Bush Oasis Caravan Park

Nome, Townsville Area

價格區間 * AU$24.00 to AU$164.00

Bush Oasis Caravan Park - Your sanctuary to restore your inner balance. Catering to the mature audience and international tourists. Situated within close proximity to Townsville beachfront and restaurants (10 to 15 minute drive). Enjoy the sanctuary of their "Adults Only Pool" complete with waterfalls. They have large sites, clean facilities and regular social nights (May to September) in their camp kitchen which has barbecue facilities, television, large fridge and cutlery.

Situated just off the Bruce Highway with turning lanes they are easily accessible for the largest vehicle. Within walking distance to Billabong Sanctuary and the Tourist Information Centre situated directly across the road. Fairfield Waters shopping center is only a seven minute drive to collect your essentials.

It's only a short drive to Alligator Creek National Park where you may swim in one of the waterholes, walk the numerous tracks or become the photographer with many landscape and animal life shots at your fingertips.

Arrive as a guest and depart as friends as Martin and Fiona welcome you to enjoy their park, making many new acquaintances during your stay.


  • Free Wifi


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Camp Kitchen
  • Car park
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Communal Lounge
  • Communal Refrigerator
  • Communal Shower
  • Gas
  • Laundry
  • Open fireplace
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Pets allowed, enquire on booking
  • Public Telephone
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool - Outdoor



1 Muntalunga Drive
Nome, Townsville Area

Our Rooms

Unpowered Site

Non Powered grassy site near camp kitchen and pool area with short distance to amenity block.

1 Bedroom Cabin 42

Cabin with separate bedroom and double bed with linen supplied. There is a full kitchen, bathroom, and air conditioning.

Note all cabins are non smoking and are not serviced. No pets allowed inside cabin.

Powered grass site near pool and camp kitchen suitable for small motor homes, camper vans, camper trailers and tents.

Cabin 41

Fully self contained two bedroom cabin (linen supplied) with full kitchen, lounge and bathroom. Accommodates two adults in one room double bed and four children in the second room which has two bunks.

Please note cabin is not serviced and non smoking. Pets allowed in fenced yard only - conditions apply.

Powered slab sites are mostly drive thru and have available water and power connection including sullage. Some are shaded by large mahogany trees whilst others are in full sun.

Cabin 58

Fully self contained air conditioned cabin with full kitchen separate lounge and bathroom. Linen supplied.

Please note cabins are non smoking and not serviced.

Air-conditioned cabin with double bed and set of bunks accommodating four people. Facilities include cook-top, full fridge, television and undercover area. Linen is supplied.

Please note cabin is non smoking and not serviced.

Cabin 25

Studio Cabin that is air conditioned with open plan and double bed and single bed accommodating three people. Linen supplied. Facilities include television, lounge and cook top with full fridge . Has outside ensuite attached

Note cabin is non smoking. No pets allowed inside.

Backpacker Unpowered Site and Billabong Sanctuary Entry

Unpowered site for campervan or tent fortwo adults including entry for two to Billabong Sanctuary.

Backpackers Powered Site and Billabong Entry

Powered site for two adults and Billabong entry for two adult backpackers only.

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廷布拉水壩(Teemburra Dam)

Pinnacle, Mackay Area
Free Entry
廷布拉水壩(Teemburra Dam)位於風景如畫的先鋒谷(Pioneer Valley),從麥基(Mackay)市驅車往西行駛約 50 公里即可抵達,沿途皆為柏油路。 1997 年為因應鎮上日益增加的蓄水和灌溉需求而建造了這座水壩。 水壩本身表面積為 1040 公頃,平均深度 14.2 公尺,滿水位時蓄水量為 147 500 百萬公升。 當地魚類放養組織 MAFSA 在水壩中放養了烏石鱸和金目
Free Entry
伊加拉國家公園(Eungella National Park)位於麥基(Mackay)西側迷霧掩蓋的山脈中,是昆士蘭(Queensland)生態最多樣的國家公園。 它擁有 860 種植物種,其中包括亞熱帶與熱帶雨林的植物種。 園內大半都是荒野,被崎嶇峽谷所分隔。 這裡是伊加拉蜜雀的生長地,是過去 50 年來於澳洲新發現的五種鳥類之一。 在伊加拉(Eungella)叢林漫步體驗極佳,有超過 20 公


Pinnacle, Mackay Area
頂峰(Pinnacle)位於先鋒谷(Pioneer Valley),距離麥基(Mackay)市西邊大約 64 公里。 頂峰(Pinnacle)區最新的設施是廷布拉水壩(Teemburra Dam),旨在因應當地甘蔗田迫切的灌溉需求。 水壩距離伊加拉路(Eungella Road)只有 10 公里,非常適合釣魚。 頂峰酒吧(Pinnacle Pub)是當地的「水潭」,亦提供餐點和知名的「頂峰派」(


Mirani, Mackay Area
米拉尼(Mirani)與先鋒谷(Pioneer Valley)的麥基市(Mackay)西邊相距 38 公里。 擁有博物館、圖書館、郵局、奧運規格的游泳池、旅行車營地、18 洞高爾夫球場與三座壁球場等設施。 112 年歷史的米拉尼飯店(Mirani Hotel)提供沁涼啤酒,並能讓您瞭解當地軼事。 雜貨店、肉品店、烘培坊與加油站等設施均應有盡有。 米拉尼(Mirani)區的特色包括:米拉尼

芬奇哈頓(Finch Hatton)

Finch Hatton, Mackay Area
芬奇哈頓峽谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)位於伊加拉國家公園(Eungella National Park)的河谷深處。 終年都有瀑布流瀉而下的芬奇哈頓(Finch Hatton)是先鋒谷(Pioneer Valley)最受歡迎的景點之一,內有淡水游泳潭、美麗的步道、飛越樹林設施,以及設有餐桌和公用廁所的野餐區,夏天時尤其熱門。 芬奇哈頓城鎮(Finch Hatton Townshi
Free Entry
在克雷迪頓州屬森林(Crediton State Forest)中,乾枯的尤加利樹林和零星散布的小片蓊鬱雨林以及動人的美景形成強烈對比。 高大古老的玫瑰桉依然活著。 隨處可見 1800 年代開採金礦時期的遺跡。 駕車沿著科克爾斯溪路(Cockies Creek Road)欣賞風景。 在克雷迪頓會堂(Crediton Hall)或丹漢姆山脈(Denham Range)露營,或在礦區(The Diggi
Free Entry
位於克拉克山脈(Clarke range)的山麓上,距離麥基(Mackay)西方的皮納可(Pinnacle)20 公里,米亞米亞州屬森林(Mia Mia State Forest)是最開闊的尤加利森林。 您可以在提姆布拉溪(Teemburra Creek)旁的船長渡口(Captain Crossings)體驗叢林露營和游泳。 僅限四輪驅動車輛進入。 請注意,道路可能因為雨天或火災風險提高而封閉。
Free Entry
芬奇哈頓峽谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)位於伊加拉國家公園(Eungella National Park),擁有一片壯闊的熱帶雨林,純淨的岩石水池和瀑布錯落其中。 這個峽谷是這個區域最受當地人和遊客喜愛的淡水游泳水潭之一。 想像一下在清澈的岩石水池中游泳,水流從高大的巨石傾瀉而下,雨林巨木就聳立在上方。 芬奇哈頓峽谷(Finch Hatton Gorge)也是一些極為罕見且獨特的動植物棲息生長之處,像是相當少見的胃孵蛙和橙尾石龍子。 野餐區有兩條主要的叢林路徑可通往這些純淨的岩石水池和瀑布。 第一條路徑有 1.

伊加拉水壩(Eungella Dam)

Eungella, Mackay Area
Free Entry
伊加拉水壩(Eungella Dam)位於麥基(Mackay)西方 120 公里處,是昆士蘭(Queensland)歷史較悠久的淡水魚場之一。 1969 年為供應灌溉和水力發電用水而興建的伊加拉水壩(Eungella Dam)蓄水量為 131 000 百萬公升,平均深度 14.7 公尺,滿水位時表面積為 890 公頃。 水壩以出產特大尺寸的烏石鱸以及後來才有的金目鱸聞名。 當地魚類放養組織麥基地區
Free Entry
位於降靈海岸(Whitsunday Coast)後方,沿著崎嶇的克拉克山脈(Clarke Range)伸展的卡圖州屬森林(Cathu State Forest)提供自然愛好者寧靜的度假去處。 擁有高大的尤加利樹、茂密雨林和松樹林,這座森林還提供俯瞰降靈海岸(Whitsunday Coast)的宏偉壯闊景觀。 您可以透過望遠鏡觀賞野生動物:超過 100 種鳥類、優美的天堂鳳蝶、鞭尾和敏捷沙袋鼠,以及小
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