City Oasis Inn

Townsville, Townsville Area

價格區間 * AU$100 to AU$400

Ideally situated in the centre of Townsville, they are a four star property only minutes from the vibrant Townsville Central Business District, The Strand and Castle Hill.

They have a range of spacious room types to suit all guests, including motel style rooms, larger rooms with a kitchenette, pet friendly rooms and even a beautifully appointed miners cottage. Guests can also enjoy their award winning lagoon style pool, lush tropical gardens, free barbecue facilities and free wi-fi.


  • Free Wifi


  • Bar
  • BBQ Facilities
  • Car park
  • Child Pool
  • Conference/Convention Facilities
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Office Services/Business Services
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pets allowed, enquire on booking
  • Restaurant - Licensed
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor
  • Tour Desk


  • Swimming





適合家庭入住 – 請前往官方網站查看更多服務及設施信息。
143 Wills Street
Townsville, Townsville Area

Our Rooms

Interconnecting 2 Bedroom Unit

They know accommodation. They know budgets. And they know rooms. It's simple. The two-bedroom combination gives you both the normal executive room and the kitchenette. So, you get all the yummy facilities, the kitchenette, two beds, and two bathrooms; the best thing is there's extra room for you to spread out (especially handy on those longer holidays). And because you have separate sleeping areas, it's perfect for a little privacy.

Travelling with the family? Or maybe just a group of you on a trip for the weekend? Not to worry. City Oasis Inn has accommodation for your family in Townsville.

This room is split in two by a connecting door. In one area is a double bed, flat screen television, and ensuite bathroom. The next area has two sets of bunk beds and a flat-screen televiaion. So, if you're looking at staying short-term and on a budget, with the kids in close proximity, this is the room for you.

Standard Family with Cooking Facilities

Well, they don't want to be too presumptuous but they're guessing that if you're looking at this room type, you want to know why it's so well liked. Perhaps having your own cooking facilities makes you feel more at home. They think it definitely helps to be able to cater for a large brood, and you can do just that.

Just for you, they've stocked the kitchenette with a full-size fridge, microwave, and hot plates, plus all the extras for you to make a family dinner.


The executive room is a really pleasant space: bed, desk, television, air-con. All the things you need to relax and unwind. If you're holidaying, cool. If you're working, excellent. They are here to help you rest. The queen bed, with the cushy mattress and soft pillows, will take your worries away. Give them a call and let them know if you'd like a room with a balcony or a spa bath too.

Loft with Cooking Facilities

Oooh now they're cooking with electricity (there's no gas, there). The loft is like a mini-apartment; downstairs a living area, and upstairs a sleeping area, with a high ceiling and amazing natural light. Queen bed and a fold-out sofa (if you need it), cooking facilities, dining area, and guess what, your own private laundry. Perfection. The loft is a favourite among families and corporate travellers alike.

Want more space? They can combine the loft with an executive room that has two-queen beds and a set of bunk beds, making it a two-bedroom apartment (just great for large families and groups).

2 Bedroom Cottage

The Cottage is a beautiful miner's house from the 1880's styled to embrace its original heritage. They really love this place. Just looking through the photos, you'll see that there's a bit of magic in here. There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, two verandahs, a living area, and a large back yard.

Executive Kitchenette

Love to cook? Their executive kitchenette rooms are open-plan spaces, with queen bed and cooking facilities included. Being able to cook for yourself, you'll feel like you never left home! Don't you hate it when you go to cook on holidays and you can't find the potato peeler? The spatula? They've thought of everything, even the kitchen sink!


Just want something simple and at a low-price? Comfortable, that feels just right? City Oasis Inn has affordable accommodation for your next stay in Townsville.

The standard room has ensuite bathroom, televiaion, air-conditioning, the best bed you'll ever sleep on. Plus, they'll pick the room that's right for you, whether you want to sleep one or two or three people, they've got you covered.

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磁島國家公園(Magnetic Island National Park)有各種大型花崗岩巨石、高聳南洋杉、景色優美的沙灘海灣與岸礁等驚人景觀。 可以從湯斯維爾(Townsville)出發前往這座島嶼,這裡以蘊藏豐富的野生動物及各種歷史文化聞名。 踏上 36 公里長的蜿蜒步道探訪磁島(Magnetic Island)景色最棒的景點。 尋找樹熊、岩石沙袋鼠、負鼠,以及各種鳥類。 在僻靜的沙灘

Pallarenda Park

Townsville, Townsville Area
Free Entry
帕拉瑞達岬(Cape Pallarenda)此地前身為檢疫站,從 1915 年開始使用,現為一座靠近湯斯維爾(Townsville)、風光明媚的海濱公園。 此棟建築為典型的昆士蘭建築,有挑高的天花板和寬敞的陽臺。 公園中有著二次世界大戰以來所遺留的殘墟遺跡,那時此岬是澳洲(Australia)東岸防衛線的一部份。 漫步穿過舊時的檢疫站,一邊想像過去的生活。 參觀小型的歷史展示,能對此區的歷史有更深一

皇后花園(Queens Gardens)

North Ward, Townsville Area
Free Entry
皇后花園(Queens Gardens)是昆士蘭(Queensland)湯斯維爾(Townsville)三座植物園中的一座。 皇后花園(Queens Gardens)位於北華德(North Ward)市郊,城市山丘(Castle Hill)的山腳下,靠近這兩座城市的市中心以及史特萊特(The Strand)海濱公園。 一直以來被稱作是湯斯維爾(Townsville)最棒的一座公園。 範圍涵蓋超過

磁島(Magnetic Island)

Magnetic Island, Townsville Area
磁島(Magnetic Island)是湯斯維爾(Townsville)的島嶼遊樂場,在這個城市當中扮演顯著的角色。 搭乘定期快速接駁遊輪從市中心到島上只需要 25 分鐘。 磁島(Magnetic Island)的三分之二是國家公園,擁有僻靜但交通方便的海灣和黃金海灘。 島上有長達近 25 公里的漫步步道蜿蜒穿越受保護的國家公園。 您可以漫步在桉樹林中一窺此地 2,500 隻任意漫遊的袋熊和

湯斯維爾區域(Townsville Region)

Townsville City, Townsville Area
湯斯維爾(Townsville)是朝氣蓬勃的區域,有美麗的海岸鎮、雨林、陡峭的內陸和鄉村地域。 從城堡山(Castle Hill)欣賞城市之美和眺望附近的磁島(Magnetic Island),它讓湯斯維爾(Townsville)擁有獨特風貌。 但這可愛區域的迷人風采延伸至湯斯維爾(Townsville)市……走任何方向,您都會有所收穫。 大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)延伸到東邊,內


Townsville City, Townsville Area
湯斯維爾(Townsville)融合了熱帶風情與都會觀光名勝。 無論是到大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)潛水、到賭場試試您的手氣、享受急流泛舟或是到黃金沙灘上放空休息,湯斯維爾(Townsville)都能提供各種活動的最佳體驗。 湯斯維爾(Townsville)與磁島(Magnetic Island)位於北昆士蘭(North Queenslan)的乾燥熱帶區,每年平均有超過 300

南湯斯維爾(South Townsville)

Townsville City, Townsville Area
繁榮的南湯斯維爾(South Townsville)位在羅斯溪(Ross Creek)河岸上,通過湯斯維爾(Townsville)市中心的大橋即可抵達。 太陽西沈時,南湯斯維爾(South Townsville)的棕櫚街(Palmer Street)才正要展現它的活力! 順著河走,您將發現這處夜生活景點充斥著前衛的咖啡館與餐廳、清涼的雞尾酒吧,以及時尚酒店。 隨著當地人解開平日的束縛,這裡的氣氛也跟著越炒越熱。 河的對岸有湯斯維爾(Townsville)賭場,還有更多餐廳、酒吧及夜間景點。 南湯斯維爾(South Townsville)還有一座海事博物館(Maritime Museum)。 這座博物館展示著 1911 年沉沒的永嘉拉號(SS Yongala),當時船上共有 122 人罹難。 沉船的殘骸位在湯斯維爾(Townsville)外海,現在也是全球首屈一指的沉船潛水景點。 博物館訪客也可以參加海底巡邏船 HMAS Townsville 號導覽之旅,船會停泊在羅斯河(Ross River)的河口附近。 此外,博物館內還有小孩喜歡的各種手工模型船展示。 南湯斯維爾(South Townsville)的住宿設施包括背包旅社、汽車旅館,以及附全套獨立廚具衛浴的套房。 河岸上也有許多知名的連鎖酒店.

北華德(North Ward)

Townsville, Townsville Area
北華德(North Ward)是湯斯維爾(Townsville)最古老也最熱門的近郊景點。 北華德(North Ward)兩側分別有高聳入天的城堡山(Castle Hill)與深藍色海水的珊瑚海(Coral Sea),可眺望磁島(Magnetic Island)與湯斯維爾港(Port of Townsville)。 北華德(North Ward)以其熱鬧的「濱海區(The Strand)」著稱。濱
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