Cooktown, Cook Area
Free Entry
庫克山國家公園(Mount Cook National Park)的庫克山(Mount Cook)高度 431 米,是庫克鎮(Cooktown)的美麗背景。 這座花崗岩山因紀念詹姆士庫克中尉(Lieutenant James Cook)而命名,覆蓋在雨林和桉樹林地之下,被原本的原住民地主稱為「瓦布(Waymbuurr)」。 拾級而上登上兩公里高的陡峭 Waymbuurr 觀景台可以眺望大堡礁(Gre

黑山(矛地)國家公園(Black Mountain(Kalkajaka)National Park)

Rossville, Cook Area
Free Entry
潮濕的熱帶世界遺產保護區(Wet Tropics World Heritage Area)北端的黑山國家公園(Black Mountain National Park)擁有黑色花崗岩巨石組成的壯觀山脈。 這些跟房屋一般大小的巨大石塊,隨意堆疊在一起 - 顯然違背重力和邏輯。 這個公園位於濕熱帶和乾燥熱帶稀樹草原/林地交界區域,成為野生動物的庇護所。 特殊的植物群和地貌組合成意外眾多種類的野生動物的棲

蜥蜴島(Lizard Island)

Lizard Island, Cook Area
蜥蜴島(Lizard Island)是險峻美麗的島嶼,位於熱帶北昆士蘭(Tropical North Queensland)的大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)最北端。 蜥蜴島(Lizard Island)擁有 24 處僻靜的海灘,從美麗的白色沙灘到岩石斷崖一應俱全,同時還能輕鬆前往大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)數處最佳潛水地點。 蜥蜴島(Lizard Island)以其絕佳的水肺潛水和浮潛條件而聞名,周圍環繞珊瑚海礁、帶狀礁,以及礁岩潟湖。 蜥蜴島(Lizard Island)鄰近大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)最著名潛水點之一的鱈魚洞(Cod Hole),因此與其他許多珊瑚礁島嶼極為不同。 蜥蜴島(Lizard Island)上坐落著澳洲最頂級度假村之一的蜥蜴島(Lizard Island)。 這是澳洲位置最北的島嶼度假村,整體設計與島上壯觀的自然景色相互呼應,和諧共存。 此頂級度假村,最多可招待 80 位旅客。 沃森灣(Watson'
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