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Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast Area

價格區間 * AU$340 to AU$790

In the heart of the city, surrounded by the serenity of the water - Laguna Bay is the home where your holiday dreams become reality. Forget about the car, from this location you can walk to everything that Broadbeach is famous for - world class beaches, cafes, shopping, the casino and convention centre to name a few. Contemporary and chic yet practical, this luxurious and immaculate waterfront home can easily accommodate two families and its single-level floor plan, plus fully fenced pool and canal, make it a worry-free break for parents. The huge, central open-plan living area is the heart of the home, with numerous conversational areas, a huge plasma and Foxtel. If lazing by the pool with cocktail in hand while soaking in the million-dollar views is your idea of a holiday, you've come to the right place.

This stunning property is managed by Vogue Holiday Homes who specialise in offering a boutique collection of luxury waterfront homes on the Gold Coast. Their properties are maintained at a very high level and they offer exceptional service and advice to their valued guests from the first point of contact, during the stay and upon departure.


  • Free Wifi


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Games/Recreation Room
  • Gas
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pay/Satellite TV
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor


  • Birdwatching
  • Cycling
  • Swimming



適合家庭入住 – 請前往官方網站查看更多服務及設施信息。
3 Merrimac Boulevard
Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast Area

Our Rooms

Laguna Bay

Boasting five bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, including master ensuite with spa bath and walk-in robe, the layout means families can be housed at opposite ends for privacy. The fifth room, stocked with games and a Sony Playstation, can also double as a playroom. Further features include gourmet kitchen with induction stove top, large family pool with safety fence, sun deck, outdoor dining pavilion and covered outdoor barbecue precinct, fenced front yard for the kids. Two flat screen televisions, XBox 360 with games, kayaks, canoe, fishing rods, mountain bikes, table tennis and free Foxtel.

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蜜諾瓦山(Minerva Hills)靠近中央昆士蘭(Central Queensland)的斯普林雪爾(Springsure),是相對較小的國家公園。其中主要有海拔 600 公尺的布蘭博爾山(Mount Boorambool),以及有巨大懸崖的圍繞的贊米亞山(Mount Zamia)(560 公尺),可觀賞四周鄉村全景。 這些山是以蜜諾瓦山火山(Minerva Hills Volcanics)命
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奇觀玻璃(Looking Glass)步行路徑穿越莫法特山(Mount Moffatt)中林相豐富的馬蘭陵格河(Maranoa River)林地,這座山位於加拿芬國家公園(Carnarvon National Park),山中有許多樹皮平滑的粉紅色蘋果樹,長在一大片遼闊的野花之中。 風力作用鑿穿了馬蘭陵格河(Maranoa River)旁的砂岩斷崖(Precipice Sandstone)石柱,
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特雷果爾國家公園(Tregole National Park)位於半乾旱的西南昆士蘭(Queensland),橫跨相思樹帶和金合歡屬灌木叢林區這兩個昆士蘭(Queensland)州自然區域的邊界。 公園有一小片幾乎只種植烏來卡德利亞樹種(ooline Cadellia pentastylis)的林地,此樹種在冰河時期就已經存在,是一種迷人的乾雨林樹。 烏來樹(ooline)幾乎已經絕跡,現在相當少
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加拿芬國家公園(Carnarvon National Park)的卡卡蒙迪(Ka Ka Mundi)擁有超過 30 公里的砂岩斷崖和高原,乾雨林圍繞著清澈的泉水,以及黏土地上的金合歡屬灌木叢。 原住民和這個地區有深厚的淵源。 卡卡蒙迪(Ka Ka Mundi)很適合荒野愛好者。 喜歡自己動手的遊客可以在邦邦康度泉(Bunbuncundoo Springs)附近叢林野營,不過那裡沒有遊客設施。 帶上指
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加拿芬國家公園(Carnarvon National Park)的加拿芬峽谷(Carnarvon Gorge)地區是個壯麗的峽谷體系,擁有高聳入雲的白崖與蔥鬱的邊谷,也是昆士蘭(Queensland)中央高地最受歡迎的景點。 加拿芬溪(Carnarvon Creek)蜿蜒於桉樹和紅捲心菜棕櫚林間,吸引了 170 種鳥類棲息。 您可以在長 21 公里的步道上一路探索溪澗、爬滿青苔的峽谷和涼爽的雨林。
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在加拿芬國家公園(Carnarvon National Park)的薩爾瓦多羅莎區(Salvator Rosa Section),泉水匯成的諾戈河(Nogoa River)和露易莎溪(Louisa Creek)在陡峭的砂岩峭壁和山峰下蜿蜒。 歷經幾百萬年大自然雕刻的史派格拉斯峰(Spyglass Peak)和桑提內爾山(Sentinel)聳立於天際線。 您必須搭乘四輪驅動車才能進入公園拜訪貝琳達泉(
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莫法特山(Mt Moffatt)地區 - 加拿芬國家公園(Carnarvon National Park)雖然地處偏遠,但擁有昆士蘭(Queensland)最高的高原,您可在此享受令人難忘的美景。 崎嶇的山脈一路綿延至砂岩峭壁,山腳還有廣闊的林地和多沙的峽谷。 您可從四個簡易的營地中任選其一為起點,駕駛四輪傳動車來一趟風景宜人的長途旅行,並步行一小段路觀賞羅德的妻子(Lot's Wife)、馬龍拱石

沃瑞格河(Warrego River)

Augathella, Murweh Area
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想要在內陸昆士蘭(Outback Queensland)尋找放鬆的時刻嗎? 奧噶瑟拉(Augathella)的沃瑞格河(Warrego River)是充滿田園風光且蔭涼的地點,有遮蔽的燒烤設備與烤肉區。 這裡可說是沃瑞格河(Warrego River)沿岸最具吸引力的地點,您可以在此享受平和、寧靜與安詳的氛圍。 這裡是您遠離繁囂的最佳地點,您有多種選擇,包括賞鳥、叢林漫步或只是躺在河邊的躺椅上安靜
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想像一下-您抬頭仰望繁星閃爍的夜空時,四周是祥和、寧靜的大自然環境,營火上還有烤的吱吱作響的黃腹魚。 再也沒有比這更愜意的事了。 27 英哩瓦瑞加河釣魚點(27 Mile Warrego River fishing spot)距離查爾維爾(Charleville)僅 40 公里,是您白天、週末或整週釣魚的好地方。 您可攜帶愛犬同行,來場歡樂的闔家旅遊! 請注意:雨季期間與之後兩週之內,河岸地
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18 英哩沃瑞格河釣魚點(18 Mile Warrego River Fishing Spot)是沃瑞格(Warrego)的休閒樂園。 釣魚點位於查爾維爾中央商業區(Charleville Central Business District)北方 28 公里處,是白天旅遊、週末度假或整週露營與釣魚的好地方。 沃瑞格河(Warrego River)自北部的加拿芬峽谷(Carnarvon Gorge)
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