Hotel Urban Brisbane

Spring Hill, Brisbane Area

價格區間 * AU$179 to AU$369

Enjoy an accommodation experience with a difference. Hotel Urban Brisbane offers more than your typical hotel with more comfort, more indulgence and more inspiration.

Situated close to Brisbane's city centre, Hotel Urban Brisbane is an impressive, architecturally designed space, which features stunning views across the city skyline. A contemporary combination of modern comfort and designer chic, Hotel Urban Brisbane's focus is on helping you kick-back and unwind in style.

Whether you are staying with them for business or for leisure you'll just love their ultra-comfy rooms, designed with your comfort in mind. You'll find a cordless phone, comfy Slow Down Slippers, Tie Me Up Tightly Bathrobes and their fabulous Urban Snorer (the comfiest bed ever!). Plus, all rooms have access to fresh air with their own private patio or walk-out balcony - perfect for appreciating the stunning Brisbane city skyline.

Hotel Urban Brisbane will also tempt you with excellent dining options. The Gazebo Bar and Restaurant experience is all about fresh flavours and wholesome food. Gazebo is the ideal place to catch up with friends over a relaxed meal or to enjoy some refreshing drinks in the terrace area whilst taking in the balmy Brisbane air.


  • Free Wifi


  • Bar
  • Car park
  • Conference/Convention Facilities
  • Gymnasium
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Office Services/Business Services
  • Pay/Satellite TV
  • Restaurant - Licensed
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor
  • Tour Desk


  • Swimming





適合家庭入住 – 請前往官方網站查看更多服務及設施信息。
345 Wickham Terrace
Spring Hill, Brisbane Area

Our Rooms

Urban Sweet

Unwind in style - this fabulous suite has to be experienced! View the stunning Brisbane city skyline from your own spacious private balcony, with separate bedroom and your own roomy living area. Enjoy the comfort of separate air-conditioners in each room and flat-screen LCD televisions in both the bedroom and living areas. With designer bathroom featuring luxury amenities and the plush Urban Snorer with special pillow-topper comfort, this suite promises the ultimate in blissful relaxation.

Queen Balcony Room

With the plush Urban Snorer in Queen size (the comfiest bed ever!), 32 inch flat-screen LCD television, spacious designer bathroom and luxury amenities - relaxation is effortless. Refurbished with designer everything you'll love your own walk-out patio or balcony and in-room perks.

King Balcony Room

With the plush King size Urban Snorer (the comfiest bed ever!), 32 inch flat-screen LCD television, spacious designer bathroom and luxury amenities - relaxation is effortless. Refurbished with designer everything you'll love your own walk-out patio or balcony and surprise in-room perks!

Pool Pavilion Rooms (by special request only)

These four amazing rooms break out onto the pool and spa area of the Hotel.

Inspired by the colourful beach huts in Brighton, Victoria, and each taking it's name from a famous Australian beach (Byron, Bondi, Noosa and Bells Beach) these rooms are perfect for those who like a little private sun in their courtyard and have all the features of a lead in Queen or Twin room type - with an extra splash of colour.

As they are limited and in hot demand, these rooms are available by special request only.

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吉爾干國家公園(Girringun National Park)布蓮可依瀑布(Blencoe Falls)以壯麗景色和多樣動植物馳名。 瀑布下沖 90 米到下方池子裡,然後再下沖 230 米到峽谷底部。 赫伯特河峽谷(Herbert River Gorge)的高聳懸崖和乾燥而堅固的山脊也令人印象深刻。 開放的森林佔滿斷崖而澳洲木麻黃則沿赫伯特河(Herbert River)林立。 沿著赫伯特河峽谷(
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布羅德沃特(Broadwater)的亞伯高瑞國家森林(Abergowrie State Forest)有兩種不同的森林群落。 清澈的布羅德沃特溪(Broadwater Creek)岸邊林立瀕危河岸雨林。 開放的桉樹森林遍布露營區和日常使用區。 布羅德沃特(Broadwater)是闔家歡樂的好地方,因為這裡可以露營,有兩條簡易步道和一個寬廣的草地露營區可以玩樂。 日常使用區有一個游泳平台,讓遊客可以在
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克朗普山國家公園(Clump Mountain National Park)的中央是畢同山(Bicton Hill),這裡保留了一些原始的低地熱帶雨林。 很多樹木擁有粗壯的樹幹,可供附生蕨類植物和其他植物攀附。 有一些南方的食火雞生活在此,山頂附近則有脆弱的棕櫚樹和古老的蘇鐵類植物。 從四公里的雨林步道可登上畢同山(Bicton Hill)的山頂。 您可以在步道沿線的觀景點及休息區欣賞大陸與沿岸島嶼
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古爾德島國家公園(Goold Island National Park)的森林漫延到大堡礁世界遺產保護區(Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area)的原始熱帶島嶼的沙灘上。 儒艮和海龜棲息在島周圍淺水海域的海草床上。 這個公園對原住民具有重要意義。 過去原住民在這裡布置大片捕魚網。 在西部海灘上輕鬆地進行叢林露營和野餐,享受附近欣欽布魯克島(Hinchinbroo
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吉爾干國家公園(Girringun National Park)的瓦拉曼瀑布(Wallaman Falls)為濕熱帶世界遺產區(Wet Tropics World Heritage Area)的景點之一,是澳洲(Australia)最高的永久性單流瀑布。 開放式的森林盤據山脊頂端。 熱帶雨林沿著溝壑和小溪生長。 這裡是瀕臨絕種的食火雞與麝香袋鼠的棲息地。 沿著石溪(Stony Creek)岸邊的班古魯步道(Banggurru walk)散步 800 公尺,瞭解有關這片熱帶雨林的一切。 想近距離欣賞這個瀑布,可沿著 3.
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愛德蒙甘乃迪吉拉美國家公園(Edmund Kennedy, Girramay National Park)位於濕熱帶世界遺產區(Wet Tropics World Heritage Area)內。 北昆士蘭(Queensland)的濕熱帶林內有少數地區含有與此國家公園相同的植被種類。 愛德蒙甘乃迪吉拉美國家公園(Edmund Kennedy, Girramay National Park)位於卡德威
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穆雷瀑布(Murray Falls)位於吉雷美國家公園(Girramay National Park)內,是昆士蘭(Queensland)北部最美麗的瀑布之一,巨大水流衝擊自然雕刻而成的花崗岩石。 雨林山脈(Rainforested Mountains)和熱帶低地交會在奇拉瑪山脊(Kirrama Range)迷人的山麓。 亞哥金加布魯米步道(Yalgay Ginja Bulumi walking tracks)沿途的標示提供瞭解吉雷美原住民(Girramay Aboriginal people)文化的機會。 嘗試適度分級的 1.
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欣欽布魯克(Hinchinbrook)為澳洲(Australia)最吸引人且原始的大陸島嶼之一。 欣欽布魯克海峽(Hinchinbrook Channel)橫跨島嶼與主島之間,以蘊含各種紅樹林與儒艮種類聞名。 欣欽布魯克島國家公園(Hinchinbrook Island National Park)提供與世隔絕的荒野體驗 - 具挑戰性的索斯博恩步道(Thorsborne Trail)是全球最受歡迎的

Dunk Island

Mission Beach, Cassowary Coast Area
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家庭群島國家公園(Family Islands National Park)涵蓋使命海滩(Mission Beach)附近的列島,這裡有茂密的雨林和林地,周圍環繞著珊瑚礁、潮間帶和沙灘。 列島屬於大堡礁世界遺產(Great Barrier Reef World Heritage)的一部分。 敦克島(Dunk)是最容易到達的島嶼。 敦克島(Dunk Island)上綿延 13 公里的各式景觀步道任您選
From AU$20 - 24
瑪姆雨林天空步道(Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walkway)帶您一覽世界遺產雨林的壯麗奇觀。 此為濕熱帶(Wet Tropics)的指標性觀光景點。 此景點有長 350 公尺的挑高樹冠層步道、觀景台與高 37 公尺的觀測台,還有逾 1200 公尺的徒步路徑,給您「驚呼連連」的絕對驚奇體驗。 登上觀景台,飽覽引人入勝的北強斯頓(North Johnston)河谷美景。 高
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