Bunyip Springs Farmstay

Nanango, South Burnett Area

價格區間 * AU$140 to AU$500

Bunyip Springs Farmstay provides visitors with genuine farm experiences and the unique attractions nearby make Bunyip Springs the perfect place to holiday. The 251 hectare farm is a grazing property and paddocks near to the accommodation facilities are home to the quiet farm animals. These animals allow children to enjoy hands-on activities such as feeding, milking, egg collecting and a lead horse ride. Alpacas are led during activities. The property's rural setting includes natural bushland, spring fed creeks and granite boulder formations. These features provide wonderful bushwalking, wildlife and bird watching opportunities.

Nearby attractions include the astronomical observatory, country hotel for good hearty meals and Coomba Waterhole in and around Maidenwell, five kilometres from the Farmstay. The beautiful Bunya Mountains National Park is a natural wonderland just 23 kilometres away from the farm's location in the foothills.

Owner Kathy enjoys sharing the attractions of Bunyip Springs and is only too happy to guide visitors and familiarise them with the property.

Accommodation premises include the Cottage (sleeps six), the Lodge (sleeps eight) and one bedroom unit . All are self-contained with linen provided. Wood heaters make for cosy winter nights and verandas are popular to relax on in the summer months.


  • BBQ Facilities
  • Laundry


  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking/Trekking



適合家庭入住 – 請前往官方網站查看更多服務及設施信息。
503 Maidenwell-Bunya Mountains Road
Nanango, South Burnett Area

Our Rooms

Bunyip Springs Unit

Bunyip Springs Farmstay also provides a very lovely one bedroom unit complete with self contained kitchen, wood fired heater, antique bedroom setting. The porch overlooks the farmyard and guests can enjoy the comings and goings of all the animals. The unit is suitable for a couple or single guest. On enquiry, some small families may find the unit suitable for short stays.

Bunyip Springs Cottage

Bunyip Springs Cottage is a self-contained three bedroom cottage with a fully equipped kitchen. The Cottage is a restored 1926 farm dwelling. It has a tranquil outlook over farm paddocks and is situated close to the farm activities. Children just love the cottage as they can be close to all the farm pets.

Verandas offer an outdoor living area overlooking a natural fireplace in granite boulders. Modern conveniences include gas stove/oven, microwave, television/DVD, separate bathroom and two queen size bedrooms.

Comforts to be enjoyed are an efficient wood heater in the lounge room and a wood stove in the kitchen.

Bunyip Springs Lodge is a self-contained three bedroom house, with a fully equipped kitchen, large kitchen and living areas, plus a large gas barbecue. Winters are cosy around the wood fired heater.

The Lodge caters well for larger groups or even two families who want a farm experience. It overlooks bushland plateaus and is set 300 metres uphill from the farm establishment, therefore close enough to enjoy farm activities but wonderfully peaceful and private. Rates listed also include linen and farmstay activities morning and afternoon.

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米迦勤節和巫波魯礁國家公園(Michaelmas and Upolu Cays National Park)的米迦勤節礁(Michaelmas Cay)是大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)上最重要的海鳥繁殖場之一。 米迦勤節礁(Michaelmas Cay)是一個小型、低窪的沙洲,表面覆蓋有草地和低矮植物。 巫波魯礁(Upolu Cay)是一個低窪、無植被的沙洲。 從米迦勤節礁(Mich
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希望群島國家公園(Hope Islands National Park)由一對低窪的珊瑚礁岩組成。 希望公園(Hope)西側是個佈滿紅樹林的鵝卵石沙洲,東側則是典型的沙洲,樹木則有棕櫚樹(beach almond)和丹絨樹(red coondoo)。 這些島嶼是原住民庫庫雅拉尼族(Kuku Yalanji)的重要海洋領地,也是黑袖鴿(pied imperial-pigeons)的主要棲息地。 盡情放
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崎嶇蜿蜒的山脈、峽谷、湍急的瀑布、雄偉壯觀的雨林、豐富多樣的野生動物、交通方便和引人入勝的歷史,使巴倫峽谷國家公園(Barron Gorge National Park)成為昆士蘭(Queensland)最受歡迎的國家公園之一。 公園從沿海低窪地區延升至較高的阿瑟頓台地(Atherton Tableland),位於濕熱帶世界遺產保護區(Wet Tropics World Heritage Area)

阿金科特礁(Agincourt Reef)

Port Douglas, Douglas Area
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阿金柯特礁(Agincourt Reef)位於道格拉斯港(Port Douglas)外海的大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef),是由許多小型礁石及至少 16 處潛水點組成的礁石。 這裡的「海峽礁」有著非常有趣的海底景觀和洞穴,而「花園礁」則以蘊藏了許許多多亮色系礁魚而聞名。 「藍色奇觀(Blue Wonder)」是非常美麗的峭壁潛水點,可深度潛水達 40 公尺,而苗圃礁(Nursery B
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綠島國家公園(Green Island National Park)是大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)最熱門的旅遊景點之一。 這個小型雨林覆蓋的珊瑚岩礁被棕櫚樹和沙灘圍繞,逐漸漫入周圍礁岩地清澈、藍綠色水域中。 這個島是原住民岡甘吉(Gungandji)的精神寄託。 漫步在島上的木棧道,探索雨林和鳥類,了解海島歷史。 沿著海灘漫步,觀賞海鳥並享受珊瑚礁美景。 在沙灘上放鬆自己。 在清澈

鷺鷥礁(Osprey Reef)

Cairns, Cairns Area
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鷺鷥礁(Osprey Reef)位於開恩茲(Cairns)外海的珊瑚海(Coral Sea)中,是全世界風景最優美的潛水點之一。 礁石附近的北角(North Horn)是海拔 1000 公尺的遠海山脈。 這裡有壯觀的礁岩��、美麗的景觀,還有一處非常熱門的鯊魚餵食點! 最北端經常有許多礁魚和遠海魚群,包括梭魚、梳齒魚以及馬鮫魚。 白鰭鯊和灰鰭鯊在礁壁旁游泳,錘頭鯊和海洋銀鯊也經常從深海游到此處。
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綠島(Green Island)位於開恩茲(Cairns)外海的大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef),是一座真正的珊瑚島,有沙灘環繞,還有龐大的珊瑚礁生態系統。 這座島的高度在海平面以上 4 公尺,長 606 公尺、寬 200 公尺,周長則約半公里。 這裡非常適合浮潛、一般潛水及海底觀景。 此處是極佳的日間遊覽區。 附近有潛水商店、潛水訓練中心,還有可載送遊客到鄰近珊瑚礁的包租潛水遊艇。
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珊瑚園(Coral Gardens)位於開恩茲(Cairns)外海的大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef),以一堵從 5 公尺處延伸到珊瑚礁邊緣海面、深度 10 到 20 公尺的珊瑚牆而聞名。 這裡的高地和斜坡上都有各式各樣美麗的珊瑚。 小丑魚、蝙蝠魚、鱒魚、鱈魚、烏尾鮗、天使魚、小鱸魚和白條礁鯊;還有章魚、海鱔、梭魚、獅子魚和海蛞蝓。 精采的深海活動,瀨魚、鸚哥魚、河豚、蝶魚及寶石魚會表演各種獨特的動作。 其他幾處潛水點包括高登停船處(Gordon'
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海龜灣(Turtle Bay)在開恩茲(Cairns)外海的大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef),在這裡,您可以和「殺人魚」面對面;「殺人魚」是一種重達 35 公斤的毛利瀨魚,經常在此等待潛水專家餵食。 此外,您還可以見到「遲緩」的海龜、巨蛤及數種不同的海參。 許多小型礁魚藏身於鹿角珊瑚叢之中。 這裡有各種軟珊瑚和硬珊瑚,您可以在疣表孔珊瑚下找到游移不定的鱒魚、細鱗魚,偶爾還可以見到金目鱸
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開恩茲(Cairns)和熱帶北昆士蘭(Tropical North Queensland)是澳洲最鄰近且適合探訪大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef)的地點。 提到大堡礁(Great Barrier Reef),遊客就會聯想到熱帶北昆士蘭(Tropical North Queensland)。 除了宏偉的礁石之外,本區也擁有礁石沿岸唯一的國際機場,是抵達昆士蘭(Queensland)此天然
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